Friday, October 3, 2008

Flash Back Friday- Richard Simmons

I have a mild infatuation with Richard Simmons- maybe it was those prepubescent years that I spent Sweatin' to the Oldies (my sisters and I have the first tape memorized- you should see the three of us do the routine to Big Girls Don't Cry which now that I think of it, whoever decided to put Big Girls Don't Cry on a workout tape was seriously disturbed.)

Every time I see Mr. Simmons I smile, apparently advertisers know this.


KDub said...
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KDub said...

I'm at work and can't see the videos, but I'm hoping it's the one for Yoplait where he's exercising in the aisles saying, "Boston cream pie? Ladies! No!! You need to exercise!! You can do it!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!"

Yes, I am salth20s sister.

And, yes, we love Richard Simmons.

Steve said...

Dude, his appearances on Letterman are ALWAYS classic! BTW, any idea on how old he is?

Emily Gillrie said...

so, I have actually met him because he was in my security line in the Airport and he was so funny and started eating everyones food. I was dying.

Salt H2O said...

He's got to be in his 60's

Emily- I'm very very jealous.