Thursday, August 7, 2008

The New Face of Politics is getting old.

Pregnant,tired, lazy on the road for work, I like to watch tv. Last night I clicked from channel to channel and one face kept popping up- this guy:

I have never seen one face so prolific on television- from NBC to CNN to FOX, even local Las Vegas News, all I heard was Obama Obama Obama. The last time I remember this kind of exposure was the OJ Simpson Trial.

Part of me wanted to listen, part of me thought I SHOULD listen, but after seeing the face plastered all over the airport thanks to his cover on People Magazine and Businessweek - I can't listen to "Hope and Change" with out yelling at the ridiculous reporters which don't ask follow up questions about execution, funding or studies that back up his claims. So instead I chose to watch some terrible ABC family movie until I was ready for bed. The new face of politics is taking on the same sentiments as that song you once liked but got so over played you now cringe when it comes on the radio. Looks like I'm not alone- apparently the majority of the country is starting to suffer from Obama Overload The media shows no signs of slowing- this could be the best thing that happened to McCain.

Thanks to Adam for the video


Jolly said...

Ah, yes. Not only am I on Obama overload, I'm also overloaded with fear mongering emails and videos that are anti-Obama. Nice.

Allie said...

The Paris Hilton Spoof ad is pretty funny.

Allie said...

Not that that really has much to do with Obama, directly anyway.

Salt H2O said...

Who would have guessed that Paris Hilton would be the highlight of the political week? I loved it. I do think she has a better energy plan than Obama. She said what everyone in America is thinking.

Robin said...

I am obama-ed out. I liked this post.

adam said...

I bet Karl Rove wrote her speech. :)

Anybody up for a Ron Paul/Paris Hilton ticket?

Steve said...

The funny thing is, Obama is the only thing McCain talks about too, haha. Obama overload is the only way McCain could possibly win!

But I'd rather see our Presidential candidates get too much coverage than not enough, like in most election cycles. They are, afterall, MORE important than all that celeb brain rot news is usually on all the channels.