Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Strategic Star Stalking

I did successfully stalk Enrique Iglesias, and Amy J hung with Micheal Jordan- but these unknown teenage boys are my new heroes (at least for the next 3 minutes)


Hilary said...

I am very impressed that they sing the right parts of their songs when they are right in front of a celeb. Very entertaining. I think you need to share your story about kissing Enrique. Possibly go on Oprah and use it to talk about The Secret.

Ciera* said...

wait... Kory, you kissed Erique???

John & Krissy said...

I love.....let me rephrase... I adore Enrique Iglesias. I rock out to my enrique ;)

Salt H2O said...

I've thought about blogging my Enrique story but it SO long that it would be challenging.

Yes, Ciera I kissed Enrique, and luckily I have PICTURES!

Krissy, I can't believe I haven't told you my Enrique story- it's like my all time favorite story to tell.