Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pregnancy Weight

My mom and my sister had the same reaction when they saw my profile- see below:

Out right laughter. We had picked Kelsy up at the airport, took her immediately to the cheesecake factory and when she saw me get out of the car she couldn't stop laughing. This is why I didn't go to church during the last month of my pregnancy- I couldn't fit in a pew much less a dress.

I put on 65 lbs of pregnancy weight. Ridiculous, I know. I stopped exercising, I ate what ever I wanted and for one full week I lived off of peanut butter and celery.

In the hospital I had a grand total of 15 bags of IV fluid (so the bill tells me). I had so much water pumped into me that I left the hospital weighing the exact same weight as when I entered- despite having an 8 lb human removed from my uterus.

I've since gone on Nutrasystem and it's no surprise why people lose weight on this program- it takes like crud. You don't want to eat because your options are so unappealing. There is no way Marie Osmond actually eats this cardboard.

I have lost 30 lbs of my pregnancy weight (it would be a lot easier to get excited if I didn't have another 35 to go) but don't hold your breath thinking I'll post some 'after' pictures.


Allie said...

I always gain more than I'm "supposed" to. I eat a lot of cereal when I'm pregnant.

Good luck with the other 35.


jiners said...

That's amazing! 30 lbs! Good for you!!! You will gain all it back when we go out to dinner!

Tim and Kirst said...

I don't know what you're talking look beautiful in that picture. When we going to hang?

crazy4danes said...

You are so awesome! Already loosing 30#! I'm sure you look fabulous! When can I come and see you and the baby? :)

Emily said...

I love that photo too. I love how your stomach looks like a SHELF. A SHELF. It is awesome. It's not like you gained 20 lbs in your face, 20 lbs in your torso, and another 20 lbs in your legs. It is all in the shelf. Love it. :)

Now, here is my bossy lecture: WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??!!!! Trying to lose weight right now? You need to CHILL out, you have a little baby to feed, and your body just underwent some major trauma. What you need to do, for your health--and I mean your HEALTH (get appearances out of your head for now) is to eat healthy, eat when you're hungry, and drink lots of fluids, a variety of fluids. OKay? Quit this nutrisystem nonsense.

And Brent, if you're reading this, make her STOP. Seriously, you are beautiful, your baby is amazing, and you need to be good to yourself.

I know everyone's experience is different. Some women amazingly lose all the weight within a week of having baby. For me (and I am a naturally smaller person) it took me over 18 months, and I was exercising, but eating well rounded meals and eating when I was hungry (ALL THE TIME when I was nursing for 1 year). It was different with the second one.

Listen to your body. Be good to yourself. I love you, and this photo is awesome. You should frame it. :) Your baby is precious and adorable. I wish I could snuggle her!

xoxo lots of love xoxo

Daisy Paige said...

That's an awesome baby bump!

I never gained quite 65lbs, but the enormous amount I did gain was gone by 5-6 months post-partum both times. If you're nursing, the pounds will seriously just melt away with time, even if you eat everything in sight. I can't believe how hungry I always was when I was nursing, yet I still slimmed down consistently every month until I became smaller than I was even before I got pregnant (no exercise besides picking baby up, either).

Drink lots of water and and get off that diet! The last thing you want to do now is short-change your baby's milk, especially if you didn't eat right while pregnant.

Emily said...

Just have to tell you again how much I love this photo. You are cute and amazingly pregnant. Love it.

Sally said...

Yep, I'm with Emily. there is a time and a season for all things and this is your season to enjoy the beauty of being a new mom with a sweet precious baby. You look great, and if skinny is important to you, remember that skinny can happen later. Please, enjoy where you are now. You are such a beautiful woman!

Melissa said...

I think this picture is awesome! You look great! Isn't the human body amazing!

Relax! I'm sure you are enjoying your little bundle.

Robin said...

I am so happy to see a picture of you pregnant! You were ALMOST as big as me.

Ditto what the bossy girls said. This is not the time for a diet. I lost weight while nursing. But my trouble was, I didn't eat healthy food or exercise between babies and all the weight just added up. Now it is coming off a few lbs a month. Be nice to yourself. eat fresh, clean food. And love that beautiful baby for me!

Emily said...

Um, just checked back, and now I'm laughing at how bossy we all are. Sorry Kory. We just can't help ourselves, can we?

I was just reminiscing (sp?) about when Ruby was born. I spent most of the first year of her life in my glider (rocking) chair, nursing, snuggling, burping, and reading books. I really didn't get much done. A lot of times I felt frustrated, but now I miss that. With my second I can't do it, I have to take care of the first, plus life just changes.

How is it going with a dog in the home? I've always been curious about that--newborn and dog. I love dogs, but we will wait for several years to get one, I'm sure.