Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I don't watch Fox News and other things you won't believe

At a family reunion in Kentucky last weekend some one made a comment that I watch too much Fox News, recently I shared an article with a democrat who was surprised that I read the New York Times, and who can forget when a commenter accused my post on the Shad in California coming from Glenn Beck, or Bill O'Riely (though I do LOVE Glenn Beck)

This is HILARIOUS- I don't watch Fox News, I lean towards MSN, Headline and of course CNN.com. I don't like Sean Hannity, he's repetitive and redundant, I listen to NPR. What magazines come into my house? The Economist and Businessweek. Is it possible that some one as staunchly conservative as myself could possibly form original conservative ideas while being engulfed in liberal mainstream media?

It's true, when I heard a woman on NPR continually refer the pro-life movement the 'anti-choice' movement I almost slammed my fist into the radio. Reading one sided articles with an obvious slant and agenda is frustrating but in turn- if we always surround ourselves with people that think like us, talk like us and share our own opinions- how are we ever to grow?

You'll never know when those that you think disagree with you, agree with you ie from this week's Economist:

THE reaction to Jesse Helms’s death on July 4th is a reminder of how bipolar American politics has become. The right praised him as a man of principle who also overflowed with the milk of human kindness. The left retorted—rightly, in our view—that he was also a bigot and a bully. But at least conservatives and liberals have discovered one thing they can agree on: that Barack Obama is a cynical opportunist, a flip-flopper and a shape-changer, a man who brushes aside his principles with the same nonchalance that lesser mortals reserve for their dandruff.

Read the rest of the article here.

But, it is the Economist, and naturally any criticism of Obama will be laced with grace and compliments- because according to them, it's the lesser of the two evils.

Then there is an interesting article in The New York Times

For me, Mr. Obama showed signs of jumping the shark two weeks back, when he appeared at a podium affixed with his own pompous faux-presidential seal. It could have been a Pixar sight gag. In fact, it is a gag in “Wall-E,” where, in a flashback, we see that the original do-nothing chief executive of Buy N Large (prone to pronouncements like “stay the course”) boasted his own ersatz presidential podium.

The article ends with some McCain bashing- leaving to reader to think that Obama may have jumped the shark- but McCain can't use a computer.

My point is- sometimes the left and the right will agree, but we'll never know until we hear both sides. In this time we can't trust one source for news, we can't trust one side of politics to give us our opinions. We should all be willing to listen to those that disagree with us, not just so we can become more solid in what we believe, but we may find that what we believe *gasp* is wrong.

But watch out for that- changing your mind when presented new information is a sure way to get labeled a 'flip flopper'


Steve said...

The "flip flopper" term is a red herring that worked once in politics, thus it will ALWAYS be tossed around, much like the "liberal" tag, which according to any dictionary I read is a compliment.

I don't know how anyone can watch Faux News. I call it that b/c it's like LA news. Car chases, celebrity gossip, 'juicy' sex stories, etc. I'm always waiting for some NEWS and not just opinion.

It's also why I hate Glenn Beck, aside from boring me, on HLN. It's Headline F'n News, where are the headlines?!?! And seriously, I've never seen anyone with their head up their arse so far than Hannity, although Lou Dobbs comes close.

I agree with you 100% about listening to both sides to make up your mind. It's why I read Drudge and listen to Rush if I am on a road trip. But I don't really find any of the mainstream to be that left leaning.

How can you say Obama isn't the lesser of two evils?!?!

Salt H2O said...

Arnold sides with me on the flip flopper issue.

Steve- the reason you don't find mainstream media to be left leaning is because you lean in the same direction. People rarely take issue with an article or story if it supports what they believe. Here's a test- every time you read an article on Obama see how it ends- it will always end on a high note- read articles about McCain and the media isn't so generous.

How many magazine covers has Obama graced versus McCain? How about talk show appearances?

I'm going to develop a better test than that to determine how the media leans- the Economist flat out owns it in the first sentence in the article about Obama.

I find your tirade on Glenn Beck (remember I LOVE Glenn Beck) & Lou Dobbs very typical of 'the left' highly emotional, sheer opinion with out any real substance.

I don't care what you have to say about Hannity- he bores me.

As to Obama being the 'lesser of two evils'- I disagree, (especially if Mitt ends up being on the ticket) but that is a post for another day.

pr0le said...

Hello, commenter on the shad here. The reason I accused you of getting your info from Glenn Beck (and most likely why you were accused of watching too much Fox News channel)is because almost all conservatives I know get their news from the same few places and spew the same talking points.

If I know I'll be talking to my conservative, antagonistic brother-in-law this weekend, I'll first get into a conversation with one of my coworkers and find out what they're spewing on the conservative talk shows this week. Then when I talk to my brother-in-law I'll know exactly what his arguments are going to be. It's very predictable.

