Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some People Were Destined to Live in a Trailer Park

We all have our destinies, some of us to be mothers, doctors, others to be thinkers and movers and changers, some change the political landscape, others to bring joy into strangers lives and some are destined to live in a trailer park.

I came across this article on Zillow after reading that a home rebuilt by Extreme Home Make Over faces foreclosure. I LOVE Extreme Home Makeover- which is why this frustrates me. Granted, not all the families have thrown their windfall to the wolves, but this is another great case study of human nature.

Face it, some people were meant to live in a trailer. They aspire to nothing more, and when something more is shown to them, they get greedy. Why we think we should continue to throw money at this welfare generation is beyond me. Who are the geniuses that think the best way to solve this economic recession is to take money away from those that provide jobs and give money to people who don't want to work?

Monday, July 28, 2008

Go Straight to the Source

I think hatred is just fine as long as it's directed to a corporation, an inanimate object, if you hate something with out feelings- it's got to be ok- like Socialism, or hangnails, it's ok to hate socialism & hangnails. There are a lot of companies I don't like, but few that have been able to invoke the full blown I'd like to see you wither up and drown in your own vomit distaste that I have for Equity Title. However, my hate is not the reason of this post- but because I so fully detest this half-a** excuse of a title company, I had to throw it out there.

We want to put in a retaining wall so we had our land surveyed, and the surveyor's description of our land GREATLY varied from what is on our title. But that's what you have title insurance for right? Not if you're dealing with The Evil One and their host of incompetence. They purchase title insurance from a 3rd party and an entire month had passed with out hearing from Equity Evil or the insurance company- many emails and voicemails later we get a phone call from the insurance company.

It came as no huge surprise that the representative from the insurance company hadn't done a comparison between the title description and the land survey, had no answers as to why the land lines fell where they did, and then proceeded to tell us that though we were shorted about 20% of our land that falls under the 'more or less' clause in the insurance.

Brent spent about 20 hours dealing with this problem, and $600 for the survey, we took the issue in our own hands, and talked to our neighbors with whom we had the land discrepancy. After an hour walking around the yard- we came to a very favorable agreement between the two of us, we are all happy, and can build our wall.

The title company still owes us approximately 12k for land that is on the title but we don't own- word to the wise, when buying property if there isn't a clear fence marking off your land, insist on a survey

It's a lesson that I keep learning- when in doubt, when there is an issue, the easiest way to resolution is to go directly to the individual that the issue is with and deal with it one on one.

Unless your issue is with Equity Title, then they'll just crawl under a rock and ignore you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Kirby, how you have FALLEN!

Yes this is the same guy...

I guess a guy's got to eat!

I thought I was smarter than that!

I took the News IQ test and learned that while I have a higher news IQ than the rest of those who took the test (I scored a 76%) I'm not nearly as smart as I think I am.

I was also disappointed to see that women scored much lower than men as a whole.

Good thing I haven't put my picture on hot or not- I'd hate to learn that I'm not that smart and not that good looking in the same day!

What's your NewsIQ?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Your Mom's on Facebook

OK, maybe not YOUR mom, but my mom is, and my friend’s moms, and their friends.
Facebook isn't myspace, it's not just an online congregation of teenagers and twenty somethings that have taken skanky pictures of themselves with their cell phones in their car with hopes to lure a memeber of the opposite sex into a provocative on line relationship with the end of hooking up. It's cleaner than myspace, you don't get near the spam and is the best way of keeping tabs on people that you're interested in finding out what's going on in their life- but you're not compelled to pick up the phone and call them.

I’m on LinkedIn for business purposes but I’ve found facebook to be the absolute best way of keeping track of my friends(all four of them).

The beauty of facebook is it’s like a magazine filled with your friend’s pictures and updates. The ability to see what’s going on in old friend’s lives with out having to talk to them is handy when you’re short on time. It’s like blog but more dynamic, less in depth and only your friends can see it.

There are many who refuse to be on facebook for one reason or another, and this frustrates me. Just like I feel everyone should blog, I think everyone should be on facebook. If you have boycotted facebook, please leave me an insight as to why- because the way I see it is if my mom is on facebook…everyone should be.

*Pretty much everyone has seen the video below, and those of you who aren't on facebook probably felt left out because you didn't get the joke. Quit being a loner and join facebook.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I don't watch Fox News and other things you won't believe

At a family reunion in Kentucky last weekend some one made a comment that I watch too much Fox News, recently I shared an article with a democrat who was surprised that I read the New York Times, and who can forget when a commenter accused my post on the Shad in California coming from Glenn Beck, or Bill O'Riely (though I do LOVE Glenn Beck)

This is HILARIOUS- I don't watch Fox News, I lean towards MSN, Headline and of course CNN.com. I don't like Sean Hannity, he's repetitive and redundant, I listen to NPR. What magazines come into my house? The Economist and Businessweek. Is it possible that some one as staunchly conservative as myself could possibly form original conservative ideas while being engulfed in liberal mainstream media?

It's true, when I heard a woman on NPR continually refer the pro-life movement the 'anti-choice' movement I almost slammed my fist into the radio. Reading one sided articles with an obvious slant and agenda is frustrating but in turn- if we always surround ourselves with people that think like us, talk like us and share our own opinions- how are we ever to grow?

You'll never know when those that you think disagree with you, agree with you ie from this week's Economist:

THE reaction to Jesse Helms’s death on July 4th is a reminder of how bipolar American politics has become. The right praised him as a man of principle who also overflowed with the milk of human kindness. The left retorted—rightly, in our view—that he was also a bigot and a bully. But at least conservatives and liberals have discovered one thing they can agree on: that Barack Obama is a cynical opportunist, a flip-flopper and a shape-changer, a man who brushes aside his principles with the same nonchalance that lesser mortals reserve for their dandruff.

