Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fabulous Item of the Week- QVC???

I typically think QVC shoppers sit in their Christmas Sweaters, with a month old Mrs. Field's cookie in one hand and an almost maxed out credit card in the other. Today I join those ranks. I was going to purchase Mrs. Prindables Chocolate Covered Apples for co-workers for Christmas, but a quick google search led me to QVC, selling the exact same product for 1/2 the price. It appears QVC does sell something other than a singing Elvis head or mineral make up! Now I'm hooked.

I do need to give a big shout out to another fabulous item of the week - the Boppy body pillow. I've reached the stage of pregnancy which is 24-7 total discomfort accompanied with the inability to get any sleep so in a desperate attempt to preserve his own sleep (and make his wife happy)the husband purchased this pillow- its changed my life, now I only wake up 3 times a night instead of 9.


Chanelle said...

Oh I know your pain! But, that pillow looks so wonderful! I wish I would have known about it when I was pregnant. I'm glad that you found something that allows you to sleep a little more!

Emily said...

I WANT TO EAT THAT APPLE RIGHT NOW! Can you tell how serious I am with my all caps? ;-) You just gave me an idea, I'm hosting a party tomorrow night, I think I'll do apples.

I slept with 5 pillows--two for my head, staggared for a gentle slop (heartburn), one for under my tummy, one for the legs, and one behind my, supporting my back. I was surprised how the one behind my back really helped me.

Boppy products are great. They make a potty trainer seat that is the best.

Steve said...

Kelly has already started using her body pillow like this due to the same problems. BTW, why no pics of the preggo you on her?

Chocolate covered apples are awesome. There is a chocolatier a couple blocks from our place (yeah, it's a yuppie neighborhood!) that makes this awesome chocolate and caramel covered apple that also has chunks of Heath all around it. I'm not lying when I say it is orgasmic.

Robin said...

Emily- what is a "gentle slop"? Is that when only a little food slops out of your mouth and it falls on your shirt gracefully?

Diane said...

My youngest is 5 and I still sleep with my body pillow. I keep it between my husband and me, that is one reason my youngest is 5. Sometimes I catch my husband usuing it and I yank it out from under him. I know I'm selfish, but it's MINE!

Emily said...

SLOPE, slope. But, pregnancy does tend to get sloppy. Very sloppy. SLOPE. Incline. You know, my midwife said that they even suggest putting the head end of the bed up on risers--not too high, just enough so the entire bed SLOPES. I thought that was a bit extreme, but I had terrible heartburn.

Also--Ladies, I figured out that you can help your heartburn if you take your antacids 30 minutes BEFORE you even eat. Not after. BEFORE.

Just FYI.

I'm not pregnant, but I still want to eat that apple. They didn't have them at the store. I thought they might. Oh well.

Tim&Kirst said...

What a great hubby you've got! My hubster purchased said pillow a month or so back and I LOVE IT. It has saved our marriage. :)

Sally said...

QVC. I know. I recently bought a scooba (our house has a lot of wood floors) and QVC had the best price, by far. Amazing! I had never bought anything there before, and may never again.

By the way, I am one of your co-workers, don't forget to ship that apple to me pronto.

crazy4danes said... and my mom! She must text me at least 3-4 times a week insisting that I turn on QVC for something that is just so awesome I must buy it! I think it just makes her feel less guilty if I "ok" it and purchase it too! LOL...too fun!

Salt H2O said...

I use to kick my husband at night, a lot but this pillow keeps me in place- I don't move, it's bizarre.

Angela, I've decided that every single one of my friend's moms is a QVC addict, including Lori's and Amy's.

Melissa said...

Hanging head in shame... I watch QVC. I've onlt bought 2 things though.

That pillow looks so wonderful. My baby is 1 and I still prop pillows.