Monday, July 28, 2008

Go Straight to the Source

I think hatred is just fine as long as it's directed to a corporation, an inanimate object, if you hate something with out feelings- it's got to be ok- like Socialism, or hangnails, it's ok to hate socialism & hangnails. There are a lot of companies I don't like, but few that have been able to invoke the full blown I'd like to see you wither up and drown in your own vomit distaste that I have for Equity Title. However, my hate is not the reason of this post- but because I so fully detest this half-a** excuse of a title company, I had to throw it out there.

We want to put in a retaining wall so we had our land surveyed, and the surveyor's description of our land GREATLY varied from what is on our title. But that's what you have title insurance for right? Not if you're dealing with The Evil One and their host of incompetence. They purchase title insurance from a 3rd party and an entire month had passed with out hearing from Equity Evil or the insurance company- many emails and voicemails later we get a phone call from the insurance company.

It came as no huge surprise that the representative from the insurance company hadn't done a comparison between the title description and the land survey, had no answers as to why the land lines fell where they did, and then proceeded to tell us that though we were shorted about 20% of our land that falls under the 'more or less' clause in the insurance.

Brent spent about 20 hours dealing with this problem, and $600 for the survey, we took the issue in our own hands, and talked to our neighbors with whom we had the land discrepancy. After an hour walking around the yard- we came to a very favorable agreement between the two of us, we are all happy, and can build our wall.

The title company still owes us approximately 12k for land that is on the title but we don't own- word to the wise, when buying property if there isn't a clear fence marking off your land, insist on a survey

It's a lesson that I keep learning- when in doubt, when there is an issue, the easiest way to resolution is to go directly to the individual that the issue is with and deal with it one on one.

Unless your issue is with Equity Title, then they'll just crawl under a rock and ignore you.


crazy4danes said...

Wow! Well I'm glad you were able to work it out with your neighbor and get the wall started! :)

jiners said...

That's so crazy! I can't believe how long this has taken!

Ann Marie said...

Hey girl - I love your blog - I am hooked! How are you???? Looks like you are in SLC! Send me your e-mail address so we can be blog buddies!

Ann Marie

Robin said...

I am glad that you rant on your blog.

I have learned the hard way to ask questions. Never assume. For as one of my professors told me: "When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME". It took me most of the semester to figure that out.

Jeri and Amy said...

If you want to face pure EVIL, go see the Dark Knight. It actually made me cry because I felt so dark inside. I have never been so void of light and it scared the pants off me. I feel it my civic duty to warn people to avoid this movie.

Steve said...

Salty, I insisted on a survey for our place, even though the lender, title company, insurance company, and others said it wasn't needed. It was ~$500 well spent.

Jeri and Amy, you are strange. It is just a movie and fiction.

Anonymous said...

You need to get a diminshed value appraisal done off the survey, then present that as a claim to the insurance underwriter (not Equity, who is just an agent for the underwriter)

If they still deny a claim, you need to talk to your state Department of Insurance - sometimes a call from a regulator goes a loooong way towards getting things like this resolved...

Salt H2O said...


Steve- Fiction and movies make people feel dark all the time. I don't watch scary movies ever because I'm overly sensitive and get way too absorbed in what I watch. Same thing with literature.

Della Hill said...

I am hoping to buy property to build a home on soon, so this advise is well timed.

Della Hill said...

Oh, and I also never watch scary movies for pretty much the same reason.
I hate that creepy feeling, often followed by bad dreams.
-Della (again)