Monday, August 25, 2008

I Have Respect for Laura Croft?

She stole another woman’s husband, she made out with her brother, she cut herself with knives, she hung a vial of her husband’s blood around her neck, Angelina Jolie was borderline commitable and now, I’m starting to like her.

Adopt few African babies and become a UN ambassador is all it takes for America to forget that you were a B list looney toon actress, and after stealing Brad Pitt she propelled into stardom. I still thought the woman was crazy- ridiculously good looking yes, but crazy.

Then came her piece in the Washington Post and I was refreshed, enlightened and I started to LIKE Angelina Jolie. Could it be that Mrs. Smith has depth? She had an opinion that was not popular, it was not Hollywood, it was her own.

Hollywood lining up to back Barack Obama (and since when did we start to value an actor’s political opinion? They aren’t great political scientists, they don’t have volumes of education, they don’t spend their days making the world a better place, they ACT!) Jolie hasn’t thrown in her 10 cents yet. I respect that. She apparently doesn’t jump on a band wagon- and now I admire her.

I saw a video of John Mayer talking about Ron Paul, and suddenly I started to like him too. I still can’t listen to his music (Seriously, You’re body is a wonderland. What a terrible song! Now, your personality is a wonderland I could seriously get into) but I don’t despise the man.

I saw Pennon Glen Beck (I love Glenn Beck) and was pleasantly surprised that this entrenched in Hollywood atheist would be so clear thinking. I saw a video he had done a few years back and now I really like this libertarian.

In Hollywood it’s easy to pick a candidate- they just find the candidate they think is the most ‘enlightened’ and support them- you can afford to support enlightened candidates when you’re rich. When you're rich you don't really have to pay attention to the details, it's not like you're not going to be able to feed your kids. When you’re one of the little people working the 9-5 you start to have to look at things like experience, how much their plans are going to cost you, and when these new eco-friendly ideas will become affordable for the masses.

Hollywood still is full of basic human greed- if it affects their lifestyle they’ll have none of it example: Bleeding Heart Susan Surandon not wanting a hospital in her neighborhood to expand because it would ‘compromise the neighborhood’ (in other words- help the needy in someone else’s back yard) But when you're uber rich, very little is going to change the way you live life so you can afford to jump on the bandwagon of enlightement.

Which brings me back to Angelina Jolie- She is indeed her own person, I may not like her movies, and she may have been crazy as hell at one point in her life- but I guess it takes a bit of crazy to hold an original and unpopular opinion in Hollywood.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Flash Back Friday: Ten Million Strong

My new OB is WONDERFUL for many reasons, not the least of which is he told me I no longer had to take the Pre-Natal Foot-Mouth Vitamins and I could take these:

This brand of vitamins is older than I am. Who would have thought that Flinstones Vitamins would stand the test of time? Is there any other cartoon themed item that has lasted as long as the Flinstone Vitamin? I guess that's what happens when your advertising plan is built on bedrock.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Hypocracy from Hollywood

So Roseanne Barr has decided that the best way to put herself back in the news is go after the golden ones:

jon voight your evil spawn angelina jolie and her vacuous hubby brad pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more.

Really, should Rosanne Barr be criticising anyone for consuming anything? (just sayin')

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Flash Back Friday: Aaaay!

I know, it's Tuesday- but I couldn't wait until Friday- and I couldn't very well make it Flash Back TUESDAY- who can ignore the opporutnity for alliteration?

Milwaukee doesn't have much to put them on the map- aside from two of the GREATEST TELEVISION SHOWS of ALL TIME!

And today, they immortalized the king of cool- Arthur Fonzerelli.

Other characters of television I'd like to see in bronze- Dr. Huxtable, Mr.T, and Buster Bluth.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who spends $500 on a Vacuum?

Apparently, we do.

Have you seen a man drool over a vacuum? When we found a $400 credit to Bed Bath and Beyond there was absolutely no doubt as to what Brent wanted that money to go towards- and as I can't think of a thing I want from BB&B- we payed the difference and got a Dyson. Not the $350 dollar dyson,oh no, we need the grand master of all vacuums (luckily BB&B doesn't sell their highest end vacuums).

