Thursday, November 13, 2008

BYU Can't Lose

It's time for the annual Wasatch bloodbath this Saturday and I'm proudly informing every Ute that though the U may win the game this Saturday- BYU still didn't lose.

You see Ute fans, you naively cheered as BYU lost to TCU- TCU got the glory of beating the Y and since then Y fans have come to grips that a BCS game is not in their future (though my dad likes to disagree with me on this, he thinks with the right combination of loses BYU could still have a shot- but it all hinges on Boise choking- which isn't going to happen)

Y fans walk into this game Saturday with nothing to lose, no BCS game, they don't even want to go to the Sega Bowl, but even more so, if they lose on Saturday the BYU football program gets 1.3 million dollars. If they win they get well- pride.

If the U wins, the U then goes to a BCS bowl- which will then give the Mountain West Conference in the neighborhood of 20 million dollars to be shared among MWC schools-with the U getting 2 parts. Do the math and that means, if BYU loses on Saturday they get around 1.3 million dollars.

If the U loses on Saturday- they get nothing, aside from their dreams crushed by their arch rival in their own stadium, but no cash to console them or their football program.

Again, in the simplest of terms BYU loses- they get 1.3 million, the U loses they get squat, nothing, zip.

Now if BYU had beat TCU, both teams would be in the win/win situation, either the U would be going to a BCS bowl and garnishing 2.6 for their program or walking away with the 1.3 mil consolation prize. But silly Ute fans, you cheered when that opportunity was taken away from you and now BYU goes into this game with the upper hand- the only incentive to win is to see those arrogant U fans dressed in black leaving the stadium with their heads hung low and tears in their eyes - take away the pride factor and it's really in BYU's best interest not to win.

What's good for the MWC is good for BYU- and though we may not be the team to go to the BCS bowl this year, it's better the U than Boise. We need the MWC to gain the national recognition its teams deserve, and it won't get that if we continue to beat out PAC 10 teams but then eliminate each other for BCS bowl candidacy.

So should the U of U beat us this Saturday, Y fans, hold your head high, and make sure you thank every Ute you meet for the cool million.


Taylor said...

Typical BYU fan. Cover all your bases so even after the loss, you fight for something to be proud of. BYU fans will do anything to cover up the embarrassing destruction of their "quest for perfection".

Salt H2O said...

Yes Taylor, I am a typical BYU fan-I can easily handle basic math. :)

Emily said...

Quest, Schuest. We just want to smack down the U. Regardless, it is bound to be a good game. 1.3 mill isn't bad either. ;-)

Kory, I think you should wear a halter top, paint your stomach royal blue, with a large Y in the middle. ;-) Nice. I bet you'd make it on television.

Julia said...

Thank you for this! I can now hold my head high no matter what happens even though my entire office will be taunting me.

Cameron said...

How do you keep the U football team out of your backyard?

Put up goalposts.

Linda said...

What do you call a Ute fan with half a brain?
BYU will win!

Anonymous said...

'take away the pride factor and it's really in BYU's best interest not to win.'

Sounds like you think BYU should throw the game and cash in on their $$. And if they're humble, they will; but if they're prideful, they won't.

Oh well. It wouldn't be the first time pride has hurt a group of people, especially those claiming to be the Lord's chosen. ;)


tiburon said...

Ahhhh yes. The $1 million should help ease the pain.

You're welcome.


P.S. There is a full write up of the humiliation on my blog. I am sure that Max Hall threw the game just to get that money for the program. He blew his career but I am sure the 1.3 mill that the program will get will make him feel that much better. Thanks Max!