Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feminists- Conservatives Need Not Apply

I was surprised to see how many people had an opinion of Palin after hearing only a few news stories. I wasn’t surprised that it was women that made the quickest most broadswept judgements, on the smallest bits of information.

Women are uber critical of other women. They’ll put up with flaws in men, they’ll make excuses for a man but when it comes to another woman- they’re brutal.

The women that you would think should be the least critical of Palin, and the most likely to try to think the best of their sister is the Feminist. Instead I have found the majority of the self-proclaimed feminists are acting like high school juniors that found out that their best friend’s boyfriend asked someone else to the prom. Catty & nasty- “she could never be Hillary” “who does she think she is” “she only got the job because she’s a woman” “McCain didn’t even talk to her for more than 15 minutes” “You think just because she’s a woman she’ll get my vote?” “She just had a baby shouldn’t she be home nursing” “Did she even think about how her 17 year old daughter would feel?” “Her family is going to suffer for her job” on and on and on.

Because Palin doesn't conform to their liberal ideas- she’s no feminist. She’s not a feminist because she thinks a baby with down syndrome have just as much a right to life as a baby with out disabilities. She’s not a feminist because she believes that marriage is a sacred entity between man and woman. She’s not a feminist because she knows the average American cannot afford a Hybrid car, and we need to drill until we find affordable renewable resources. She’s not a feminist because she doesn’t conform to the left wing political thought. She’s not a feminist because she’s a conservative.

I may read the Economist, talk politics and shove the idea of college and a career down the throat of every 14 year old girl I meet. I may work in male dominated industries. I may have pushed my co-worker to become the second female manager in a multi-billion dollar company. I may have a husband who does all the cooking and cleaning. But don’t you dare call me a feminist- I'm not that narrow minded.


R-E said...

well spoken. i especially like how you end this. i'm having a hard time accepting sarah palin as a good candidate, but this post gave me different insight. so thanks.

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...


I wish I had the time today I want to post on this topic.

I have read several blogs about it.

how sad that we women, especially lds women (other blogs i read) are so negatively judgmental.

One blog women kept going on and on about her hair. seriously I am going to elect the next president on his tie selection. how CATTY.

These people think they know better. :id never go to work after 3 days of work, "i'd never fly in the 3rd trimester of a high risk pregnancy" ok great. the truth is that doesn't make you better or worse then Gov Palin.

I do not think it is our business if she has a nanny if she is breastfeeding, If she wants the job. and is qualified vote for her.
I could rant and rant for ever.

I still do not know if I like her. B/c I do not know her. Not b/c how she styles her hair or b/c her 17 got knocked up.

I have to say that no matter her or another VP I simply can not vote for Obama.

Melissa said...

I love you Kory. I've been wondering what your take on it was.

I agree with you. I need more details about her before I make any decisions, but the details don't need to have anything to do with her kids, their mistakes, or that she once went fishing with an expired license. ugh.

Allie said...

If you ask me if I'm a feminist, I'll ask you what your definition is before I answer.

"Feminists" are human, and it's not the sort of group that is going to agree on every issue.

I agree though, that Judging Sarah Palin by her hair, her mothering style, or anything else is ridiculous.

So far the only thing I know about her is that she has a good speech writer and when she talks she sounds like a relief society speaker in gen. conference. :) (I only heard part of her acceptance speech on the radio)

Some people who like her don't have reasons much better than those who don't like her- so it's not a one-sided problem. My friend likes her based (as far as I can tell) solely on the fact that she got started in politics because of PTA.

I'm voting for Obama, so I don't think it matters how wonderful Sarah Palin turns out to be, I'm still not voting for McCain.

Della Hill said...

As a hard working american I feel it is my responsibility to enter my vote in this presidential election.
As a thinking adult I want to scream about this presidential election.
I don't know enough about Palin to make a judgement yet.
I haven't studied her hair or read any tell all interviews with her nanny.
Hopefully I'll learn enough about her to like her so I won't feel ill voting for McCain.
Which is still better than I would feel voting for Obama.
Maybe she'll be great and give McCain a better stance than "the lesser of two evils", which is the only platform McCain really has going for him currently.
Which, I recognize, is in no small part to the media smoke-and-mirrors propaganda.
This election is frustrating me more than my 16 year old.
And the feminists can go to hell with the media.

Robin said...

Thanks for your opinion Kory. I happen to agree with you. She is my same age and has 1 more child than I do. Quite impressive.

I admire her.

(Oh, and she graduated from UofI, same place roland got his PhD...so we are practically related!)

Steve said...

