Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top 10 things NOT to say to a Woman who is 7 Months Pregnant

(These are all true stories)

1. You look like you're going to explode any day now.

2. You sure you're not having twins?

3. (From the guy checking my ID at the airport) Wow, this is a great picture of you! It must have been taken a really long time ago.

4. A friend of mine lost her baby in the 7th month of pregnancy- it crushed her.

5. You're pregnant? I thought you were just getting pudgy!

6. Oh my, I was NEVER that big with any of my pregnancies.

7. The baby's due in December? You're never going to make it that long.

8. What are you having? Oh no, let me guess- your having a girl. Girls always make you gain a lot of weight in the hips and thighs.

9. Wide load coming through.

10. You ATE Kory!


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Wow. I've always wondered what posesses people to say those type of things to a pregnant woman. You know, the kind of woman who has hormones RAGING throughout her body. People are lucky they haven't lost a limb due to comments like that.

Sorry people are idiots. I had the same kind of thoughtful comments directed to me and my pregnant body. I love the people who are so sure you're never going to make it to your due date. Those comments are always fun. Oh, and the "are you sure there's only one?" are classic. And the ones where the people think they're comisserating, but really, they're being insulting, "I got huge just like you when I was pregnant." Classic.

Melissa said...

Sorry for laughing Kory, but you have a way of just putting things out there that cracks me up.

I've heard all of those but the last. I got huge with each pregnancy and those "You look like you're about to pop" comments started at about 22 weeks. Serious. I got so I didn't really tell people how much longer because I didn't want to hear it.

Good luck. Such an amazing experience.

Della Hill said...

I say just smile and mentally tell them to go to hell.
But then ignore them, and just enjoy your belly. Preggo bellies are awesome. Enjoy it while you have it.

Allie said...

People are so tactful aren't they? What drives me nuts is when people come up and touch your belly.

Steve said...

Ha, K gets those too. Her favorite is when people hear she is only 28 weeks along and people think she is around 37, haha. Although, just yesterday I made a joke that putting lotion on her belly felt a lot like polishing a bowling ball! haha. But it does seem like other women make the worst comments.

Tim&Kirst said...

I too hate the horror stories people feel inclined to tell you about pregnancy. I just want to be ignorantly blissful and think everything will be fine.

Cameron said...

I lady at work just had her first baby, and she went three weeks overdue. I cringed every time I heard someone come up and ask her, "you're still pregnant?!"

But I really like number 10. That one's awesome.

Sally said...

#10 is my favorite.

How about "you must be having twins!"


"OH MY GOD. You are HUGE." (said to me at babies r us of all places! That should be a safe place for pregnant women!)

Kory, you are a megababe. I bet you make pregnancy look good.

crazy4danes said...

LOL...I can relate to the "are you having twins?" I can't tell you how many people asked me that!!! No I just had a 10# baby!!! LOL...isn't pregnancy fun?! :D

Holly said...

I don't know if you've read my blog recently, but I had the walmart checker ask me if I was pregnant, a week AFTER having my baby! When I told her I wasn't pregnant anymore she said, "Oh you don't look bad. You just look like you're maybe 5 or 6 months along...that's all!" HA! People can be so cruel!
I want to see a picture of you with a belly! I bet you're super cute pregnant!!!

Salt H2O said...

Apparently every woman gets these! Who knew? That makes me feel a little bit better.

I have to admit, whem my customer said #10- I laughed pretty hard.

However, after reading the comments I'm dreading what people may say after I have the baby!

Robin said...

Kory, there is no way you were as huge as I got. Make sure you take a picture, before delivery, of your belly.

After the baby: Don't even worry. It's not about you anymore. It's all about the baby. You are simply the baby's assistant. You get ignored. It is a relief after 9 months of those comments!

joanna said...

I heard many of those comments when I was 7 months prego!!

Then, as I was coming up to 2 weeks OVERDUE, I heard, "You haven't had the baby yet? I thought you would have had it by now" Or, "You're still pregnant?"

My response, only in my mind, was: "SHUT UP YOU STUPID $*#%&*% $#$&%* AND #$%$*!#@$!&@ AND #%*@*$^&.

I should have said all that out loud.

joanna said...

No, wait, and then I had people ask me SEVERAL MONTHS after I had the baby when I was due, or some other form of that question.


What is WRONG with people?!

Kory, I have much sympathy for you. I hope the next couple months goes well for you. Give people a big swift kick in the nuts.

ray said...

Pregnant ladies have got to be one of the most easily offended groups of people in the world (except for maybe muslims and teenagers), perhaps due to our fragile states or appearance-oriented vanity. I remember being so upset when my mother-in-law said, "they let pregnant women gain SO MUCH weight these days" after I told her how much I had gained.

People say insensitive things. Boo hoo. And pregnancy is just the beginning. Wait until your little one is thowing a temper tantrum in the store and you're being firm and saying no to the candy/$100 toy, and everyone stares and your friends insist that their children NEVER did that. It's best to find your own inner peace and grow some thick skin, wear a teflon suit or grow emotional duck feathers. It's a roaring, rocky, riotous ride ahead!

Emily Gillrie said...

So funny!!!