Friday, September 12, 2008

What's in Your Baby's Mouth?

A friend was concerned when he learned about the high level of lead going into his new baby's mouth. He decided he wanted to make a teething toy that was made out of hospital grade plastic. If it's not safe for a dentist to put in a patient's mouth, he didn't want it in his daughter's mouth.

His mother is a pediatrician and said there wasn't a functional teething toy on the market, she designed the toy to be easy to grab and easy to chew.

He is a brilliant artist and sculptor, putting his artistic background to use he started his own toy company called Dano2. Making designer baby toys. They've already generated quite a buzz and next week they'll be featured in Pregnancy magazine.

It's the only teething toy on the market that is made in the USA- out of FDA approved medical grade plastic. They have other products hitting the market later on this year.

As a soon to be mommy I naively assumed what ever is on the shelf is safe for my kids. Thanks to the shlew of product recallsI learned I was wrong.

If you're have children, are going to have children or want something unique, cool and functional to give as a baby present- check out Dano2


Holly said...

How awesome is that!!! Thanks for the heads up on something safe for my baby:) When are you due? I bet you're SO excited! Congrats!!!

Della Hill said...

My parents teethed all their kids on carabeaners.
And you thought they were only good for keychains and mountain climbing.
Then again, it wasn't unheard of for my mom to breastfeed while driving, so maybe baby products and child safety laws really are an improvement.

Steve said...

I find it funny that for decades, uhm, make that thousands of years, children didn't have all these "safe" toys, yet still somehow survived! haha. I'm all for keeping kids safe and do agree that probably today there are more bad things around them in the past, but I don't expect to be too concerned about all these horror stories with ours.

Salt H2O said...

Bisphenol A and phtalates haven't been around for thousands of years! And I don't think parents regularly gave their kids a piece of lead in the early 1900's to suck on either.

Believe me, I'm all for a child eating some dirt but these chemicals created by man? Then again, these toys were designed for the 'discerning' parent.

Robin said...

My baby has braces in his mouth.

ChelMo said...

Wow! Those look really cool! Thanks for helping out the "discerning parents" out there, as well as the rest of us! ;-)