Della - You have a 16 year old? You barely look 18?!?!

The whole idea of feminism is being tossed around incorrectly. No true feminist would vote for Palin b/c she represents non-Feminist views, such as anti-choice and other socially conservative issues that most true feminists from the ERA movement support. Voting for someone just b/c they are a woman is as anti-feminist as you can get. The whole point of feminism isn't to promote a pro-woman/anti-man ideology; it is to make sex an irrelevant issue when making decisions where women are being treated equally as men. This is why Palin fails miserably, how is she more qualified to be VP than any other woman or man Governor?!?! She isn't!!!! I think EVERY other elected official at her level has more experience and that is what is pi$$ing feminists, especially conservative elected women, off.

This is a pure pander selection and she only has the job b/c she has a vagina that may or may not have pushed that last kid out!!!

If McCain wins, it'll be a brillian strategy; if he loses, she will get all the blame and both of their political careers will be maxed out since it will be seen as such a dumb idea.

Salt H2O said...

I've modified your comment.

Voting for someone just b/c they are Black would be as anti-equality as you can get. The whole point of racial equality isn't to promote a pro-black/anti-white ideology; it is to make race an irrelevant issue when making decisions where blacks are being treated equally as whites. This is why Obama fails miserably, how is HE more qualified to be PRESIDENT than any other woman or man Senator?!?! He isn't!!!! I think EVERY other elected official at HIS level has more experience and that is what is pi$$ing everyone off.

Christin said...

Kory I totally agree with you about Sarah P., she is being murdered in the press, and I haven't heard one good or bad thing about Bidden. My question had to do with one of your older posts. What do you do if you ask a guy about porn and he avoids it? I was direct, and I was serious even though it didn't start that way, and he didn't give me a direct answer until the end of the night. I've never talked to a guy I've been out with about porn before so I'm not sure how that conversation should have gone. Your thoughts?

Steve said...

Salty - Good point! But how many people are voting for him b/c he is "the black guy"? If that was the case, Presidents Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be around today! The American people have had many months to look at the opinions and ideas this guy has, and his experience doing what he has or hasn't done. The same could be said for Palin, except she was hand picked for clearly political reasons by an old out of touch white dude. Obama received ~35 million votes to be where he is!

Democracy, it isn't great, but it's the system we have!

Salt H2O said...


First, I think it's sexist to assume that people are only like Palin because she's female. You're also acting like the Republicans are the only one that appointed a VP- Obama appointed one too- one that looks just like McCain although Hillary would have been the most obvious choice.

Where was the media crying 'pandering' when Biden was chosen? Why weren't people kicking and screeming because a campaign focused on change choses a crownie that's been sitting in government for 30+ years to match the republican candidate's experience?

I don't think people are soley voting because Obama's the black guy- he's the good looking, eloquent, likeable black guy (things neither Sharpton or Jackson had going for them). You can't ignore that a white man with his lack of credentials never would have had a chance.

(Mind you I voted for Obama, but that's before I got to know the guy a bit better- I wish I had voted for Hillary)

What ever the reason is behind his votes is it sure as hell isn't his experience or his record.

I thought it was because he wants 'change'- but wait- it's ok for the Democrats to have a change candidate but when the Republicans do the same, it's pandering.

Which brings me back to hypocracy in the critism of Palin. Suddenly experience matters for the Republican VICE presidntial candidate and NOT for the Democratic PRESIDENTIAL candidate.

I think the tickets are even steven. Biden is to McCain as Palin is to Obama. The difference is are you going to have the inexperienced guy as your number one, or your number two?

adam said...

I don't think a few years as mayor in Alaska, than two as governor equals a law degree from Harvard and being a law professor at Chicago + two years in the senate. That being said, I agree, Obama's experience pales in comparison to MOST senators.

Also, Salt, you are a feminist. :) What drives me crazy is one group of feminists trying to exclude others from calling themselves feminist. Feminism = equality. Palin can be a feminist and pro-gun, anti-Gore etc. I'm kind of running myself into a circle here, but who has the right to say what a feminist is? The very idea suggests that we should all have equal say in defining it! :)

My favorite line of the day (della):
"And the feminists can go to hell with the media."
Actually, della, that would be the feminists you don't like, and the media you don't agree with, correct? :)

Salt H2O said...

"I don't think a few years as mayor in Alaska, than two as governor equals a law degree from Harvard and being a law professor at Chicago + two years in the senate."

I agree with you they don't really equal each other- one person has balanced a budget, managed people who do not like her, stood up to special interest groups & big oil, and exposed fraud in her own party. She's managed money that was not hers and has said no to federal money.

