Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Valentine Backlash

I read this article on CNN- and I swear I wrote the exact same thing last year. I'm SO ahead of my time.

After perusing around the internet I have found that I am not the only one that thinks Valentines is a marketing ploy and a cheap excuse for romance. Slowly but surely the idea is gaining ground. Next thing you know, everyone will catch on to the idea that diamonds are also nothing more than an expensive con.

The silver lining in this recession, the devaluation of the dollar and the fall of conspicuous consumption- we will have to stop valuing things and start valuing people. Few relationships are strengthened through prosperity, more are strengthened through hardship. We may be forced to revert back to homemade gifts, hand picked flowers and true thoughtfulness, because we can't afford to be lazy.

Which brings us to Valentines day. Valentines day isn't inheritly evil, as long as when we decide to manifest love, it's a gift of self. There's nothing wrong with a holiday to break up the monotony of winter- just as long as we are valuing and celebrating love, and not objects.

(And if you NEED flowers, let your significant other buy them for you on Feb 15th- when they're 80% off)


Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

The more I read what you write, the more I think you're secretly reading my mind. Even though this is the first Valentine's day that either Mr. H-B and I have a "Valentine", we refuse to give in. We're going to see a free movie on campus (because it's one we liked, not because it's Valentine's) and I'll make him steak for dinner (because it's what's on the menu and I have a bunch I bought on sale in the freezer).

You're absolutely right about Valentine's (and diamonds).

Robin said...

I pretty much said the same thing last week on Bossy. I am glad to see we think the same way.

Because you are one smart momma.

Allie said...

Before I read to the end of your post, I was thinking I'd comment about how if you do want to buy flowers or chocolates- go the day after when they're really cheap, but you beat me to it.

If someone was going to spend money to buy me a gift, I'd rather it be useful, like a big pot for planting some herbs in outside....

Steve said...

You are right about people over flowers, but most people ARE better to be around when you are eating chocolate. :)

Della Hill said...

I guess this means I have been reading your blog for a year, because I remember your V-day post from last year.
Enjoy the holiday for what it is anyway.

Tim and Kirst said...

in our household...Valentines day is known as "Singles Awareness Day". it emphasizes how lonely all single people must feel on this day.

Don't ask me why i'm commenting at 2am on your blog--Miles is being a stinker.

Cameron said...

So....what kind of flowers did you get today?