Friday, December 5, 2008

Birthing Question

In birthing class last week (which has been surprisingly helpful) they focused on breathing techniques- and the teacher said, "You really want to control your breathing so you don't black out"

Kory raises her hand: "So, what's so bad about passing out? Why would you not want to pass out while in labor?"

Teacher with a look of shock on her face: "If you pass out you could miss the whole birthing experience"

Kory: "Ok, um, let me ask this again. Why would you NOT want to pass out?"

Teacher looks at Kory and Brent with a blank stare-


Della Hill said...

Ok, lets forget about the idea of missing the birth, and focus on the fact that if you aren't getting enough oxygen to stay conscious, the baby is probably not getting enough either.
Concious or unconscious for the birth is all a matter of preference.
Oxygen on the other hand is a bit of a matter of life and death, so, uh, watch your breathing, okay?

Melissa said...

You are funny Kory.

I've heard good things about breathing techniques. They might actually work when you stub your toe or something. ;)

Steve said...

Hahaha, awesome! This is why I love reading you! :)

Della - Actually, if you pass out, the baby and you would be fine b/c your breathing would revert back to normal. I mean, we don't stop breathing when we sleep!

Salty - You and K are in the same boat. She just wants her OUT anyway at this point. I need to get her to write up her anti-pregnancy post and how it is all a big lie about how great it is to convince poor, unsuspecting women to give birth, hahaha. I'm actually alright waiting in the hallway, except I want to make sure she is ok!!!!

Chanelle said...

Hehe! I don't know who came up with it, but the breathing never worked for me. It still hurt like crazy! I liked hypnobirthing. I went through transition all by my self and didn't even know it. But, everyone is different.

Allie said...

That's three people who've mentioned hypnobirthing to me. Maybe I ought to look into it.

The breathing gets me far enough that it's too late for any drugs, and then it's survival mode. I haven't died yet (although they do always have to give me oxygen because I hyperventilate a little).

bechtold clan said...

LOL! Really- these posts have been really funny lately. I know you have no idea what your in for if you never have done it - but I will be curious after its all said and done will you be one that "forgets" it all and want to do it again?!
Really hope everything goes well...all three of mine have been VASTLY different...1 natural 2 I had drugs, I recommend the drugs- and believe me I freaked out with both epidurals but totally worth it.

Tim&Kirst said...

You crack me up! It's even funnier that the teacher just stared you down. I so wish we were in the same birthing class. We could provide each entertainment. could provide me with entertainment, I'm not so sure I would do the same.

joanna said...

Or if you DO start to hyperventilate and/or pass out, the labor & delivery nurses MIGHT ACTUALLY start to PAY ATTENTION to the fact that you're in A LOT of pain and the epidural may have FALLEN OUT and the baby ISN'T moving DOWN when you push and you have never been in so much pain in your entire life for FOUR HOURS because the DR isn't paying attention to you either!! ... Oh, wait, sorry. . . That was my birth experience.
Everyone said it wasn't normal, so I'm sure you'll be fine. And if you do pass out, let the nurses deal with it!! You'll be fine.

P.S. Make sure you SPEAK UP and tell the doctor(s) and nurses what YOU need. :) :)

(I know you don't even know me and I'm giving you advice. I love your blog, though.)

Linda said...

You made me laugh.
If I'd known that I could pass out and miss some of that first of five labor experiences, just by hyperventilating, I'd have done it honey. Go for it, Kory.

Daisy Paige said...

If you get an epidural, do NOT look at it before it goes in. The size of that sucker will make you pass out for sure.

Having had one with the epidural and one without, I personally recommend going without the meds. And all joking aside, the contractions hurt much worse than actually giving birth, so if you can breathe through those, you're all set!

joanna said...