The other has a law degree, was a community organizer that gave state money to private entities to build shoddy, now condemed public housing add to that and a history of not having his name on one signaficant piece of legislature.

You're right, I was little generous for Obama's sake. Seems to be trendy.

adam said...

Hah! You sound a lot like Glenn Beck. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

If she had done everything you said in a state more significant than Alaska, and if she wasn't two years removed from mayor of Cicely, I would be more likely to agree with you.

Fact is, we all see what we want to. To Obamaniacs, he is change, whatever that means. Two people can look at Palin, review her credentials, and come away with an entirely different opinion, and both be biased just like the rest of us. All I am sure of is that I am going to enjoy this election a billion times more than the last two. I would Take McCain or Obama over W, Kerry, or Gore.

adam said...

Okay maybe I was stretching it a bit. I would pick Gore over McCain. Maybe Paul over both of them. Ah, what does it matter.

We all know you can't stand Barry Obama (as he is known on conservative talk radio). Okay. But when my wildest dreams are coming true because I voted for him, won't you be sorry. :)

Salt H2O said...

"If she had done everything you said in a state more significant than Alaska"

A state more significant than Alaska...you mean like Arkansas? ;)

adam said...

Nah, more like Massachusetts! Romney/Paul '16!

Steve said...

This is kind of answering your questions here and on my blog.

I agree, I'd take anyone that has done what Obama has done over anyone that has done what Palin has done. Alaska IS probably the most insignificant state, after maybe Rhode Island! But I think Rhode Island has more people and issues!

It comes down to beliefs. I don't see anything in McCain/Palin that is "new" to DC. Trust me, I live here! McCain may be a centrist, but he lines up with the Republicans easily, especially socially. Palin got millions of dollars of earmarks for her podunk town! Talk about a bridge to nowhere!!! And I think Palin might cost Florida for McCain b/c Palin worked for Buchanan in '88 and the Jews hate Buchanan!

Basically, she adds NOTHING to the ticket other than her "hockey mom" signs and an escape clause from any real criticism b/c no they can throw up the "sexist" claim everytime anyone criticizes her. That alone is probably the best political move of this choice!

It's so sad to see an election of such magnitude that will sculpt our country for the next generation come down to race and gender. It further derails the little hope and faith I have for it.

I'll answer your comment on my blog....

Steve said...

Here is your hero Ben Stein tearing Palin a new one....


Della Hill said...

Thanks for the compliment. I do actually have a 16 year old. We don't techinichally share DNA, but he's mine all the same.
Show me media that is honest and unbiased and I will show you media I agree with.
Show me a feminist that is more truly a humanist and I will show you a feminist I like.
The rest, as I said, can go to hell.
Thanks for the blog. I always enjoy it.

adam said...

I agree Della, other than the go to hell part. I don't like condemning others to hell, generally, for things like dishonesty or un-humanistic-ness. No one and now media will ever be unbiased.

I thought you were being sarcastic with the hell bit (maybe you still are and I'm being dense, which I often am, lol), but your hell comments frighten me.

adam said...

"no media" not "now media' .. whoops.

Salt H2O said...

"Alaska IS probably the most insignificant state, after maybe Rhode Island!"- Then why do people give a crap whether or not we drill there?

"I don't see anything in McCain/Palin that is "new" to DC."
What about Biden is so refreshing?

"Basically, she adds NOTHING to the ticket other than her "hockey mom" signs" - This is where you probably don't understand conservative thought. She sold the governors jet on ebay, she has stood up to big oil, and called out corruption in her own party. Things that republicans LOVE to hear. Republicans are just as disenchanted with their party as the rest of the country- and we see this woman as person who isn't afraid to call foul.

"an escape clause from any real criticism b/c no they can throw up the "sexist" claim everytime anyone criticizes her." - Have you been WATCHING MSN? Did you see the cover of OK magazine?

We've been having the exact same problem with Obama except with RACE. You can't bring up anything or you're a racist, when it's painfully obvious to everyone that if he was white man he would not have a shot at the presidency.

"It's so sad to see an election of such magnitude that will sculpt our country for the next generation come down to race and gender" - I agree. You have two old guys with loads of experience in government and you've got two newcomers. While some see this election as entertaining, it really stresses me out.

Sherpa said...

"To go beyond that, and paint all Republicans as fascists with black hearts of evil, is a mistake. I know it’s a mistake, because I — like most Americans — have Republicans in my family. Lots of them. I know these people. I know women like Sarah Palin. In fact, every time I see or hear Palin I think of a cousin of mine, who’s that same kind of conservative Republican go-getter woman."


