Thursday, April 16, 2009


There is a brainwashing more threatening than subtle marketing campaigns, more devilish than value depraved entertainment, more cunning than the propaganda laced history books lurking in our children's classrooms- brainwashing that has affected millions of lives in America- the silent member of the axis of evil, yes my friends, I'm talking about the evil empire of La Leche Leauge.

Every baby book designed to make a new mommy feel guilty, selfish, worthless if she does not give suck to her child. But WOAH HO! They don't mention that some babies like formula better! That going to a straight formula diet will help the baby's digestive system so you don't have to give the poor child an enema every 3 days! They don't tell you that formula will give your dear child regular naps, and get rid of the afternoon fussy time! Formula is liberating! Formula is GOOD! Formula is WONDERFUL! DEATH TO LA LECHE!!!!!


Steve said...

Ha, well, breastfeeding HAS been proven to be more effective for MOST babies, BUT I agree with you, all those La Leche groups are just like the morons that shop at Whole Foods, they think there is a one-size fits all baby programs. Sure, some babies do perfectly fine with breast and some don't. Some are fine mixing, some don't. Some should be on formula, but they won't admit that b/c it is "unnatural". Well, so are vaccines and car seats, but well, they work as well so get off the high horse!

I'll be honest, up to two months ago, I couldn't care less about these things, but one thing I have learned, every baby and every parent is different and as long as you are doing what you think is best (and your Dr agrees) for your baby, the rest can suck it. Literally in this case. :)

Honestly, I think the entire baby industry, like most things in this country, just try to capitalize on personal guilt, haha.

Robin said...

Having a baby is quite the learning curve hu? I think I mentioned before that I only lasted a few months with Hannah. But it was different with each baby - the boys nursed for about a year.

Do what works for you.

Melissa said...

Kory! I think you hit on something here! The truly sad thing is that all new mom's need support, not judgment, and every experience I had with LLL was very very judgmental. I remember taking Michael to a meeting, right after moving to CO in hopes of meeting other moms, and I was so embarassed when I realized I had a pacifier strapped to him. The horror!

On the flipside, the least supportive person I've come in contact with was the lactation consultant who rented me a pump after Eve was born. She told me it was useless, but it might help me stop crying.

You and your baby will be great.

Courtney said...

Breastfeeding is not for everbody; in fact, a lot of babies are lactose intolerant when it comes to mother's milk. I say stick with what works, and ignore the La Leche extremists.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, LLL generally seems to be allied with women's lib groups. You know, the ones who are all about giving women equal rights at all costs. Heaven forbid that these equal rights involve NOT stopping every two hours to feed a screaming child for 45 minutes, NOT allowing your child to lose weight because they aren't getting enough to eat, and NOT screaming in horrible pain as your tiny, sobbing child tries to latch on to your swollen, cracked, blistered nipples. Breast is best, right?

I was so determined to do it the "right" way that my child would have starved to death had her pediatrician not intervened and insisted on formula. I actually had a lactation consultant tell me that I had tried everything in her book, and then some, and none of them worked. Not the pumping, the lanolin, the brewers yeast (nastiest stuff on earth), or the wasted hours, days and weeks sobbing hysterically while missing the amazing miracle that was my daughter's first six months of life.

You're right. La Leche League is full of crap.

Jo's Outlet said...

What's that other moronic group that wants us to pump and send breastmilk abroad to newborns who aren't breastfeeding? Was anyone else aware that breastmilk is made specifically for the baby that lived in the womb, and not for other babies (with the right antibodies and whatnot)???
Anyway, that could also be La Leche League or another similar group. Hmmm....LLL...kind of like the KKK. I would be very suspicious.

crazy4danes said...

Love it! I figure every side has a good argument and the only thing that mattered was what worked for me and B and my sanity! That was formula...and he turned out OK! Just gotta go with your hell with what everyone "says" is best for you and your baby.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I hear ya! I gave nursing a go with both of mine and had a miserable experience with both. I LOVED when I went to formula full-time with the kids because all of a sudden, I was free! I could run errands for more than 15 minutes! I could leave the child with a friend, my mom, a sitter and I wouldn't have to rush home in order to feed! Will could help feed! It was amazing!

Like everyone else's comments, you really do have to do what's best for YOU (first and foremost, since if mom's not healthy and happy, baby's not going to be either) and for the baby. I hate that there's so much guilt applied to parenting and kids in general. Just do what you can and keep on moving on. Good for you!

Jonesy said...

You don't know me, I'm just a stalker but - I guess this means I'm not better than all of you because I breastfed all 4 of my children for 10 months each huh ? I mean my oldest NEVER had even a drop of formula and she had THE worst chronic ear infections of any of them. The other three had a few bottles of formula a week for convenience sake they are all healthy as little horses ! And I was fed STRICTLY formula (soy in fact - allergies !) and I'm the smartest person I know !(except for all of you, whom I'm no better than of course !)I guess I'll have to find something else to feel superior about !

heidi said...

i've had two babies. one refused to be breast fed and the other LOVED breastfeeding. in fact she wanted to breastfeed constantly(part of the problem). my biggest gripe from the lactation consultants/LLL nazis was i didn't feel support. i wanted support that i was trying SO HARD and i was still unsuccessful. i wanted support that it was okay to go to a bottle when that was obviously what was going to keep my baby alive. i wanted support that i wasn't crazy/lazy/not trying hard enough/emotionally unhinged when it came to feeding my baby. even when i was successful all i ever got was advice about what what i was doing wrong. wrong position, wrong attitude, wrong choices that were affecting my feeding experience.
breast is best? HA! sane mother is best!

Daisy Paige said...

Good for you for doing what works best for you and your baby. I primarily breast-fed for the full 12 months (formula-supplemented when I was at class or out and about and wanted convenience) and I hated every lactation consultant I ever encountered in the hospital and at my pre-delivery breast-feeding class. They really are Nazis.

But I've never heard of this, "That going to a straight formula diet will help the baby's digestive system so you don't have to give the poor child an enema every 3 days!" and it actually surprises me. My son has never once had any sort of digestive problems - in fact, he has been the most regular baby I've ever known - even though he had a formula bottle at least once/day and breast milk the rest of the time.

Must be the diet coke! ;-)

Valorie said...

I'm another stalker here to give you a big AMEN SISTA!!! I have five great kids, all raised on formula. I figured that giving them a loving and sane Mom was better than a milk-shooting crazy one. Those lunies at the LLL have their own agenda. They will try to tell you that your child will be a sickie not be as smart as the other kids because you didn't give them your all and breastfeed. It's a personal choice, simple as that. All of my kids are crazy smart, classified as gifted and after taking the SAT's, my 13 year old is ranked in the top 5% of 7th graders in the country. Suck on that LLL!

Allie said...

With my first baby, I had a hard time nursing, and stopped after 4 months or so. It was hard, and I wasn't used to doing it, so it was hard to do it in public places, which made life difficult.

With my second it got better, and I nursed for 8 months.

My last one, I felt so comfortable with it that I could nurse nearly anywhere. I was sad when I dried up (around 10 months) and had to stop.

It was way cheaper to nurse too. :)

I think people mean well, but anytime someone takes an extreme position, they're not doing their cause any favors.

dorothy said...

My third baby decided she'd had enough after two months. I was filled with so much guilt about feeding her formula. Then I woke up and realized that I wasn't killing her and she'd still grow up to be a healthy, productive member of the society. I had to train my brain to understand that. However...breast milk was sure cheaper!!