Friday, October 17, 2008

Election Year Brings Out the Stupid

Yesterday in the airport while standing in line to board an airplane, CNN was playing over head- the girl next to me- probably 23 says to her boyfriend:

Girl: Dude what's with McCain's face?
Dude: I know- it's like paralyzed and stuff- what a freak!
Kory: That's what cancer will do you.
Girl: Yeah, and being old.
Kory: Yeah, and having your jaw broken by the Vietcong in a concentration camp.
Girl: Like that qualifies someone to be president.
Kory: No, but it qualifies someone to have a messed up face.
Girl- under her breath: I'd still like to punch him in the face.

That's when I realized that the person next to me wasn't just uninformed- she was an idiot.

Here's the question:
Do people get more stupid during an election year or does the election just magnify stupidity? I look at how supporters on both sides of the camp are acting and I have to wonder- do these stupid people really walk among us? And not only that- how much of this stupidity are we willing to put up with in our fellow man?

Are we willing when someone makes a degrading comment about Sarah Palin to stand up to them? Or will we sit by and let them sound off because we don't like Palin? When someone speaks of Obama and are way off base will inform the individual of the truth even though we disagree with Obama's policy? And if we let people say ignorant and stupid things while remaining silent- are we just as bad?


adam said...

I have found that it is a LOT easier to correct someone if they're not talking about the candidate you prefer. In fact, if someone says something wrong about Palin, I like to preface that "I'm not voting for her, but... " It kind of builds some trust so they'll listen/gives you more credibility.

We're all obviously on various levels of intelligence, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with these comments. Try having a client say a few of these things (and I'm supposed to be having warmth, unconditional positive regard, etc. for clients), while not being able to respond. It's a great test in refraining/impulse control. When one of my clients made some outlandish comment about Obama, I really wanted to correct her, but rather said, "It sounds like politics are not an issue you enjoy talking about." Worked like a charm. :)

Kamilli Vanilli said...

It is so hard sometimes. I usually end up biting my tongue, because people can take their politics a little too personally sometimes...unless they are totally out of it and saying the most outlandish things, then I will correct them.

People are very stupid, and the reasons why they will or will not vote for someone are absolutely ridiculous. All you have to do is watch "The View" a couple times to know how stupid some people really can be.

Steve said...

I'm confused, what did they say that isn't correct or something I said about him even BEFORE he was running for President?!?! ;-)

I give props to McCain for facing down the ignorant unwashed masses at his rallies. Even on O'Reilly's show, he was telling off the crazies that were calling in saying Obama was Arab or Muslim. Unfortunately, there are lots of stupid people in this country that have a right to vote! Maybe they should start a test, much like a driver's license test, to get your voting card!!!

Salt H2O said...

Seriously, you made fun of a cancer victim too? that's just bad karma.

Do you mock all wounded Vietnam Vets or just the republicans?

Steve said...

Wait, did he get cancer from being a prisoner or from spending all that time by the pools at his 13 mansions?!?!

I've got nothing against wounded war heroes, just the ones that try to make it a political tool. For what it's worth, being tortured only qualifies you for some personal sympathy and better VA benefits; not a career politician.

Salt H2O said...

The people weren't making fun of his policy, or his platform, or anything remotely to do with the presidency- they were making fun of his face.

Make fun of the man for his policy, for what he says, what he has or has not accopmlished, but don't mock a man for the scars on his face from cancer and being tortured- regardless of who he is, that's just wrong.

Steve said...

Well, I agree with you there. But from the conversation, it doesn't seem like they were being that harsh. If they really had no idea about his life story, his face DOES look pretty beat. I mean, the guy is no spring chicken on top of that! It'd be like someone seeing Seal for the first time and asking "Dude, what is up with his face?" even if they do or don't like his music.

Salt H2O said...

Maybe I didn't convey the mockery in their voices correctly- but it was this kindergarten mentality of making fun of McCain's face that annoyed me.

I had a friend who made fun of a woman I know because she was wearing a "molly ringwald hat"- when I let her know it was because she had brain cancer and instead of shaving her whole head she just wore a hat to cover where the surgery was- she was smart enough to shut up and feel really stupid.

And as I informed these punks as to why his face looked the way they did, they felt no remorse- continuing to say they'd still like to 'punch him in the face'

...and these people vote.

Allie said...

I grew up with a big scar on my forehead, and a wonky eyebrow- I got lots of questions about it, but I don't remember anyone ever making fun of me because of it.

I don't think I'd have to same experience today. I was just talking about this with my parents today, society has become so much more focused on a perfect appearance than we used to be. Whether it's the perfectly decorated houses, or elementary school age girls with fake nails, (or a scarred face on a pres. candidate), we're way too superficial.

Back before the primary, I was reading a blog where my Mister's opponent Becky Edwards was criticized for not being republican enough. That really made me mad. (and I said so)

Apparently the majority felt she was more the right kind of republican than Paul Nuenschwander (who is also a very nice person).

brent said...

Kory, this is an excellent point. The truth needs defending in all arenas, in all circumstances. I've set a couple of people straight about the whole muslim issue. Like it even matters. And I hate everything Barack Obama stands for!

Politics in general brings out the stupid. It's your average face-mocker, policy-ignorer who shows their dumbassitude every election.