Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Honest Christmas Letter

Dear Friends, Family and people I feel obligated to send a Christmas card to because you sent me one last year,

It’s been a roller coaster year for the Boohers!
Mostly due to Kory’s hormonal imbalance.

Brent started a new job and is very excited about the new opportunity and challenge!
The great challenge will be keeping a job as he is a banker that works for Ford, probably the worst industry you could possibly be in at the moment. So if you could be encouraging of the government extending a loan to the automakers we’d appreciate it. If it doesn't happen, he’s going to become Mr. Mom, and we’ll have to switch to one ply toilet paper.

This past year we got a new dog, Max who Brent absolutely loves and who Kory begrudgingly tolerates. Max is a fabulous hunting dog keep tiny children and animals away from him. Brent has spent a great deal of time pheasant hunting with Max and loves it. Anyone want a dog?

Kory still loves her job. At least that’s what she chants to herself each morning while coming to grips that she’ll be responsible for bringing home the bacon if the government won’t allocate some of those billions they’ve been handing out like lollypops to banks to the auto makers. She is happy that she got to cut down on the travel in these last few months. But no so happy about being too large to fit into an airplane.

We’re expecting our first child any day now, we know you wondered if that would ever happen- and look forward to being parents.
'Look forward' is kind of strong, more like paralyzed with anxious anticipation and total fear.

It’s our second year in our home and we love the neighborhood.
We still have issues with Utah, suffering from seasonal depression, listening to inane local news, and Kory tends to violently shake and dribble a bit in the summer months with out a beach.

If you're in Utah and can come to visit, we'd love to have you! We're going to need babysitters, and if you do stay with us can you make sure you clean up after yourselves? And at least offer to buy some of the food you consume? We won't take you up on the offer- but the offer does need to be extended.

Wishing the best to you and yours. Unless you got into a mortgage you couldn't afford and bought a ton of things on credit, then I'm hoping the government takes your home, your new BMW, forcing you to live in a van down by the river.

Merry Christmas!!

- The Boohers

Note: The enclosed photo is 3 years old because damn! we looked good then. We're not nearly this attractive anymore


Allie said...


I'm not doing a christmas letter this year. I'm not.

(I probably will, but I'm not happy about it.)

Maybe I'll email it...

Nice picture. We had a picture taken one year for christmas when I was 8 months pregnant. Not my favorite picture. And it's only shoulders up.

Steve said...

Do people other than grandparents really do Christmas letters? haha.

Regardless, great letter! And the govt hasn't even GIVEN the money to the banks yet. It's just sitting around doing nothing, thus part of the problems going on!!!

Janell said...

You're an inspiration :)

drew said...

Thanks for the letter. I felt the love :)

crazy4danes said...

I love it! LOL...I hope you guys get to have a wonderful Christmas! And I love that picture of you guys, it's awesome! :)

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Love it. It's so true. Every year, people send out letters telling everyone how wonderful their lives are and how great everything is....but we all know it's a bunch of crap. I guess we like to all bask in our fakeness together.

By the way, good luck with the birthing of your baby. One word for you: epidural. Pure gold.

Allie said...

I'm really not doing a letter this year. I feel a little bad about it, but I'll get over it.

Salt H2O said...

Allie- Forgo the letter.

Steve- Yes Granparents and Mormons send Christmas letters, and there is one I would so LOVE to post on this website, but I fear that word might get back to the person who sent it. It was basically a list of all the money they spent this year on trips, toys, upgrades to their house and their cabin. It was ridiculous.

Kamilli- It's really funny- there are people I know that have had a terrible year, really shouldn't be sharing any information with anyone- but still find a way to send out a mass letter with enough spin in it to make things sound good.

Melissa said...

Love this. Ours are still in the works. I feel zero pressure to get them out early. That is wrong isn't it? I should feel like I need to be doing them instead of sitting here...

davers said...

I was going to say ... gee whiz. You guys haven't changed in 3 years. Hey an old picture is better than none.

When Jr. comes along you ought to just photoshop him (her?) in there. As you get older you'll learn photoshop can be your best friend.

Yeah, and I'm also well wishing only those who've been hurt in the sub-prime disaster.