Read the rest of the article here.

But, it is the Economist, and naturally any criticism of Obama will be laced with grace and compliments- because according to them, it's the lesser of the two evils.

Then there is an interesting article in The New York Times

For me, Mr. Obama showed signs of jumping the shark two weeks back, when he appeared at a podium affixed with his own pompous faux-presidential seal. It could have been a Pixar sight gag. In fact, it is a gag in “Wall-E,” where, in a flashback, we see that the original do-nothing chief executive of Buy N Large (prone to pronouncements like “stay the course”) boasted his own ersatz presidential podium.

The article ends with some McCain bashing- leaving to reader to think that Obama may have jumped the shark- but McCain can't use a computer.

My point is- sometimes the left and the right will agree, but we'll never know until we hear both sides. In this time we can't trust one source for news, we can't trust one side of politics to give us our opinions. We should all be willing to listen to those that disagree with us, not just so we can become more solid in what we believe, but we may find that what we believe *gasp* is wrong.

But watch out for that- changing your mind when presented new information is a sure way to get labeled a 'flip flopper'

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't Look Before You Leap- way too personal thoughts on motherhood

I'm not one to share my deepest thoughts and feelings on the soapbox. I'd prefer to mock things society generally accepts or enrage U of U students. But apparently being out of my first trimester my only thoughts revolve around this thing inside of me...and the soapbox is doomed to be a temporary a mom blog.(not that there's anything wrong with that)

I started responding to comments in the last post and realized it was a ridiculously long for a comment so I turned it into a post-mostly for my own therapy.

I've always been amazed by how lightly people consider getting pregnant. There is NOTHING in the world more permanent than having a child. As soon as it's done it's done. There's no going back.

I thought reproduction was one big hoax, people encouraging me to get pregnant because misery loves company. I love it when my friends have kids and I can play with them, buy them presents and then when they're cranky give them back, so naturally they'd want me to have kids so they could do the same. Seriously, have you ever seen a mother on an airplane with her kids and HAPPY?

I've heard a number of grandparents talk about how grandkids are way better than children. So why not spend your life maintaining your sanity and enjoying other people's children?

In addition, I see teenagers that are cranky, selfish and ungrateful (though I'm sure I WAS NEVER like that). I've seen great parents go above and beyond for kids that decided to go a different way and pretty much trash their lives. I've witnessed the financial drain of these leeches. Why would I want to do that to myself?

My mom says having kids was the most fun she's ever had-coming from a helicopter pilot that played well into her thirties, it's a pretty bold statement- and 45% of the time I believe her.

I do know that everything I'm proud of doing involved a great deal of pain, struggle and sacrifice- and I can't think of a job that fits that description more than that of parent.

Waiting until the age of 31 I've had a lot of time to watch my friends and peers with their kids, watch families that flourish and those that struggle. I won't lie, I'm scared (I think that's the main reason I vomit every time I even think about visiting the OB, look at maternity clothes or think about life after the baby is born- honestly, it's kind of weird, I have a unique ability to vomit on demand, it's totally psychological.)

When my husband and I saw the NPR article we laughed. We joke around about things like that but only because it masks our fear. It's the most life altering event we'll ever experience. Why is it when everything is fabulous in my life I chose to do something like this and mess it all up?

Life has shown me consistently that when I do the right thing, and take a perfect life and throw it in the blender I'm trading in good for great. Key examples:

I had the best roommates, was getting great grades, had the best year in college ever-and then I decided to go on a mission- I hated the MTC, and the mission was flat out tough

I was living with my best friend-again had the funnest year ever- and then I moved to SLC to take my first job out of college-I was homeless for 6 months, HATED my job, and still am amazed at how I survived on so little money.

My job in SLC got cushy, I was making great money, going to free concerts, established great friends-I decide to quit my job and move back to California- I was unemployed for 3 months, and worked for a tyrant.

I was living by the beach, going on endless trips, had great friends and a good career- I decide to get married and move BACK to Utahwhich we've already established that the first year of marriage SUCKS.

The unique thing about each life altering decision, is that took my life up a step each time, but it wasn't with out going through a period of misery before I got blessed tremendously. These experiences are some that lead me to know to trust in the Lord, that faith works, and all will be right in the end. Looking back at the ways the Lord has blessed my short life, I know to expect that if I want tremendous blessings it's going to take a bit of pain and sacrifice on my part.

Waiting till I was 31 to reproduce has HUGE advantages, but maybe it's like bungee jumping. If you get to the top and jump off immediately- you don't psych yourself out. But if you've been standing at the top for a really long time, you start to over analyse and fear the jump- I just hope it really is a bungee cord attached and it isn't a free fall.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Oops..Too Late

Apparentlyhaving kids increases your chances of being miserable.

Good thing I didn't read this story 8 months ago, or I might have rethunk this whole pregnancy thing.

Parents- what do you think?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Top Ten Signs that I'm Prego

10. I have absolutely no interest in chocolate

9. After ordering food at a restaurant, once the food arrives I’ve decided that what I ordered was disgusting and I want something else.

8. I’ve started writing touchy feely blog posts

7. I think 6pm should be universally accepted as bedtime.

6. The first question I ask when walking into a building is ‘where’s the bathroom?’

5. My husband is constantly reminding me that I'm lucky he's so patient.

4. Even my fat clothes don’t fit.

3. I warn those that choose to sit next to me on an airplane that there is a 50/50 chance I’ll have to use the barf bag.

2. My mouth tastes like a foot.

1. I well up with tears watching commercials for America's Got Talent (and I don't even like the show)

Do democrats celebrate 4th of July?

Just curious....