Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is this what a Monarchy looks like?

Where are the checks and balances? Where is due diligence? Has congress become nothing more than a bunch of yes-men for the president?

Nancy Pelosi's quads must be burning from that brutal work-out she gave them during the President's address to congress. You'd think that woman's seat was on fire. I was embarrassed for her.

We didn't elect a president we crowned a king, our congress is filled with noblemen, with no term limits that tax the people as they please, using our money to give favors to their friends, and retain power.

I'm not talking about democrats or republicans- I'm talking about a Senate full of useless, pompous, egotistical individuals that grow fat on the labor of the people. Government has become a great leech, and each day it grows, literally, each and every day.

A friend of mine compared Obama to Princess Di, with the fascination of the media- his face gleaning countless books and magazine covers- but there's a difference, he has more power than Princess Di, and none of the heart.

It's a do as I say and not as I do president. Obama is above it all- we may not have the right to keep our homes at 71 degrees, but he has the right to keep the white house at a sweltering heat. There are no sacrifices coming from the ruling class, no we the laborers are expected to sacrifice so Washington can maintain its lavish lifestyle.

It's angering to watch other people spend money I earn. The hypocrisy of Washington is palpable. Congress will spend months interrogating professional baseball players about drugs (like we care) but won't think twice about cutting checks for billions to unscrupulous companies.

I guess there is a silver lining- at least we elected our king and our noblemen- so the country will be in the financial bondage it deserves.


adam said...

"a Senate full of useless, pompous, egotistical individuals that grow fat on the labor of the people. Government has become a great leech..."

I mostly agree, and would add that government is representative of society as a whole, which is made up of individuals. I suppose my political philosophy of late is, how am I helping?

Mikie said...

Actually I was wondering if the president wasn't a useless (albeit well spoken) yes-man for the powers that be in congress.

Jon said...

I think you are right on all counts with the exception of your last line. It is great that we are able to vote, and those that have elected these "leaders" deserve what they get. The real price though is going to be paid by our children and grandchildren who didn't vote but will be paying for these poor choices.

Robin said...


JustRandi said...

You are so completely right! As usual!

ray said...

There is one promise that Obama has kept. He's "ruling" from Day 1.

Steve said...

But if you disagree with Congress, why don't you do something about your representatives and Senators there? Those three men are just as guilty, aren't they or are yours somehow exempt? When it comes to voting next time, vote those three out and get some new blood in there. If Congress is messed up, the only people that can do anything about it is the voters and since the reelection rate is over 50%, then whose fault is that?!?!?!

davers said...

That's what we get for electing someone based in large part on their bloodline.

We've gone full circle ... our founding fathers sacrificed all just to get away from such a system.

davers said...


well put.