Friday, October 17, 2008

Silly Utes...

U of U fans I have one question for you-

Did you cheer when BYU lost to TCU?

If so, you are a typical U of U fan, because your hatred towards BYU out weighs your love for the U of U. Also, you're showing that you probably need to re-take your Math 100 credits.

There are only 2 ranked teams left on your schedule this year- TCU and BYU.
Playing BYU was the only chance the U of U had to beat a top 10 team this year, and at the end of the season at that.

If BYU had won, and the U of U was going to cream them like all of their fans like to believe- the U of U would have ended a really great season not by just beating BYU but by beating #7- Utes- you could have been the ones to CRUSH BYU's BCS dreams! A #14 beating a #7 is better than a #14 beating a #18. You could have taken BYU's perfect schedule from them and in doing so thrust yourselves into a very legitimate BCS bid.

You lost your chance for people to stand up and take notice of the Utes this year, instead everyone is talking about TCU for a BCS bid- not you.

You had a chance to beat a top ten team, you had the chance to crush the spirit of BYU- and when you lost that chance, you cheered.

Silly Utes, now BYU has the opportunity to crush your dreams, and not the other way around.


Allie said...

I may not have this right, since my mind wanders when people start talking about sports at BCS whatever.

My friend was disappointed when BYU lost, and said that she hoped Boise State got to go to whatever conference is is (BCS?) instead of the U - because as a loyal BYU fan, she has to disparage the U at every opportunity (although she did make a nice UofU cake for my mister when he graduated). My Mister said that having the U play in that conference would be better for BYU than having Boise State play.

That may or may not be helpful/relevant, but there you go.

I went to Utah State, though I was raised a U fan.

Salt H2O said...

Boise State is part of the WAC- so if they get a BCS bid it does nothing to help BYU because BYU belongs to the MWC.

If the UofU or TCU go to a BCS bowl it's better for BYU because they're both parts of the MWC.

In either case- if BYU had beat TCU, and if Utah beats TCU and BYU, the UofU would have a better shot at the bid than they currently have now.

Sneakers said...

Sure, I cheered for TCU out of dislike for BYU, but I'm also not an idiot. The reality is that any MWC team would have to go undefeated to have a chance at a BCS bowl ... and EVEN IF they where to do so ... they would still not play for the national title. They just don't have the strength of schedule. Which is also why BYU would have fallen out of the top 10 by the end of November anyway.

And so while I agree that two undefeated teams in November would have been compelling, BYU's loss to TCU doesn't really change things that much.

Salt H2O said...

Sneakers Sneakers- Here's the math

#14 beats #18 verus

#14 beats #7

which is better?

In addition, TCU stole the Utes thunder! YOU could have removed BYU from its leading streak of wins, you could have taken the Heisman away from Hall. It could have been YOU!

It's like you're winding up to punch your worst enemy in the face and then the guy next to you beats you to the punch- the thunder is gone.

In any case- there are no dreams for the U to crush any more- you can't steal the Y's happiness- or BCS bid. But we can steal yours...

Sneakers said...

I'm saying that the math doesn't quite add up because the BYU/Utah game is the last game of the season. And by that point in the season, BYU would have fallen out of the top ten, undefeated-ness notwithstanding because the MWC's poor strength of schedule.

Maybe U fans are more magnanimous than we get credit for. We're not allowed to cheer the defeat of a common enemy? :-)

(Hall? Heiseman? You're kidding, right?)

adam said...

Lifelong Utah Fan... went to the Final Four in '98. Was not angry at Urban Meyer for leaving for Florida. Also, do not hate the Y. I do love the rivalry, and would have preferred that they both had gone into the game undefeated. Frankly, I would prefer that any team beat a team with a mascot called the "horned frogs" or whatever they are. Icky.

Also, I tested out of Math 1010, although I am not a math person.

adam said...

Maybe the loss WAS good for the U.

Frank Staheli said...

I was disappointed--but not surprised--when TCU waxed the Cougars. I'm a diehard Cougar fan (heck, I work there!), but BYU really hadn't played anybody that good this year until TCU. They had trouble with New Mexico, they had trouble with Washington, and they would have had big trouble with Wyoming if the whole tenor of the game hadn't turned around with a fumble recovery/touchdown for BYU during the first Wyoming drive.

I've always been of the opinion that we should largely cheer for our rivals except when we are playing them. As well, to a great extent, we should cheer for any team we play against, because if they beat other teams, that makes us look better.

It will be interesting, but based on rankings at the time as you wisely suggest, to see who I cheer for when Utah and TCU play each other.

Sally said...

Did you discuss this post with either of your parents before you posted it? Because I was with them last night and this is what your dad was saying. We had to leave the restaurant before the end of the game to see Wicked. Your dad had a hard time pulling himself away, but he was a good sport.

Taylor said...

watching BYU get creamed was absolutely a glorious moment, elevating my mood instantly. Couldnt rub the smile off my face the rest of the night and most of today.

This does not make me any less of a Ute fan. If the Utes go undefeated, they will get a BCS bid, no matter what. Thats just how it works for teams in non-BCS conferences. It doesnt matter what ranking the teams we play have. It is also impossible for TCU to get into the BCS because they have a loss. We are guaranteed a spot in the BCS if we go undefeated.

Yes, it would have been nice to be the ones to steal the cougar thunder, but I am totally fine with how it turned out. Seeing the disappointment on the faces of all my cougar friends has been priceless. This ended their "Quest for Perfection", it ended their nation-longest winning streak, their BCS hopes, and Max Hall's heisman hopes. Guess they must not be "living right off the field" to quote Austin Collie.

Salt H2O said...

It's funny you mention this- my dad and I share a few things in common, our terrible sense of humor, careers in sales, and BYU football. I mentioned how I was suprised that Ute fans would be excited that their only chance to play a top ten team was just taken away from them. He gave me the perspective that now BYU comes into the U game as the potential dream crusher- and not the other way around.

I'm glad he left at half time to go see Wicked, he would have been really disappointed if he had missed that to watch the game.

If TCU goes undefeated they'll have just as much of a shot at a BCS bid as Utah because their loss was to Oklahoma-

As a cougar fan I'm torn- do I want to see TCU beat the U and go undefeated and represent the MWC? Or do I want to see the U beat TCU and then BYU beat the U and then no one is going anywhere, except maybe Boise- which does nothing for us....

Mr. Roberts said...

Kory, you shouldn't be torn at all about who to root for - I'm gonna have my purple and black on cheerin' on the Horned Frogs. A Utah team who could only put 2 offensive touchdowns up against Wyoming is going to be overwhelmed by the number 1 defense in the nation.

It never ceases to amaze how Ute fans equate a BYU loss w/ a Utah win. I know that when the Utes lose I just shrug my shoulders because my joy isn't dependent on the failure of others.

Rise and shout.

Robin said...

Kory. I didn't know you were a sports fan. You never cease to amaze me.

Go BSU Broncos!

Courtney said...