Monday, November 3, 2008

Looks Like Being in Utah isn't Half Bad~

When people ask how I like living in Utah- I usually say it's great except for all of the dang mormons. However, living in a strong LDS community has its bonuses according to of all magazines- the Economist!

The Mormon Work Ethic


Holly said...

Where do you live exactly? And, why oh why haven't I seen you in the past 7 years? I remember, right after having our little girl, I saw you walking to your townhome from BYU...stopped to say hi...and haven't seen you since! I miss you and your fun brother! What's he up to anyways?
And...on the record...I really like living in Utah! I love all the kids and I love knowing everyone. In California, we knew about 5 families on our street, and here...we know them all!

crazy4danes said...

Well it's good to know Utah is ranking good for something! Now if we could just fix the public education system!!!

crazy4danes said...

PS...Metallica rocked! ;P

DIY REDS! said...

my name is amy. i wanted to introduce myself because i stalk your blog and my husband thinks that i am weird for doing so. i also wanted to tell you that i like your opinions and frankly with three kids it is nice to have some adult conversation time. not to many moms, at least around here, are up to date with world issues. crafts, discipline, and cute kid moments fill most conversations. so thanks for an outlet.
by the way, i am from so cal too-rancho cucamonga if you know where that is. my husband is from claremont. now i am in a small (tiny) town in north-eastern az. it is heavily populated with lds people with a wal-mart and k-mart. that is about it.
so, now you can say that you have 7 readers.

DIY REDS! said...

oh, by the way, i don't remember how i found your blog so i can't say that we have any friends in common.

Della Hill said...

I have also read that SLC and surrounding areas are maintaining home values, which were reasonable to begin with, better than most of the country.

On an unrelated topic, I wanted to let you know that thanks to you I gave in and invested in a pair of Uggs today.
I am counting on your cost per wear analysis.
But I love them already.