Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kumbaya Anyone?

Day 2 after the election and I was hoping that people would let politics die, for at least a week- or how about until January 20th- but no, it's an addiction that isn't easily broken.

I was actually wishing American Idol was on television, I don't even watch American Idol! But maybe, if American Idol was on people would have something else to talk about.

I'd like a political time out. How about we take the hate, anger and criticism that has been so palpable in the atmosphere over the past month and make it disappear. Since this election has been going on for two years, I probably have unrealistic expectations expecting America to go cold turkey- but I'd like to yell from the roof tops 'IT'S OVER!'

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Unless you want to talk about why the utter uselessness of the electoral college- that's one political discussion I'm open to.


Robin said...

Its hard to change.

I am annoyed that they are STILL picking on Palin. For crying out loud. I think it shows what a real threat she is.

Silvs said...

Yeah...I've been thinking about the electoral college. What was the reasoning behind that anyway? Because I can see the logic behind everything else, but I'm not quite up to speed on why that seemed like such a good idea back in the day.

Steve said...

I've always hated the electoral college too, but I understand why it was invented. As far as I know, we are the only country that has anything so complicated!

It's hard to blame the media b/c it is the Republicans throwing Palin under the bus, so it IS news. And it is a lot of stuff that the media promised (ie off the record) not to report during the election. Plus, people like Huckabee are going to Iowa in 14 days in prep work for 2012!!!!! OIY!!!

My intentions now are to shape the political landscape towards issues and problems that need addressed now that the "who" is figured out.

But I think a lot of this hatred won't go away b/c people are mad that "their side" lost and now will spend the next four years blaming "the other side" for all their problems. Divisiveness seems to be the new American specialty. :(

Zach said...

I should probably post two comments... so I will.

First of all, Thanks Kory. Great blog, and great post.

"Why can't we all just get along!?"

Zach said...

Secondly, I love the electoral college. Here's why:

The US of A, as created and defined by the Constitution, is a Union of free and independent States. A state should have a lot more anonymity than it does under what has become of the federal government. Read the 9th and 10th amendments in the Bill of Rights, for an example.

The people were never to be entrusted with the selection of the President. The State governments were to elect who the States wanted to preside over their Union. Think of the states as a bunch of smaller, independent entities and it becomes much clearer. However, the larger states in the Constitutional Convention decided that wasn't really fair for the small states like Rhode Island and Delaware to have the same say in electing the president that large states like Virginia and Pennsylvania had. So the compromise of the Electoral College came to be. Each state gets to decide how the electors are chosen -- it doesn't have to be by the popular vote of the state. If a state so chose, it could decide that the state legislature gets to appoint the electors, with no say from the people. The populous, as such, was only originally allowed to choose the House of Representatives (hence its name).

Now, whether you think that's how it should still be or not, that's up for debate. But that's the intention of the Founding Fathers (and mothers).

Keep in mind, though, that when you start deciding that the Constitution doesn't spell things out the way you want them -- this is also the document that provides for 4 year terms for President, 6 years for Senators (their election is another topic for discussion), and also the document that secures your freedoms of religion, speech, arms-bearing, privacy against unreasonable searches and seizures, right to a fair trial by jury, etc. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. :)

Sneakers said...

They're picking on Palin because she's a nimrod. They couldn't do it during the election, obviously, but now that it's over, the gloves can come off. Even so, I've been surprised at how much heat she's been taking from Republicans.

Obviously, people are looking for a scapegoat for the loss in the Presidential election, so much of the criticism will be unfounded, but amidst all the diatribe, I think it's clear now that Palin is grossly unqualified and represented an extremist element in the Republican party. Had she been better vetted, I sure that would have been clear. After all, the entire state of Alaska has a population less than most major US cities!

Personally, I found her assertion that certain parts of the country were the "real" America to be offensive.

That said, I think the idea of a Palin is a good one. US politics needs more strong, intelligent, conservative women. On the surface, Palin seemed to fit the bill, but in the end, she was more style than substance.

Allie said...

In other news, I'm making cheese next week (assuming my recipe book arrives from amazon in a timely manner).