Friday, September 5, 2008

The Baby Hates Politics

I'm throwing down my boxing gloves and stepping out of the Palin ring. Work has become increasingly intense, and my compulsion to defend Sarah Palin at every side has added to my stress level. Stress apparently makes the baby mad- yesterday morning I got sick for the first time in months.

While I'm trying to take a short break, others are fighting the Palin fight for me. Check out:

The Wall Street Journal: This is why Republicans Love Palin

My cousin Dave at : Sarah Palin is a big meanie

A Feminist Blog (that is promoting a new kind of feminism): Two Speeches, Two Standards

And for my 3 liberal readers try The Reclusive Leftist (mom, don't click on the link, the language is pretty foul, but I like the content)


Steve said...

Boooo, the leftist link is banned here at work. DHS at it's best!

Robin said...

The baby doesn't like politics? So sorry. I love your view on these types of things. But being sick with baby is not fun. Was it prego sick or cold/flu sick? Are you feeling any better?

So what are you going to blog about now? Nice safe sweet soft things?

Salt H2O said...

Since you asked- baby sick. Dry heaving, vomit, nausia- just like the good old days. It only happens when I'm super stressed, like right before big meetings or if I haven't hit my number for work.

I'll still blog about politics, I'm just stepping out of the Palin fight... for now-

Sherpa said...

Steve DOI gets them all! We're much more leftist than y'all over at DHS.

Steve said...

I'm not at DHS. And DOI might be the only dept more lefty than where I am at USAID. :)

crazy4danes said...

I'm sorry your sick! But at least you know why...take it easy! And have a good weekend. :)

Sherpa said...

Steve-I thought you were at USAID, and couldn't figure out why that was under DHS, but with this administration...I've learned never to use logic. Then I realized what you were saying.

Love the left, that's my motto today!

Steve said...

Oh, here is a thought... Maybe your baby is a lefty!!! It explains why she doesn't like your Palin rantings! ;-)

Daisy Paige said...

The only thing I don't get about Palin is how come people get to use her son leaving for Iraq and her down syndrome baby to boost her appeal, but no one's allowed to use her knocked up 17-year-old to lower it. Are families off limits or not?

Salt H2O said...

I must be missing all the praise for the baby and the son, as far as I can see it's just a footnote.

Steve said...

Salty, Palin used the first half of her speech at the RNC to introduce herself to America by rolling out her son (who now has a target on his back, "Thanks, Mom!") and all her kids like having a kid in Iraq made her a better person or candidate (I think Obama is the only candidate of the four w/o a child and/or a relative there) or even unique (seriously, who doesn't have a relative or friend who has or is there!?!?) and her Downie baby b/c she thought it was a good idea to keep pushing kids out way past the generally safe time before your 40's. If she wasn't trying to use them for emphasis and praise, then why talk about them at all? How much do you know about McCain's kids, especially the ones he never talks to any more or even Biden's?

Salt H2O said...

If any of the other candidates had a son in Iraq they would be talking about it because Iraq is one of the main issues on the plate.

If any other candidate had a son with Down Syndrom while abortion is still an issue (which I think is lame) and 90% of human fetuses diagnosed with down syndrom are aborted- they'd be talking about that as well.

And if teen pregnancy was a big issue in politics, I could see how making an issue of her daughter being pregnant would be of relavance.

The first two show something about Sarah, first her family is being affected by the war- and second she doesn't believe in abortion, even behind closed doors.

The pregnant teen doesn't show much about Sarah other than her daughter has a mind of her own.

Great questions about McCain and Biden's kids! Wouldn't it be lovely if the media reported on them? I swear it's like Biden doesn't even exist.

Steve said...

You don't hear about the other candidates' children b/c they have agreed to keep them out of it and not use them as political pawns, which Palin seems happy to do. McCain does have a son there, but has refused to talk about it. Biden has family there and refused to talk about it, again, he doesn't want to use his family for political gain. Clearly, Palin doesn't have that issue. I don't see what her Downie baby has to do with abortion. She had a choice, which is the whole point of the argument. No one FORCED her to have it, so why keep shoving it down our throats like it is our fault? Who cares.