Monday, April 20, 2009

Just (gonna) Do It!

I'm registered for the Walt Disney World marathon. Anyone else feeling masochistic today?

All runners are on the perpetual hunt for new running music- so as a public service here is my extensive list- please please please- if you've got some tuneage you love that's not listed- share.

80's Throwbacks
Love and Affection- Nelson
Poison- Alice Cooper
The Globe, Rush- Big Audio Dynamite
Rock this Party- Bob Sinclare
Brand New Lover- Dead or Alive
Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Lepord

Charles in Charge- Reliant K
Mexican Radio- Authority Zero
Jessie's Girl- Frickin' A
O'Lamor- Big Mamma
What is love- Haddaway
Listen to your heart- DHT
Something about you- Hatrias
What a feeling- DJ Bobo
Don't stop believin'- The Hitmaker
Why- DJ Sammy
Under Pressure- The Used/My Chemical Romance
Faith- Limp Bizkit
Rubberneckin'(Paul Oakenfold remix)
Call on Me- Eric Prydz
Beat it- Fall Out Boy
Take on me- Reel Big Fish

Good, Extra Ordinary, Desperately Wanting- Better Than Ezera
Middle of nowhere- Hot hot heat
Sinner- Big B
Come baby come- K7
Machine Head- Bush
Show me the money-Petey Pablo
1-2-3-4 coolio
Weapon of Choice- Fat Boy Slim

The Terribly Obvious
All things Britney
The Ramones
Angels and Airwaves
Blink 182
Beastie Boys
All-American Rejects
Good Charlotte
Kanye West
Rage Against The Machine
Katy Perry
Anything with 'jump' in the title
And my current favorite: The Veronica's Untouched


Silvs said...


I had no idea you were a runner. I've actually been looking to pick out my next marathon. That's really awesome.

I love the diversity in your song choices. My favorite might be Cooper's Poison, and the inclusion of Britney and Fergie. How different those song choices are...

I'd have to recommend anything from any of the Rocky soundtracks, but especially from Rocky IV - Hearts on Fire and No Easy Way Out. Those have helped me on the long runs that turn out to be so cathartic and so brutal.

Good luck!

Steve said...

Your stock just went waaaaay up! RATM, Bob Sinclair, Beasties, AND Fat Boy Slim! I take back anything bad I ever said about you! :)

Steve said...

Oh, I'll give you some of mine from my gym mix, but you'll probably need LimeWire or something to get some of them. Stay tuned...

heidi said...

break it down again by tears for fears. i don't know what it is about this song. whenever i hear it during a run, i am electrified. tears come to my eyes. and black parade by my chemical romance.

Mike and Kim said...

Soo freaking excited for you!!! Your the woman Kory...I just know your going to rock this!

Jon said...

Great choices. I'll have to second My Chemical Romance. If you're looking for great marathon program check out A lot of good information and a good training program that won't take up too much of your time (relatively speaking).

Allie said...

My Mister and I ran the SL 1/2 this past weekend, and my second thought after I crossed the finish line was: how in the world do people turn around and run distance again... (my first thought was, Wahooo, I did it!)

I need to redo my running play list. They're all songs I like, but I realized during the race that I need more energy in my mix.

Steve said...

Ok, here are five (I'm self-censoring!) Like I said above, you might have to Limewire some of these b/c they probably aren't on iTunes.

1. Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles (plus, I think you'd enjoy the politics of it)
2. Andrew WK - Party Hard or mostly anything of Get Wet.
3. Lost City Angels - Dipped in Sin
4. White Stripes - 7 Nation Army
5. Turbonegro - City of Satan

Also, check out Wolfmother and Dope.

davers said...

So cool! Kudos! Good luck!

I like your musical tastes, though for me some of them would make me feel more like working out (anaerobic) than running a marathon (aerobic).

But running music is such a personal thing and what works for someone might now work for someone else. For a marathon I'd look for something that would sustain my pace, is inspiring, and that lets me take my mind off the run a bit. It'd also be stuff I can listen to for a long time.

For me that'd be some epic and inspiring movie music like Star Wars, Rocky, Chariots of Fire. Also anything that reminds me of when I was younger and stronger (that'd be about everything), some newer top-40 I haven't tired of yet, and upbeat stuff like some waltzes (they're about consistently marathon pace).


Salt H2O said...

Silvs- if you find any good halfs let me know, it's the easiest way to get the long runs in- and thanks for the tunes!

Steve- I didn't realize my stock was so low! Thanks for the recommendations, I appreciate it. I can't stand a stale playlist

Hedi- Break it down again brings back memories of highschool, it's sad that a song gets ruined with a memory.

Mike&Kim- Thanks, don't feel so rockin' right now, but hopefully come january it'll be all good.

Jon- That's the worst part about training for a marthon- the time committment. Thanks for the website.

Allie- Ususally when i run halfs or fulls I'll run the first 1/2 of it with out music, because the energy of the race is enough to keep me going and it gives me something to look forward to at the halfway point.

Dave- Good point! I'm going to add Vader's march to my list. Maybe a little Indianna Jones too.

Robin said...

Run Kory! Run!

Jeri and Amy said...

Kory, one word... Fergie??? Really? Fergie would make me want to run too... but when I couldn't get away I would abandon the plan altogether.