Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Femisim is dead in the Booher house

Brent in a stern but playful voice: Kory, you’ve been blogging about politics again

Kory: I only posted videos

Brent: And?

K: And what?

B: You responded to comments.

K: But I had to, people are wrong.

B: I don’t want you talking about politics anymore it stress you out.

K: But I can’t handle the hypocrisy!

B: Exactly, you can’t handle it and neither can the baby- the baby is more important than politics

K: But I read on CNN today…

B: No more cnn.com, no more political blogs, no more news, and no more feminism & Palin

K: If I’m not reading the news what should I be reading?

Brent stops for ½ a second, thinks and then replies

B: You should be reading about baby stuff.

K: Baby stuff?

B: Yes you should be reading up on the baby.

Kory erupts in uncontrollable laughter, nearly falling off her chair where in between breaths she says ‘the irony!’

Brent sits and smiles.


Steve said...

K and I still talk about it and watch Hardball almost every night with no ill effects on her, so maybe you are just on the wrong side! ;-)

Yvette said...
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Melissa said...

That is a great conversation. :)

Tim&Kirst said...

Your hubby is darling. I love how protective he is. I also like your top 10 list. I concur with all but number 9. It's french fries for me, not mint ice cream. :)

jiners said...

You should read cookbooks:)

Drew Conrad said...


As I have been following the election closer I have found that it really is bad for a person to track it so closely.

If only people weren't so wrong about politics, people like you and I would not have to get so riled up...

crazy4danes said...

Cute :)

JustRandi said...

I love it!

It's hard not to get completely sucked into the vortex, isn't it?

Linda said...

sounds like Alan & me, only reversed: I'm the one say he should read something else (a novel/ scriptures? how to uild me a china cabinet?) & of course, no baby. As I type this he is sitting next to me, reading about polit. corruption, the coming crash, and raging about gov't bail outs. He does the reading & ranting. Getting "sucked into the vortex" is a great description. Ain't it fun?

davers said...

>B: You should be reading about baby stuff.

He he he ...

I like your husband more and more.

Hey, tell him it's in your blood. From what I heard, apparently Grandpa Steimle's dad was really political (Nathaniel Steimle).

I actually block some political discussion websites on my work-laptop or I'll waste too my time "setting everyone straight". It stinks always being right because the onus is on you to fix the world. To quote monk: It's a blessing ... and a curse.

Kamilli Vanilli said...

This is very similar to many conversations I've had with my husband. He can tell some days when he comes home from work when I've been listening to too much talk radio or watching too much Fox News. I am irritable and grumpy and so damn MAD!!! The stupidity that surrounds us is almost too much to take!

Salt H2O said...

Steve- I almost hyperlinked your blog to the phrase "but people are wrong"

Jiners- I love cook books, but I never actually make anything from them, I lack the patience

It makes me feel better knowing it's a Steimle trait.

Kami- Glad to know I'm not the only one!

Jennie said...

Hey, it's like you're Sarah Palin now, having to choose between family and politics. Are you also going to choose the latter?