Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Part of this Election Year- Bill

Bill has added some serious entertainment value to the election. I look forward to hearing him speak. Who'd have thunk?!

Bill defending it.

"Would you have said you think McCain will win?"
"No because I'm a loyal democrat."


Here- let me hand you the perfect opportunity to slam Palin with an audience that hates her and see what you can do with it Bill.

Of course, no one nailed it better than SNL-


Steve said...

Darrell Hammond is one of the best people EVER on this show! This skit had be cracking up big time Saturday night. It was almost as spot on as Fey's Palin/Couric interview!!!

Sherpa said...

Darrell Hammond is amazing. One of the coolest things I ever got to do was watch him do improv for 30 minutes in a very small audience.

Della Hill said...

Does anyone ever nail it better than SNL?
Great post.

davers said...

God bless Sarah! I'd thought for a moment there that all we had lost everything but an audacious hope that such a person existed somewhere and that McCain would be able to find it himself.

cropstar said...

Excellent videos. Every last one of them. The SNL skit had me screaming with laughter. And maybe I've watched it over and over and over again.

Swieda said...

I love the videos! This is good on the baby.

joanna said...

What Bill was saying (the "real Bill") was it's OK to vote based on protected categories (race, gender, nationality, color, etc.) but underlying the Democratic party is the philosophy that we can't use our own opinions on protected classes to make any other decisions (in hiring, for example.) I agree on the latter, but Bill didn't face the fact that people can be quite discriminatory when it comes to voting!