Conservatives found out long ago that the key to solidarity is getting everyone on the same page and really playing into that innate tribalism instinct, especially when you throw in emotional issues. Liberals haven't figured this out yet, mostly because within the left there are so many different issues that people care about it's hard to get everyone on the same page.

NPR isn't liberal. The NY Times isn't liberal (except the editorial section of course). They report facts. Conservatives don't like these facts and label them "liberal". I know; I used to consider myself conservative. Come to find out I wasn't conservative per se, I was just uninformed and mostly apathetic. I had ideas and opinions to be sure, but I began to realize that most of my beliefs were there to benefit numero uno and no one else. How's it going to affect my wallet? Immigration, energy, trade, environment, etc were all issues I had opinions on because they all came back to the wallet in my back pocket. Screw everyone else.

My conversion to a liberal was gradual until Bush called for war in Iraq. That was definitely the catalyst for me.

These days I don't consume much media at all, but occasionally I catch Democracy Now! (democracynow.org) on KRCL, which I believe to be one of the best news shows out there. If you're interested in factual news, Salt H2O, I recommend this show. Especially yesterday's interview with Naomi Klein. They even do some Obama bashing, which might make you happy.

adam said...

It seems you were referring to me as the "democrat" lol. I have not been a democrat for at least 3 years. :) Of course, a lifetime of liberalism before that tends to skew my views. It's not easy being a moderate (see Joe Lieberman).

You continue to impress. NPR? Maybe that's the same reason why I listen to Rush and read O'Reilly, and am currently reading "One Nation Under Therapy" an overt attack on my profession. If we only surround ourselves with what we agree with, we'll never be challenged, and we'll only become more polarized.

Steve said...

Is it possible that the reason all the articles you read that have better things to say about Obama than McCain is due to the fact that most people think more highly of Obama's policies than McCain's?!?! If one candidate is truly better than the other, which theoretically has to be true, then reporting such fact is not a bias in either direction!?!?!

pr0le (love the name!) said it best, the conservative media rely much more on emotions in their stories and support little with facts. As for Beck, I don't watch him b/c he yells almost as much as Jim Cramer and I can't get past that to hear what he is saying, but when I have tried, he doesn't offer up much in the way of facts I can't get anywhere else. Dobbs is a hypocritical racist, plain and simple, and uses "the war on the middle class" scare tactics that McCarthy used by saying how "the illegals" are taking our jobs, schools, language, blah, blah, blah. Give me some facts, dude. I'm not as easily scared by someone that speaks with an accent and has a better tan than I do as he is or wants me to be!!!!

And for what it's worth, it's the same reason I can't watch a lot of Olberman for substance. For laughs, yes, but he gets a little too high and mighty even for me at least once a show.

Della Hill said...

If I agree with you does that make me well informed or do I just seem like a blind sheep listening to the first voice speaking out of hte darkness?
I do agree that we need to listen to both sides so we can have a better understanding.
Btw, if Romney runs as McCain's VP I will be able to go to the polls without my stomach churning in utter disappointment and hopelessness for our country.
Go Romney.

Salt H2O said...
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Salt H2O said...

For those of you who think there is no media bias CNN said it pretty well today. For some reason I can't post the link on my comments- but go to CNN.com Cafferty Files.

I know, despite the numbers and the facts, all of that extra press Obama is getting is just a figment of my conservative imagination.

I was on a flight yesterday- the fight attendant tells passangers if they're traveling with children and there is an emergency- when the oxygen masks come down to put the oxygen on themselves FIRST, then to help your children. Makes sense- if the parent passes out from lack of oxygen while putting the mask on the first child, the second child won't get oxygen either, and of course the parent is out for the count. A parent with oxygen can do more good than a parent that neglected their own needs first, and is out of oxygen- That is why I am a Republican.

adam said...

haha-I have not heard that analogy before used this way. :) It sounds like you mean that once I make my 250k I should then work on helping the poor? :)

Salt H2O said...

Unless you live in Palo Alto, California- then you'd still be poor.

LizMcG said...

I am totally on the same page. I consider myself a consevativ on most issues, but I listen to NPR and watch CNN more than others. However I can't stand to listen to shock jocks on either end of the spectrum. Even those that share my views for the most part do it in a way that annoys me. But the bottum line is, is you only listen to what you want to hear, you are asking to be taken and you will never learn anything

Linda said...

I'm tried of growing. I'll stick with people who think like I do for the public's own good (but not the Republic's). It's not nice to upset a gun totin 66 year old libertarian.

And I hope you told your in-laws that Alan & I really liked them...... all of 'em.