Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Question That No One is Asking Biden...

Why hasn't a single reporter asked Senator Biden, "If Hillary Clinton would have been the better pick for VP, why wasn't she picked?"


Steve said...

It's called humility and respect, something that doesn't exist in the GOP!

That threadjack ought to get the comments flowing. :)

Salt H2O said...

Steve, So typical- someone asks a democrat a very valid question and they come back with something out of left field that has nothing to do with the question at hand. Every frickin' question you give a democrat ends up being a theoretical 'thread jack'

So back to the question at hand:

He said Clinton was the better pick- so why wasn't she picked?

Salt H2O said...

What does the press not asking Biden this question have to do with humility or respect?

Those are two words I'd never put together with the press- unless of course, you're talking about respect for one of their own.

Face it- if Palin had said that Liberman was a better pick than her the press would have been all over it.

adam said...

I think Biden said that to ingratiate himself a little more with Clinton supporters. What else could he say about it? I don't know about humility, but when does any smart politician do anything that isn't politically expedient? Well, actually I can think of a few examples, haha. (see Joe Cannon on immigration etc.)

Lieberman would have been a better pick, imo. Perhaps enough to sway me towards the Elephants this year. Certainly not politically expedient though.

Salt H2O said...

So what I'm hearing is that you think he was pandering to the Clinton supporters and he really doesn't believe it?

Do you think the press just assumed the same and that's why no one is asking him a very simple and obvious question about his statement?

Allie said...

Your video isn't working-

But here's my straight answer (and I'm a registered Dem.)

I agree with Adam :)

It was just something he said because it sounded good.

adam said...

Either he was pandering, or just self-deprecating, or both. I'm not sure what he really believes about himself, but I have to assume he really believes that he's better, if it is possible to compare oneself to others in these cases.

I would be afraid of ANY candidate that REALLY believed they were the best. They all say they're the best, because they have to. But if they actually believed it? Scary.

Salt H2O said...

I think his statement was completely correct- Hillary was the better pick- but the question isn't why he said it-

The question is why hasn't anyone asked him about it? Why haven't the feminists called him on this statement?

Steve said...

Ok, to be serious this time. As usual, I agree with Adam. However, there are plenty of reasons why Hillary wouldn't have been the best pick for Obama aside from winning. First of all, the right wing would flip out! Can you imagine the ads against a Obama/Clinton ticket after seeing what McCain is putting out now?!?!? Secondly, it'd be like having THREE Presidents trying to run the country. Talk about a clusterf---. Obama would have been undermined all the time by back room dealings (standard Clinton MO), not to mention Bill's need for the limelight.

It might have easily won the battle, but for Obama and the Dems that don't want more of the Clintons, it would have lost the war. Biden is the better long-term pick, assuming he still wins.

Salt H2O said...

It's obvious as to why Clinton wasn't picked. That I get.

But when a VP candidate says that someone else was the better candidate- why doesn't anyone ask him why she wasn't picked?

Cameron said...

Because the good, thoughtful follow up question is the biggest Epic Fail of the media.

That, and the media assumed he was merely pandering and just let it go.

Steve said...

B/c Biden isn't the one to ask. It'd be like asking you why your husband chose you over all the other girls. You can pander and make stuff up, but only your husband has the inside knowledge of what brought him to the decision.
And I think Obama has made it clear why he chose Biden. Thus, there is nothing to follow up on here.

Salt H2O said...

I know exactly why my husband chose me over all the other girls he dated. Don't you know why your wife chose you? If not you should probably ask her.

If I was ever to say in conversation: so and so was a better pick for Brent you bet your buckets who ever I was talking to would ask- why do you say that and why did he pick you?

Steve said...

I do know why my wife chose me, but I can't 100% say why she chose me over someone else b/c it was her choice. And maybe there are better "choices", but depending on what you want, it might not be the best choice at that time. For instance, when you were single, I'm sure there were "good" guys, just not the right time or whatever. There is no such thing as soulmate or "one and only", but it comes down to choice. But I think it is clear why he didn't pick Clinton and that is the important thing. Again everyone knows Biden was pandering to the women, which is what this election has come down to.