Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Part of this Election Year- Bill

Bill has added some serious entertainment value to the election. I look forward to hearing him speak. Who'd have thunk?!

Bill defending it.

"Would you have said you think McCain will win?"
"No because I'm a loyal democrat."


Here- let me hand you the perfect opportunity to slam Palin with an audience that hates her and see what you can do with it Bill.

Of course, no one nailed it better than SNL-

Friday, September 19, 2008

Money Where Your Mouth Is...

Further evidence that Democrats love being generous with everyone else's money aside form their own:

John McCain consistently donates between 18-24% of his income to charity

Barack Obama donates 5% of income to charity.

And the Whammy- Joe Biden gives under 1% of his income to charity.

I'm not debating amounts here, I'm debating percentages.

Also Utah, quite possibly the Redest state in the nation is the most charitable. Indeed the predominately conservative mid-west and the south out give the coasts. Funny how those narrow minded red-necked republicans clinging to their guns and their religion are more charitable than the wealthier and more liberal coasts-screaming for wealth redistribution.

Why aren't politicians favoring the re-distribution of wealth the first to live it? Same goes for those highly liberal coasts. I mean, if it's such a sound policy why aren't they doing so voluntarily?

(Palin was only omitted because I couldn't find anything in a 5 minute google search.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Femisim is dead in the Booher house

Brent in a stern but playful voice: Kory, you’ve been blogging about politics again

Kory: I only posted videos

Brent: And?

K: And what?

B: You responded to comments.

K: But I had to, people are wrong.

B: I don’t want you talking about politics anymore it stress you out.

K: But I can’t handle the hypocrisy!

B: Exactly, you can’t handle it and neither can the baby- the baby is more important than politics

K: But I read on CNN today…

B: No more, no more political blogs, no more news, and no more feminism & Palin

K: If I’m not reading the news what should I be reading?

Brent stops for ½ a second, thinks and then replies

B: You should be reading about baby stuff.

K: Baby stuff?

B: Yes you should be reading up on the baby.

Kory erupts in uncontrollable laughter, nearly falling off her chair where in between breaths she says ‘the irony!’

Brent sits and smiles.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The sunny side of being the size of a tank

Pregnant people don't complain nearly enough, I had no idea how bad pregnancy was before I got into it. But yesterday I started to look at the brighter side of being pregnant- and here are the top ten good things (not just the top ten but the only ten) about being pregnant.

1. I'm consistently told how cute I look- Who knew that putting on 35 lbs would get me more compliments than I've experienced in my entire life?

2. I can be rude and moderately cranky and people just smile.

3. I have an instant conversation piece with everyone I meet.

4. In a crowded room, or rental car bus, someone always offers their seat to me, and I don't feel remotely bad about taking it.

5. I could care less what size is on clothing labels- if it fits, I'm in.

6. I have someone with me all the time I can talk to (she doesn't respond much be we have very stimulating conversations)

7. My due date moved up so there is a good chance she could be born in 2008- hello tax benefits!

8. I can bail out of almost anything I don't want to do with the excuse of feeling tired or not feeling well. (This would be more advantageous if that wasn't the truth 99% of the time)

9. Guilt Free eating. If I feel compelled to eat something it must be because the baby desperately needs the nutrients in white mint chocolate chip ice cream.

10. I've eaten more doughnuts in the past 5 months than I've eaten in the past 5 years (that being a grand total of 4)

Friday, September 12, 2008

What's in Your Baby's Mouth?

A friend was concerned when he learned about the high level of lead going into his new baby's mouth. He decided he wanted to make a teething toy that was made out of hospital grade plastic. If it's not safe for a dentist to put in a patient's mouth, he didn't want it in his daughter's mouth.

His mother is a pediatrician and said there wasn't a functional teething toy on the market, she designed the toy to be easy to grab and easy to chew.

He is a brilliant artist and sculptor, putting his artistic background to use he started his own toy company called Dano2. Making designer baby toys. They've already generated quite a buzz and next week they'll be featured in Pregnancy magazine.

It's the only teething toy on the market that is made in the USA- out of FDA approved medical grade plastic. They have other products hitting the market later on this year.

As a soon to be mommy I naively assumed what ever is on the shelf is safe for my kids. Thanks to the shlew of product recallsI learned I was wrong.

