Monday, August 25, 2008

I Have Respect for Laura Croft?

She stole another woman’s husband, she made out with her brother, she cut herself with knives, she hung a vial of her husband’s blood around her neck, Angelina Jolie was borderline commitable and now, I’m starting to like her.

Adopt few African babies and become a UN ambassador is all it takes for America to forget that you were a B list looney toon actress, and after stealing Brad Pitt she propelled into stardom. I still thought the woman was crazy- ridiculously good looking yes, but crazy.

Then came her piece in the Washington Post and I was refreshed, enlightened and I started to LIKE Angelina Jolie. Could it be that Mrs. Smith has depth? She had an opinion that was not popular, it was not Hollywood, it was her own.

Hollywood lining up to back Barack Obama (and since when did we start to value an actor’s political opinion? They aren’t great political scientists, they don’t have volumes of education, they don’t spend their days making the world a better place, they ACT!) Jolie hasn’t thrown in her 10 cents yet. I respect that. She apparently doesn’t jump on a band wagon- and now I admire her.

I saw a video of John Mayer talking about Ron Paul, and suddenly I started to like him too. I still can’t listen to his music (Seriously, You’re body is a wonderland. What a terrible song! Now, your personality is a wonderland I could seriously get into) but I don’t despise the man.

I saw Pennon Glen Beck (I love Glenn Beck) and was pleasantly surprised that this entrenched in Hollywood atheist would be so clear thinking. I saw a video he had done a few years back and now I really like this libertarian.

In Hollywood it’s easy to pick a candidate- they just find the candidate they think is the most ‘enlightened’ and support them- you can afford to support enlightened candidates when you’re rich. When you're rich you don't really have to pay attention to the details, it's not like you're not going to be able to feed your kids. When you’re one of the little people working the 9-5 you start to have to look at things like experience, how much their plans are going to cost you, and when these new eco-friendly ideas will become affordable for the masses.

Hollywood still is full of basic human greed- if it affects their lifestyle they’ll have none of it example: Bleeding Heart Susan Surandon not wanting a hospital in her neighborhood to expand because it would ‘compromise the neighborhood’ (in other words- help the needy in someone else’s back yard) But when you're uber rich, very little is going to change the way you live life so you can afford to jump on the bandwagon of enlightement.

Which brings me back to Angelina Jolie- She is indeed her own person, I may not like her movies, and she may have been crazy as hell at one point in her life- but I guess it takes a bit of crazy to hold an original and unpopular opinion in Hollywood.


adam said...

"they don’t spend their days making the world a better place, they ACT!"

I think there is one certain understudy for the Blue Man Group who would disagree with you.

Salt H2O said...

Adam, that may be my favorite comment ever.

Della Hill said...

I am kind of like you on this one. I used to be extremely irritated by this woman.
But I think she has found her purpose in life in helping others.
Go figure! Who knew that would help you become a better person?
The first moment I started seeing AJ differently was after I had made the motto of my life "Saving the world, one child at a time", and I saw her on a magazine saying MY line.
I was rather irritated at first, but later strangely complimented.
So she's kinda growing on me.
One point I strongly disagree with you on:
"Your Body is a Wonderland" rocks. I love that song.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

ditto to Adam . .right on.
Just because you are on TV doesn't mean you know what your talking about.

I was so surprised the other day when i was defending her. I think she has matured, and you cannot fault her for the good she is doing now.

who would have thought 10 years ago she would become the poster child for impoverished kids.


Steve said...

I've always like Angelina and she was big before she hooked up with Brad and for the record, Brad did the right thing!

Editing note, you link to the Washington Post but say The Times in your post. There is no way they would allow Angelina to write a piece in the Wash Times b/c she uses words with more than three syllables, which would alienate most of Wash Times readers!

Robin said...

I bet that she had someone write that for her. Sorry, but even with a nanny for each child, housekeepers, cooks, and personal assistants, you can't think that clearly when you have kids. Your brain turns a little mushy. Of course that won't happen to Kory.

I'm just saying that AJ probably wrote her general ideas and concepts out, and then had a highly paid editor do the rest. It was refreshing to read.

Allie said...

If you had too much money and someone recording everything you did when you were younger, people would probably think you were crazy too.

Just saying.

I am not affected by Angelina Jolie one way or the other, but I'm always glad when people find themselves, which she seems to have done, with the UN stuff and creating her own world family. Good for her.

crazy4danes said...

I have always liked Angelina...not only is her name fabulous...but she has always striked me as an independent woman who never was afraid to just be herself. I mean who else could kiss their brother on national TV and not think twice about it?! I think she is great...we all have our vices and weirdness about us...hers just happen to be public...but all in all she means well and has never been afraid to be Angelina! I admire that!

And PS...I LOVED her in Hackers!!!

Salt H2O said...

Steve- Thanks for the heads up- she was big before Brad but dating Brad took her to a WHOLE different level.

Allie- I'm going to have to disagree with you- it doesn't matter how much money I had (or was paid) I'd never make out with my brother.

Allie said...

I wouldn't make out with my brother either. :) But that doesn't mean I didn't do other weird things during my younger days that make me grateful no one was following me around with a video camera.

Linda said...

Sean Penn? get out of here! How refreshing. It would have made Moses happy. Heck it makes me happy.

Linda said...

(Charlton Heston)

Anonymous said...

I have to say - listening to celebrities on politics is nothing new, and probably goes back to the creation of the movie industry (if not further.)

People respect and admire the people they see in their living rooms and on the big screen, and like to hear their opinions on arenas outside of stardom as well.

(see: wildly popular actor who became wildly popular President Ronald Reagan. see: Movie actors turned Governor (Schwartzy) and Mayor (Eastwood))

There is nothing wrong with this - unless of course certain actors/actresses don't share your political views, at which point the reaction is "Why the hell do people listen to these celebrities anyway?!"