Monday, July 21, 2008

Your Mom's on Facebook

OK, maybe not YOUR mom, but my mom is, and my friend’s moms, and their friends.
Facebook isn't myspace, it's not just an online congregation of teenagers and twenty somethings that have taken skanky pictures of themselves with their cell phones in their car with hopes to lure a memeber of the opposite sex into a provocative on line relationship with the end of hooking up. It's cleaner than myspace, you don't get near the spam and is the best way of keeping tabs on people that you're interested in finding out what's going on in their life- but you're not compelled to pick up the phone and call them.

I’m on LinkedIn for business purposes but I’ve found facebook to be the absolute best way of keeping track of my friends(all four of them).

The beauty of facebook is it’s like a magazine filled with your friend’s pictures and updates. The ability to see what’s going on in old friend’s lives with out having to talk to them is handy when you’re short on time. It’s like blog but more dynamic, less in depth and only your friends can see it.

There are many who refuse to be on facebook for one reason or another, and this frustrates me. Just like I feel everyone should blog, I think everyone should be on facebook. If you have boycotted facebook, please leave me an insight as to why- because the way I see it is if my mom is on facebook…everyone should be.

*Pretty much everyone has seen the video below, and those of you who aren't on facebook probably felt left out because you didn't get the joke. Quit being a loner and join facebook.


Mikie said...

Oh my mom's on facebook alright. What better way for her to keep tabs on her kids that are all on facebook? Haha... except now they just won't put something on there if they don't want mom to know. Mom is so cute, facebooking it up...

And I agree. Everyone should get on there.

crazy4danes said...

I like Facebook because I can keep up with what my brothers are doing. I do like the fact that it's "cleaner" than myspace, however, I would like the option of customizing my page besides adding applications. However, I agree...Facebook is a safe and fun way to keep tabs on everyone! :)

Sherpa said...

I won't do sign up for anymore social networking sites now. Facebook is it. Love it, and its really, really cool how many people that I've been able to reconnect on there.

f*bomb. said...


Seriously- I don't even want to begin with how much I wish I didn't know about people. Since I've refused to communicate via such sites, I've found that:
a) I miss out on a lot of events because everyone assumes I've looked online.
b) I spend a lot more time talking to people and going out with those I'm NOT connected to online.
Which do you think I like better?

Linda said...

even I, your mom's sis, am there. one picture. nuthin more. But then I blog as well. That's because my attention needs are greater than hers. She is waaay more together than I.

Steve said...

I refuse to join. If I want to talk to someone, I email them or call them. This "read my facebook" is lamer than "read my blog" to keep up with people. Do you(the figurative you) really have 'friends' if you sit inside all weekend sending messages on there and doing all those other dumb things.

Plus, I DON'T want to reconnect with people or really know what I am doing. If I talk to you now, it is b/c we are friends and if we don't, I don't have any need to reconnect since we probably still don't have anything in common which prevented us from being friends in the first place that normally would have stayed in contact!?!?

And if you are too "busy" to call or email or hang out in real time, then I don't really want to be your friend b/c my real life friends deserve what little social time I have left!!!

Those are the reasons I don't Facebook.

JustRandi said...

I love facebook. It's the best way to keep tabs on my kids and all my young women.
I even have a few of my own friends on there now!! ;)

The Hermit said...

I have no idea what it is, but it doesn't sound very private so I doubt I'd use it anyway. My blog is restricted access because I got tired of getting hate mail.

Tim&Kirst said...

I know Facebook is a great way to network and keep in contact with those long lost friends, but every time someone says the word, I'm always embarrassed to admit that I have my own account. Do they have Facebook Anonymous? I should join.

Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

I am a non face book Looser.
sorry to disappoint. I don't really know of anyone I am dying to be friends with fromt he past that i am not currently contacted with.

I am busy enough.

Anonymous said...

Why should everyone be on Facebook? Haven't you heard of individual choice? What next - concentration camps for people that refuse to be on facebook?