If you're have children, are going to have children or want something unique, cool and functional to give as a baby present- check out Dano2

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Speaking with Forked Tonge

When my blog friend posted this- I knew it tongue in cheek so far out there that there is no way it could be taken seriously.

It's the kind of thing you can joke about at a dinner party, not say on the house floor.

Now let's get back to calling those Republicans religious zealots.

The Question That No One is Asking Biden...

Why hasn't a single reporter asked Senator Biden, "If Hillary Clinton would have been the better pick for VP, why wasn't she picked?"

Monday, September 8, 2008

What Do You Think?

Which is more dangerous: someone that preaches evil (I'll leave evil up to your own interpretation) 100% of the time or an individual that preaches good 90% of the time, and evil 10% of the time?

If a person does good, merely to promote themselves- if they make money from altruism- is the good they do is as much value as those that may do less good, but do it with out personal profit?

Which is of more value to humanity- the person who gives a great deal to charity, but it requires no personal sacrifice, or the person who gives much less to charity- but at great personal sacrifice?

Is it better to do the right thing for the wrong reason, than not to do it at all?

(This isn't some random personality test, nor is it a trick question, just some things I've been thinking about and wanting to discuss- and since I work from home and all my friends live in the computer- I'm asking you)

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Baby Hates Politics

I'm throwing down my boxing gloves and stepping out of the Palin ring. Work has become increasingly intense, and my compulsion to defend Sarah Palin at every side has added to my stress level. Stress apparently makes the baby mad- yesterday morning I got sick for the first time in months.

While I'm trying to take a short break, others are fighting the Palin fight for me. Check out:

The Wall Street Journal: This is why Republicans Love Palin

My cousin Dave at : Sarah Palin is a big meanie

A Feminist Blog (that is promoting a new kind of feminism): Two Speeches, Two Standards

And for my 3 liberal readers try The Reclusive Leftist (mom, don't click on the link, the language is pretty foul, but I like the content)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feminists- Conservatives Need Not Apply

I was surprised to see how many people had an opinion of Palin after hearing only a few news stories. I wasn’t surprised that it was women that made the quickest most broadswept judgements, on the smallest bits of information.

Women are uber critical of other women. They’ll put up with flaws in men, they’ll make excuses for a man but when it comes to another woman- they’re brutal.

The women that you would think should be the least critical of Palin, and the most likely to try to think the best of their sister is the Feminist. Instead I have found the majority of the self-proclaimed feminists are acting like high school juniors that found out that their best friend’s boyfriend asked someone else to the prom. Catty & nasty- “she could never be Hillary” “who does she think she is” “she only got the job because she’s a woman” “McCain didn’t even talk to her for more than 15 minutes” “You think just because she’s a woman she’ll get my vote?” “She just had a baby shouldn’t she be home nursing” “Did she even think about how her 17 year old daughter would feel?” “Her family is going to suffer for her job” on and on and on.

Because Palin doesn't conform to their liberal ideas- she’s no feminist. She’s not a feminist because she thinks a baby with down syndrome have just as much a right to life as a baby with out disabilities. She’s not a feminist because she believes that marriage is a sacred entity between man and woman. She’s not a feminist because she knows the average American cannot afford a Hybrid car, and we need to drill until we find affordable renewable resources. She’s not a feminist because she doesn’t conform to the left wing political thought. She’s not a feminist because she’s a conservative.

I may read the Economist, talk politics and shove the idea of college and a career down the throat of every 14 year old girl I meet. I may work in male dominated industries. I may have pushed my co-worker to become the second female manager in a multi-billion dollar company. I may have a husband who does all the cooking and cleaning. But don’t you dare call me a feminist- I'm not that narrow minded.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My husband has a man crush on Mike Rowe

Brent has a man crush on a number of men, and today being labor day- and the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs Marathon, it seemed fit to blog about a man my husband and I both love- Mike Rowe.

His 'Brown Before Green' episode was GENIUS. (I wish I could have found a clip)The show focused on how the planet is being saved not by people that lecture, not by movie stars, not by volunteers but by men and women that have found a way to make a profit from recycling and helping mother earth.

The thing that we love most about Mr.Rowe is his obvious respect for the people who do these filthy jobs every day.

He's manly, he's funny, bright, self-depricating, and isn't afraid of hard, dirty work.

I'd vote for Mike Rowe for president.