Friday, August 22, 2008

Flash Back Friday: Ten Million Strong

My new OB is WONDERFUL for many reasons, not the least of which is he told me I no longer had to take the Pre-Natal Foot-Mouth Vitamins and I could take these:

This brand of vitamins is older than I am. Who would have thought that Flinstones Vitamins would stand the test of time? Is there any other cartoon themed item that has lasted as long as the Flinstone Vitamin? I guess that's what happens when your advertising plan is built on bedrock.


Robin said...

No wonder I wanted those vitamins so bad! My mom would never buy them. Waa.

Yaba daba DO!

NSLYCC said...
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KDub said...


Steve said...


But don't forget about Donald Duck orange juice! That has been around probably almost as long, if not longer!

crazy4danes said...

Love that idea! I wish I could have taken those!!! I was anemic so I had to take the giant horse pills..yuk!

That is so awesome! Who would have thought!!! :D

adam said...

I loved those things... I remember never being able to understand why my mother would give me something that looked like medicine, yet tasted so good.