Monday, September 1, 2008

My husband has a man crush on Mike Rowe

Brent has a man crush on a number of men, and today being labor day- and the Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs Marathon, it seemed fit to blog about a man my husband and I both love- Mike Rowe.

His 'Brown Before Green' episode was GENIUS. (I wish I could have found a clip)The show focused on how the planet is being saved not by people that lecture, not by movie stars, not by volunteers but by men and women that have found a way to make a profit from recycling and helping mother earth.

The thing that we love most about Mr.Rowe is his obvious respect for the people who do these filthy jobs every day.

He's manly, he's funny, bright, self-depricating, and isn't afraid of hard, dirty work.

I'd vote for Mike Rowe for president.


Sally said...

Great post.

When are you going to blog your soapboxy opinion about McCain's VP pick?

Ben and Kimberly McEvoy said...

i think we are all looking for someone else to vote for as president. i have that same thought so many times and it is funny, but it is never for barack or mccain. funny how that works.


cropstar said...

I'm so in love with Mike Rowe. When I'm at home with my fam and tell them I want to watch my boyfriend they know to turn it to Discovery channel.

Steve said...

I'd have to admit that if I was in a Brokeback Mountain situation, Mike Rowe would be near the top of my list too, haha.

JustRandi said...

Mike Rowe ROCKS.
But you already know that I'm a Discovery Channel junkie.

crazy4danes said...

I LOVE MIKE ROWE!!!! He's so funny! And I love his show! I also loved watching Deadliest Catch because I got to hear him narrate! Love him! Great post! :)