Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Kirby, how you have FALLEN!

Yes this is the same guy...

I guess a guy's got to eat!


Mikie said...

Haha. I also notice he's no longer the poster boy for "". I wonder if the 2 are connected in any way.

Crystal said...

Boo Kirby. (Isn't that the name of a vacuum cleaner?)

JustRandi said...

It makes me sad.
I understand that he had to do what was right for him and his family, but it still makes me sad.

Melissa said...

He didn't actually drink it right? ;) I'm totally out of the Mormon Celebrity Loop and don't even know who this guy is, but I loved the second clip, being from Boise and all.

Actually, I just read a post on Kurt Bestor's blog about being a "gimmick" and it was really really interesting. Made me think a bit about Mormon celebs. It was worth reading.

Hilary said...

Maybe he should have called Dr. Laura about a "moral dilemna." Bad choice Kirby.

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

we saw it a while ago. had the same thoughts

f*bomb. said...

O, gag.
It's an acting gig.
I'm sure there are people who don't drink soda or eat hotdogs or have painful gas, but STILL portray a character in a freaking COMMERCIAL.

Salt H2O said...

Since you're not a follower of mormon films (and I would never expect you to be) it would be hard to understand how doing a beer commercial alienates his ENTIRE fan base.

My kid sister told me about the ad, and she was really sad- mind you she's 20 and had a minor crush on Kirby when the movie came out. She was disappointed to see the king of Mormon pop culture do a beer ad (and not even have the lead at that!)

It'd be like the king of Balliwood picking up a burger in a McDonald's ad.

Robin said...

Maybe you should change your last phrase to

"I guess a guy's got to DRINK."

Shame on you Kirby.

adam said...

I think it's none of our business what he (or anyone else) does. Are we judges in Israel? Leave it to him, his family, his Bishop, and God. We've all done things that could be judged, but gratefully we don't go around shaming each other like some of us are here. Give it a rest.

Every LDS actor needs to draw the line somewhere, and obviously beer commercials aren't crossing the line for Kirby, while others may consider it going too far. May we all make decisions for ourselves, and (as Mormons/Christians) look to Christ for an example, not an actor.

adam said...

Agreed. I can see why it's disappointing to 14 year-old LDS girls.

I love the title of your post by the way. I don't know if it was meant to be satirical of the judgment that has been heaped upon Kirby, but it comes across that way and is quite funny. :)

I'm glad you have a personal reference for his character. On Boyack's blog somebody accused Kirby of "ruining" their mission. Really. :)

Salt H2O said...


I worked with Kirby about 6 years ago before his first movie came out- I really liked him, I still do. He's a neat guy. Once his LDS movies came out my 14 year old sister had a minor crush on him. His fan base was made up of 10- 16 year old LDS girls.

He continued to do movies (like the RM, Sons of Provo, and Single's Ward 2) and built a 'mormon career'- he's a Mormon pop star. You can't deny that, and he put himself in the MORMON public eye.

When you're face is on a billboard in Provo with a tie and tag on saying, "Please send more cookies" as the poster child for Dear Elder. Com- you can't expect to turn around and do a beer commercial with out people saying, "what the?"

To you and I who probably don't care about Mormon Pop Culture- (i can't stand the flims) it's really not that big of a deal, I thought it was a bizarre turn in career choices but that was about it. To the thousands of LDS 14 year old girls that thought he was so cute and funny- it's disappointing.

As to looking to Christ for an example- you're right and no one will argue with you there. I don't think any grown adult will say they look to an actor as an example- but many kids do. And it's mostly kids that liked and watched Kirby's movies.

adam said...

heh, now that you re-wrote your comment mine looks out of place... lol.

Salt H2O said...

Adam- Yes it was saterical, I'm very glad you found it funny.

I thought he fell with The RM, and continued his decent with Sons of Provo(though I have to admit, the sound tract is hilarious) He's a really talented guy, I'm sad that his career has yet to take off for him (outside of the LDS realm)

But, I still think it's a lot like a Balliwood star doing a commerical holding a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Not worth getting out the pitchforks for, but there's definitly a bit of irony.

Salt H2O said...

I hate it when I type something then read it and go "wait that doesn't make sense" and then have to delete and re-type. Plus I am the worst speller on the planet.

Mikie said...

Hey, maybe the beer commercials are the foot in the door! I just looked up Aaron Eckhart as another LDS actor, and wikipedia says this:

"After graduating from BYU, he appeared in several beer commercials." Awesome. And I didn't even make the connection that Harvey two-face dent was the guy in the "Godly Sorrow" video the church produced years ago.

adam said...

Heh. So all I have to do to be in the next Batman movie is graduate from the Y and appear in some beer commercials? Sign me up!

crazy4danes said...

Very random turn of events for Kirby. I feel sorry for all of his teenage LDS groupies! :)

f*bomb. said...

To think that somoene is acting "for the fans" is about as logical as saying people are accountants so they can provide free tax advice to their neighbours.
Work is work. And last time I checked, the phrase was, "love one another," not "judge."

Jolly said...

f*bomb, it's not about judging. It's simple: Oh Kirby, cute kid in those LDS films. Wait, is that Kirby in a beer commercial? No, it can't be. Oh, yes it is. Oh man! And then you feel let down.

I don't think he really cares if I feel let down. I'm not even a fan really. But you know, you become the face of something, and then do the opposit. It's your right to do that, but still feels a little sad.

The fact that I even responded to this post is totally lame, because I don't really care. But I guess I get sick of it when people play the "don't judge" thing--its just tired (as in: worn out). Reminds me of kids in high school who partied on the weekends and then claimed that all the non-partiers were judging them. Why? Because I didn't go drinking with you? Tangent...? Good night.