Friday, December 5, 2008

Underestimating my wussdom

I had to have a mole removed off of my back by the dermatologist. They had to take out a substantial chunk of flesh to make sure it didn't turn cancerous.

I was ok for the procedure- I was laying flat down on my stomach and was completely numbed up. I did get some stitches and was told to come back to the doctor in a week to have the stitches removed.

I was some what concerned about feeling the tugging of the removal of the stitches. In the doctors office I sat on the edge of the exam bed and told the nurse that I get queasy very easily. She dismissed the statement because hey, it was only stitches, and while she removed them I didn't feel a thing. But then she said, "oh, it looks like your allergic to adhesive, you have a few little pimples where the band aid was"

Suddenly I started to feel light headed- I started thinking to myself:
"Kory, it's just a pimple. Why are you feeling light headed about a pimple? Are you seriously feeling dizzy over a pimple? Kory, get over it- uh, oh, I can't hear anything any more, I lost my hearing? this can't be..." Shabam! Next thing I know I'm waking up on the floor of the exam room. I passed out and did a head dive off of the exam table onto the carpet. I actually had a rug burn- on my FACE.

I blacked out over a pimple. This my friends, is another reason why passing out completely may be the only way this child ever comes out.


Robin said...

Oh Dear.

Chanelle said...

Good luck, girl!

JustRandi said...

I get queasy at the sight of blood - which I hate- but that's nothing compared to what you've got going on.
I mean, wow.

Sally said...

Okay, so when you are in labor, you might seriously want to consider the anti-anxiety med option.

Crystal said...

I wish you the very best.

Silvs said...

Hahahahaah. I like how the girls commenting are all so sympathetic, but my reaction to that story was to laugh out loud. That's almost as good as my buddy's passing out story when he was on the toilet...he got a rug burn on his face too.

seaside said...

You left out the comment about the hook and how just that affected you.

Melissa said...

I missed this earlier.

I'll start praying for you now. You weren't kidding about your wussy-ness.