Monday, September 15, 2008

The sunny side of being the size of a tank

Pregnant people don't complain nearly enough, I had no idea how bad pregnancy was before I got into it. But yesterday I started to look at the brighter side of being pregnant- and here are the top ten good things (not just the top ten but the only ten) about being pregnant.

1. I'm consistently told how cute I look- Who knew that putting on 35 lbs would get me more compliments than I've experienced in my entire life?

2. I can be rude and moderately cranky and people just smile.

3. I have an instant conversation piece with everyone I meet.

4. In a crowded room, or rental car bus, someone always offers their seat to me, and I don't feel remotely bad about taking it.

5. I could care less what size is on clothing labels- if it fits, I'm in.

6. I have someone with me all the time I can talk to (she doesn't respond much be we have very stimulating conversations)

7. My due date moved up so there is a good chance she could be born in 2008- hello tax benefits!

8. I can bail out of almost anything I don't want to do with the excuse of feeling tired or not feeling well. (This would be more advantageous if that wasn't the truth 99% of the time)

9. Guilt Free eating. If I feel compelled to eat something it must be because the baby desperately needs the nutrients in white mint chocolate chip ice cream.

10. I've eaten more doughnuts in the past 5 months than I've eaten in the past 5 years (that being a grand total of 4)


Robin said...

Great list!

I would also include that incredible nesting urge (have you had that yet?) that makes you want to do laundry and sweep/mop floors.

I wish I could get that nesting urge now.

Allie said...

I'm not ready to do it again yet, so none of those sound compelling to me.

(The only thing that does sound compelling, is holding that tiny creature as it experiences it's first moments in the world. Darn wanting a baby! I don't like being pregnant.)

Salt H2O said...

I'm with you- the 'unpleasant side to being the size of a tank' list is much much longer.

Crystal said...

#4 seems like something that would happen in Utah.
Living in a town overrun with "liberals", on my daily commute until I was 8.5 months pregnant, I was never offered a seat on the bus.
In fact a majority of the seats were occupied by bodied and young.
Yay feminism?

Salt H2O said...

Crystal- It's actually happened in Las Vegas and Phoenix a few times as well.

I am pushy enough to have once said 'anyone want to give up their seat to a pregnant woman?' About 4men immediately stood up and apologized.

Dopp Family said...

Kory! Congrats on being pregnant and great list! Does make you realize that there are a few advantages to having your body change at such a rapid pace!

I'm pregnant right now too and due any day pretty much. We're having a boy and I can't wait to meet him and start breathing normally again! good luck with the pregnancy!


Della Hill said...

Would it make you feel guilty if I said how jealous I am?
Alas, I am doomed (blessed?) to have a family of boys and a hubby who is terrified of trying for a girl.
His fear #1: What if we have one more and it's not a girl?
fear #2: What if we have one more and it IS a girl?
But I've got a pretty full house already and I guess I can leave the pregnancy pains to you.
Congratz again.

Salt H2O said...

Della- I always wanted a family of all boys- I'm very jealous. But since we've discovered she's a girl, we're getting pretty excited about it!

crazy4danes said...

LOVE it! And that would be awesome if she's born in 2008!!!! Gotta love the kids for those tax benefits! LOL...glad you're looking at the sunny side! :D

Heather & Dave said...

Isn't it SO fun talking to the belly? I used to talk to mine all the time in the car, in bed, in the shower...and when Molly arrived, she totally knew me by my voice and it made it ALL worth it :) You're lucky you might have a 2008 baby for the tax benefit...we tried everything to help Molly come in '07 and she held out till Jan16th little stinker! And yes, it was a GREAT game! Lets get together for dinner or a hangout soon...we miss you!

Allie said...

Della- I have three boys, and I told my Mister that if we had one more boy, we'd adopt a girl. I know there's no guarantee personality-wise, but my mom and I were always so close, that I'd hate to miss out on that.

My boys are pretty great though (although they'll be greater when they aren't all sick and wiping boogers on me).


bechtold clan said...

All the good stuff about being pregnant. I have forgotten all about my hellish 10 months and ready for another one! I know SO crazy.
I did the same thing- eat whatever I wanted thinking I was so depressed and sick that whatever I kept down I considered lucky. Well 5 months post prego and running 4-5 times a week, Im regretting some of my prior eating..but if I do it again, better believe Ill be eating my ben and jerrys again! :)

jiners said...

Really? I want to be pregnant!

Linda said...

And don't you just love that everyone, including complete strangers, feels it's o.k. to pat your tummy, as if it is part of the public domain? If they're not doing this yet, just wait until it sticks out like a watermelon.