Thursday, April 23, 2009

DOUBLE your vote against senate incumbents-

Hate the incumbent for your state seats in congress? Would you like to DOUBLE your vote against that individual? Change political parties.

You hate the Republican that holds your state seat? Become a republican. You hate the democrat in the senate- become a democrat.

The goal in 2010: get rid of all incumbents in congress, a congress has had a lower approval rating than Bush.

By changing parties you can vote against ypur incumbent twice- in the primaries AND in the general election. You get two chances to fire that imbecile that feels immune to the voter’s wrath.

What many fail to recognize is that conressional primaries are more important than the general election.

Most voters will walk into the general election looking at the D or the R, by changing parties you make sure that that D or R is not the same one that has been siiting there for 20+ years.

Are you going to trust that party you dislike so much to fire the individual that is allegedly representing your vote in congress? That person isn’t the opposing party’s candidate, that's your vote, your lawmaker, your employee. Use your voice, use your vote, take control and fire that candidate yourself in the primaries.

We’re all going to have to be bigger than the labels we’ve become proud of.

You stick to your guns and your party- you take pride in that D or the R that you've become accustomed to, you're valuing the label more than your political beliefs.

Example: Utah
In 2008 Chaffetz beat out incumbent Chris Cannon in the primaries. Utah is going to vote R either way in the general election- so those that voted in the primaries made sure they didn’t get the same fat cat R that they’d had for 12 years prior. If they’re going to have to have a Republican representing them, the last thing they wanted was the same one.

California Republicans- want to fire Barbara Boxer? Become a democrat.
Connecticut Conservatives- hate Chris Dodd? Become a democrat.

Just can't bring yourself to do it? Well then don't bitch and moan when the incumbent is there for another 6 years. You have a fair shot to get rid of them, all it costs you is a bit of pride.


Steve said...

Your plan, although feasible and crafty, won't work b/c it assumes voters are smart enough and willing to go the extra mile to vote for the better candidate, not the better party. There is a reason incumbents have about a higher than 75% re-election rate. People complain, but most don't do anything else. :)

adam said...

Your plan is very logical, and people such as yourself seem to be able to pull it off (re: voting Democrat in the pres. primary), but I don't think people have the ability to overcome the emotional weight and/or dissonance that comes with registering as one of "the others."

Kamilli Vanilli said...

It's a great idea, similar to "Operation Chaos" in many Democratic primaries last year where thousands of Rs changed to Ds and voted for Hillary Clinton. Different objective, but the same method.
It would require some major get-the-word-out to the masses to make it effective, but it would be so awesome if it worked. I would do anything to get rid of my lovely lady Senators from Washington State.

Salt H2O said...

Steve- I think the teaparties showed that at least conservatives are willing to do something- I think the anger with congress has grown to the point where people will acutally take action.

Adam- If people are too proud to become one of the others then they deserve the government they get.

Kamilli- In essence I'd like to achieve the exact opposite of Operation Chaos, but by a similar method.

Steve said...

Did you seriously invoke the "teabaggers" as a GOOD example of anything. Other than Fox News, no one takes them seriously, especially when you witness any of their borderline racist and paranoid filled protests. But I digress.

The REAL solution here is TERM-LIMITS. Two or three terms, tops, and someone new has to come in. Not only does this keep someone from becoming 'established', it brings in new ideas and opens up Washington to candidates that aren't the richest.

Salt H2O said...

Steve, Steve, Steve,

The mass media didn't get the teabag movement- it had nothing to do with rascim or even Obama, it was a protest of Pork spending and motgaging our children's future.

It was a bunch of people that have felt powerless, like their voices weren't heard, and wanted to do something, anything to manifest their distrust and anger.

Term limits would be awesome- it's never going to happen so we have to do what we can to get these bozos out.

Kamilli Vanilli said...

Yeah, do digress. :)

I'm going to assume you weren't at a tea party, so it's probably not best to make any judgments about the motives of anyone there. Like salt h20 said, the media didn't get it.
If there was any borderline racism, it was pretty rare. I attended one here in WA, and saw no racism and no paranoia. If you don't see that this country is heading down a very dangerous path and that we need to stand up and do something about it, then you have your head in the sand--and therefore are part of the problem.

adam said...

Wow I am a neophyte. I can't believe the idea of term limits has never occurred to me. Why I ask (sincerely) do we not have them? Why are we (read: congressmen) against them?

davers said...

Spot on.

The electoral process is broken at the primary level and as a result we've often ended up with a very unpopular, or extreme president.

I blogged on this myself over a year ago when I proposed something called the "multi-vote" in the primaries ( It should prevent the best candidates from knocking each other out so an uncontested extremist can sail in to represent the party. Then of course the party looses the election because they nominated an extremist (this is how Kerry was nominated, and why the Dems lost the general election in 2004).

The multi-vote or Kory's plan or whatever it takes ... something needs to happen so the best candidates don't get knocked out of the ring in the primaries.

When was the last time you voted in the general election for the "best" candidate? I don't think I ever have because it's always been picking the "least bad" candidate.

davers said...

Steve says "Did you seriously invoke the "teabaggers" as a GOOD example of anything. Other than Fox News, no one takes them seriously, especially when you witness any of their borderline racist and paranoid filled protests. But I digress."

Yeah, pretty much you gulp down that Olbermann and Garofalo koolaid like it's God talking Himself, don't you?

drew said...

Chuck DeVore has already started his campaign against Boxer in CA. Chuck is legit:

Steve said...

Sorry, didn't mean to bring up the tea party stuff! The one in DC was pretty offensive, it happened two blocks from my office with a stage and FOX News sponsorship. And for the record, I haven't watched MSNBC since the inauguration. But it is funny how people think protestors are righteous and pragmatic when they agree with them, in this case, yet when you don't, pro-choice, anti-war, etc., they aren't. Haha. I'm just as guilty, just saying, it's a lost debate. I'd rather talk about the term limits since that will change things a lot faster than ANY protest. If you really want to protest do it with what matters, your money and your vote!

Salt H2O said...

I must have missed something, I can see how Chuck may be trying to appeal to democrats, but by no means is he advocating that Republicans register as democrats to kick Boxer out of congress in the primaries.

davers said...

Sorry I called you a worshiper of Olbermann/Gararo talking points, Steve. But of course I have my reasons which I'm sure are every bit as justifiable to me as yours are to you.

But yeah, were all off topic now - (Sorry). Anywho ... term limits.

Yeah ... agreed, although I'd
prefer a periodic complete turnover in congres every 16 years or so. Something needs to break up the status quo there. Bipartisanship is dead.

Allie said...

I tried switching parties once, so I could vote in the R primary, and now have to live with the knowledge that I voted for Rob Bishop.

I may never forgive myself. (and I'll never do that again)