Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who spends $500 on a Vacuum?

Apparently, we do.

Have you seen a man drool over a vacuum? When we found a $400 credit to Bed Bath and Beyond there was absolutely no doubt as to what Brent wanted that money to go towards- and as I can't think of a thing I want from BB&B- we payed the difference and got a Dyson. Not the $350 dollar dyson,oh no, we need the grand master of all vacuums (luckily BB&B doesn't sell their highest end vacuums).

I thought it was a ridiculous waste of money- until I saw how much dirt it sucked up out of the carpet we vacuumed a week ago. With a 5 year warranty, and the ability to suck every last ounce of dirt out of the carpet- I have to say- it has earned a place on the Fabulous Item of the Week Category.

I still think anyone spending $500 on a vacuum is crazy- but if you happen to have a $400 credit laying around- for $100 it was a deal!


adam said...

$500? That's chump change! Well, actually we have only a $200 vacuum, but a few years ago a friend of mine was selling vacuums that were $2,500. Seriously.
It was called the Defender 2000 or something like that.

During his demonstration It really did pick up the dirt though. We're fine with the $200 vacuum. :) So I guess that puts you in the "upper middle-class" of vacuumers.

Happy The Man said...

We've been through 7-8 vacuums in 5 years. We had a $89 dirt devil that lasted for like 8 years prior to this run on vacuums. Since then we've had nothing but junk.

I strongly considered a Dysan because to me it would be worth it if I didn't have to replace my vacuum every year. But I read lot's of reviews and I got the impression from most of them that the Dysan wasn't worth the money (sorry). If I knew it was going to be solid for 5 years I'd invest in a heartbeat.

We have started to buy ours at Costco (low end, middle tier, now higher end $200+). When they break (not the belt but other plastic junk, and/or suction issues) we take it back and they give us our money back and then we try a different one. At one point we had tried all that they had to offer (except the expensive Dysans) and then went elsewhere to try new models. Now after eating another $179 non-Costco one, I'm back to trying newer Costco models again (for the hassle free return policy). I feel kind of badly about returning a vacuum that I've used for nearly a year but at the same time I feel like I'm getting ripped off when you spend $200+ and it doesn't even last a year. As long as Costco is willing to replace them, we'll keep trying them. We finally have one that we like but we've only had it for 2 months so the jury is still out.

I'd sure like to know after a few years how you like your Dysan and whether you feel it was worth the investment. If any of your other 1000+ readers has any recommendations on good vacuums, I would be very interested as I'm certain our latest will prove to be like the others. By the way, we have 3 stories of home but half of it is hardwoods so we really don't work the thing out too much. It gets a good heavy 1-2 hour use every 2 weeks.

I've had the demo of the $2500 one that Adam mentioned (years ago), very impressive. If it wasn't for the weight of the thing (has to be carried up and down flights of stairs), I'd have likely invested in it (only because if it lasted a lifetime it would have been worth it, especially considering I've spent half that much in the past 5-6 years). It was self propelled so pushing it with the heavy weight wasn't an issue, but the schlepping up down stairs to different levels wasn't going to fly for me.

Vacuum discussion has become a very hot topic for me so I'll be interested in what others say about their experiences. It seems harder and harder to get a good quality product any more. Don't even get me started on appliances...

Steve said...

I have vacuum envy!

Robin said...

Wait a minute. You said you "found" a $400 credit. What, it was just laying on the floor under the bed, or in the back pocket of the jeans you wore last year? How can I find a $400 credit?

bechtold clan said...

LOL, I think we all envy the dyson vac until one buys it. I hope you have better luck. We are on our second dyson in 2 years,(same thing- took the first back for a replacement) and I hate it. Everytime I vacuum I end up still picking up things off the floor. I curse the thing everytime. My mom has the ugly oreck vacuum that I swear is 10 times lighter, and kicks my dysons vacuum butt. She came to help me clean my house after the baby was born) After I used that thing I said once my dyson dies, im buying an oreck!

Allie said...

When we first got married, we used a gift card to ZCMI to buy a super-light-weight floor model vacuum. I think it was $99. It worked great for many years.

Then we started remodeling our basement, and the drywall dust killed it.

We bought a new one- its bagless, which I like, but it's heavy and plastic, and I don't think it works very well.

I miss our old one.

crazy4danes said...

Dude! That was the vacuum I would get if we still had carpet for sure!!! Especially if you have's awesome! :D

But thankfully we no longer have carpet in the house! So the Swifer Sweep n Vac is my new best friend! :)

Salt H2O said...

Interesting feedback on the vacuum. I remember the vacuum my mom had lasted us like 10 years.

Our furnace which we just replaced was installed in 1963-

They don't make appliances and hardware that last anymore.

Tim&Kirst said...

Welcome to the world of the Dyson Animal. We love that sucker (pun intended). Another good vacuum is the Dyson Root and it's small and great for little jobs. Highly Recommend. :) I should get paid to advertise these vacuums. Hey how did you like Yamashiro?

Julie Haddock said...

We've got the SAME ONE!! LOVE IT!!

Daisy Paige said...

We bought our Dyson: Full Kit from Costco three years ago when we married and we're as in love with it today as we were then. It's a bit more beat up, but you cannot beat the cord or wand length, it's relatively light, and still works like an absolute charm. I don't remember the last time I used a broom, because I just set my Dyson to 'bare floor' and it works wonders on tile, hardwood, and linoleum. Using the attachments is sooo easy! The only thing I don't recommend it for is berber carpet.

The trick, though, is to take care of it. I empty it when it's full and I rinse out the filter every six months. I've cut all my hair off the rotating brush underneath twice now. Oh, and I think I've wiped it down once or twice. Still super powerful - never had an issue with it.

At $469, it was an investment, and we take good care of our investments. But the best part was I sold the animal attachment and another attachment we wouldn't use on eBay, and made almost $100 of those dollars back.