I thought it was a ridiculous waste of money- until I saw how much dirt it sucked up out of the carpet we vacuumed a week ago. With a 5 year warranty, and the ability to suck every last ounce of dirt out of the carpet- I have to say- it has earned a place on the Fabulous Item of the Week Category.

I still think anyone spending $500 on a vacuum is crazy- but if you happen to have a $400 credit laying around- for $100 it was a deal!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sugar and Spice....

All the months of sickness, and putting on 28 LBS in 18 weeks was all worth it for that ultrasound which has to be the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Brent was like a deer in the headlights looking at the screen, it finally became very real. It was awesome.

It's official, we're having a girl! Is it weird to post my ultrasound pictures? I don't think it's as bad as the woman who posted her art made with the placenta.

I think these are the most beautiful picutres, I can't stop looking at them!

In the first one she's looking right at us, you can see her skull and eyeballs.
The second is a profile shot, she's opening her mouth, and in the last you can see her little arms, hands and legs.

Now it's coming up with a name, this little site proved some help- baby name genie.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pregnancy Widsom from the Nail Lady

Conversation with the Asian nail lady:

NL: Are you having girl or boy?

Kory: I don't know, I really want a boy but I think I'm having a girl

NL: You don't think that. Have positive thoughts, you think you have a boy you have boy, you think you have girl, you'll have girl.

Kory: I wish it is that easy

NL: No, your mind very strong. Your mind control sex of the baby, you want a boy and but think you have a girl, your baby will come out confused.

Kory: My baby will be homosexual?

NL: Yes, you have homosexual baby. You need to think one thought BOY or Girl- not two.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beware of the Frosting

A friend was depressed because he was infatuated with a certain girl for years and when he finally got to talking to her on the phone, her personality was so lacking he didn't bother asking her out. He said this was a perpetual problem of his, the girls he went out with all tended to be self centered, image absorbed and shallow.

I asked him to describe the girls he typically asked out and you can guess what they looked like and how they dressed. My answer was, "What do you expect?" Next time you see a girl with anorexia and implants sporting a designer purse and wearing clothing that's too tight remember what her personality is going to be like and you'll suddenly no longer be attracted to her.

Then I told him the allegory of the cakes:

You have two cakes, one was purchased from Albertons or which ever grocery store, and it's covered with pink flowers and frosting.

The second is a homemade chocolate cake, where the frosting isn't quite perfect.

Which cake is more attractive to you? Which cake do you want to eat? The homemade cake naturally, because you know it tastes good, and hence it has become more attractive. You see the heavily frosted cake and think, "Woa, that's a lot of frosting, I don't want to be eating that." The cake which someone has put so much effort into looking good becomes unattractive.

What's interesting are those continue to buy the overly frosted cake and then are surprised when it tastes like frosting.

This is not to say that attractive people aren't interesting- it's the heavily FROSTED people that you have to worry about. Tanning, excessive time at the gym, highlights (especially DUDES with highlights) way too well dressed. If a guy could dress REALLY well, I wasn't interested. Men especially need to beware of dating the frosting, once they marry a well frosted lady, guess who's going to be paying for the frosting.

The New Face of Politics is getting old.

Pregnant,tired, lazy on the road for work, I like to watch tv. Last night I clicked from channel to channel and one face kept popping up- this guy:

I have never seen one face so prolific on television- from NBC to CNN to FOX, even local Las Vegas News, all I heard was Obama Obama Obama. The last time I remember this kind of exposure was the OJ Simpson Trial.

Part of me wanted to listen, part of me thought I SHOULD listen, but after seeing the face plastered all over the airport thanks to his cover on People Magazine and Businessweek - I can't listen to "Hope and Change" with out yelling at the ridiculous reporters which don't ask follow up questions about execution, funding or studies that back up his claims. So instead I chose to watch some terrible ABC family movie until I was ready for bed. The new face of politics is taking on the same sentiments as that song you once liked but got so over played you now cringe when it comes on the radio. Looks like I'm not alone- apparently the majority of the country is starting to suffer from Obama Overload The media shows no signs of slowing- this could be the best thing that happened to McCain.

Thanks to Adam for the video

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flashback Friday- Dancing Banana

In these times of economic uncertanty, it's comforting to have a skill one can always fall back on.