Pretty much how I feel about all of this, and her definition of feminism is mine, but I don't get threatened or angry if someone doesn't agree with me politically. I guess it comes from being a left-leaning moderate in a very conservative family and state. I've been called all the names in the book, and getting angry about it? A waste of energy. Might as well find common ground and move on.

I'm a feminist,call me a feminazi? a bra-burner, what ever, but I'm a feminist, and it cracked me up to read some of the backlash against Palin, I felt like I was in church hearing another round of the "mommy wars, but even though my political beliefs don't align completely with her, I say "Go girl," Thanks for sharing that Reclusive feminist blog. Good stuff so far.

Daisy Paige said...

I've been loving checking out PolitiFact to get to the bottom of all the hubbub that's circulating about Palin since she's a newbie.


Unfortunately, I'm leaning more toward Obama right now because overall, he and Biden are more truthful in their statements, and his tax plan is better.

Salt H2O said...


There's a bigger issue than the economy or alternative energy in this campaign- and that's the appointment of judges. The supreme court has more power than the president- and the next president is going to appoint 3 of them. It's huge.

I think I'm going to have to blog about that.

adam said...

Re: Supreme Court appointments - if it's going to be Obama or McCain, I'm not too worried. Bush seems to have done okay, in the end at least. I would be absolutely terrified of Palin appointing anyone--doesn't she want to imprison doctors who perform abortions for any reason? I generally think conservative judges are a better idea, but some of her beliefs are not "conservative" they are radical.

Salt H2O said...

Where did you get this imprison doctors who preform abortions info? That's right out there with the she went to the local library to burn Harry Potter books (before they were even written) rumor.

adam said...

Apparently she's a member of feminists for life: http://www.feministsforlife.org/index.htm. More to be learned. DailyKos says the organization opposes birth control (and the bit about abortion doctors), bu I haven't found it anywhere else. And hey, if Bill O'Reilly says DailyKos is "vile" then they can't be right, lol.

More to be learned, for sure. The book burning deal was debunked on FactCheck, thankfully. I love that site.

Steve said...

Excellent point about the judges. That is exactly why the country needs to elect Obama. He'd choose a moderate at worst. To overturn Roe V Wade, which is exactly what Palin would try to enact would be a disaster in this country in this day and age. This debate is as old as the hills and I have no desire to really discuss it when truly, it's stuff like FISA and the Patriot Act that affect us ALL a lot more than abortion ever will that need to be reviewed by a court that isn't holding hands with the anti-civil libertarians that have some how co-opted the Republicans!!!!

Salt H2O said...

Adam- You got information about a republican candidate from the Daily Kos? That's like asking an anti-mormon to tell you about Joseph Smith.

1- Obama's record has hardly proven him a moderate. His record speaks for itself.

2- Roe v Wade will never be turned over, and Palin is not running for president. Even if she WAS going to be president, if you look at her record (which is all that should really matter) you'll see that while in office she didn't touch social issues and focused on fiscal policy.

3- I too am sick of the abortion conversation as much as the next person, which is why I think this is a non issue when selecting judges. There are more important rulings to think about than Roe V Wade

4- McCain has proven himself a moderate. He has crossed party lines, he has moderate ideas. You can't deny that McCain has proven himself far more middle of the road than Obama. The judges Obama would appoint will interpret the 'right to bear arms' as the right for fat people to wear tube tops in public.

adam said...

Haha good point! In fact, I get my information first of all from factcheck, but after that it's a free-for-all combo of fox, national review, cnn, dailykos, some kind of quasi-moderate blog, ny times, etc. you get the idea. :) If you can't avoid media bias, I say just make sure you're getting a balance.

I'm actually pretty disappointed in the liberal attack on Palin. She has so much that is actual fact that can be criticized (just like the other candidates) that we don't need to exaggerate or lie about her. I wish we could stick to the facts and the issues rather than all this garbage.

As for McCain, I liked him a lot better when he ran against Bush 8 years ago. He says he's "the same guy" but it sure doesn't seem like that to me. Example of his current "straight talk": two of his TV ads are proven to be lies, he is asked about it, and responds, "they are not lies..." Pretty straight eh? Not that he could admit otherwise though.

Steve said...

I agree with Adam, when someone agrees 90-95% of the time with someone that has made very poor and wrong decision, it is hard to say they are moderate or make any good decisions. Trust me, Obama is moderate. It's all relative, but for real leftist and liberals like myself, Obama is clearly a moderate. Even his voting record shows this. He is no Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy or even FDR.