Thursday, May 28, 2009


There needs to be some financial perks for successfully homeschooling your kids. Parents voluntarily taking strain off the public school system to educate their own children.

There should also be some perks for parents who pay for private schools. Again, the choice to put children in private education leaves more resources in public system.

Why not a tax credit equal to approximately 1/2 of what it costs to put the child in the public education system for parents that go another route?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Homosexuality won't be taught in public schools"

One of the main arguments for Prop 8 was that with out it Homosexuality would be taught in schools to children, with out the parents having any say in their child's education. Those against Prop.8 said Judeo/Christians were paranoid. Looks like they weren't paranoid enough.

California doesn't need Gay Marriage to indoctrinate kindergartners with homosexuality

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We're all Californians

Want to know what the country is going to look like after the Obama administration is done with it?
Look to California.

They've valued unions, the environment, special interest groups, and illegal immigrants. And what do you know, they're bankrupt.

If you want to balance a budget you've got 2 options, Tax More or Spend Less. That's it people- it's like loosing weight, you can either eat less or exercize more. Californians don't want to do either- well, now that they have to pay the taxes themselves they don't want to raise them.

I know, big business is the devil, but when big business leaves, who's going to pay for special interests? Obama thinks everyone should sacrifice self interest to work for non-profits, but who will non-profits have to beg donations from when businesses go under? What happens when we open the boarder to illegal immigrants that use our services but can't pay for them? When we shut down farmers to save a fish? Who's going to pick up the check?

California taxed the hell out of those that produce, those that produced left, and there is no one left to pay the bill. California raised environmental regulations to the point where many companies found it hard to function, good thing we have NAFTA. California has millions of illegal immigrants that go to school and use their health care system with out shelling out a dime, someone has to pay for that.

California being a liberal isn't cheap. It's time to step up to the plate and pay for those ideas that you cling to.

Why are Californians running congress? We're letting a state that has run itself into the ground lead the way for this nation. You want to see what's going to happen to this country when special interests, unions, illegal immigrants and environmentalists take over? When the environment is given more value than humans? Want to see what the US is going to look like after the Californians in congress and Obama have their way? Look West.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Type A Personality Has Taken Over

My favorite part of Halloween? Organizing the candy. Last easter I color cordinated the jelly beans that went in the plastic easter eggs. I've decided that I can't mix politics and motherhood, 2 of my readers could care less about my political rants the other 4 don't want to have to read about the mom stuff so it's official, drum roll please............

I have a MOM blog.

This Blog will now be dedicated strictly to my political venting.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obama eliminates the MORMON question

CNN did a story about Obama tapping Governor Huntsman of Utah to be the Ambassador to China. They mentioned he learned Chinese when he served a mission.

Since this is Obama's pick, Huntsman just served a mission- had this been McCain's pick, Bush's pick, it would have been an LDS mission. I have read a few other stories that have mentioned the word LDS or Mormon mission, but that is the end of the discussion.

This goes back to the Harry Reid issue- if a player is part of the Democrat agenda- there is no Mormon issue- however, if it's part of the Republican agenda watch the media go full court press on religion.

Take note that religion will not even be remotely touched on in the vetting of Governor Huntsman. I'm glad, this was a very good call by President Obama. Wouldn't it have been nice if Romney had been given the same respect?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Solution to American Disinterst in Politics? Steroids and Boobs

I've figured out how to get American's more interested in politics- boob jobs for all US Senators and Congressmen, official attire, evening gowns- and you can't wear the same gown twice in a row. This works well for the women but the men, well, who wants to see Harry Reid in a speedo. But what if Harry Reid did steroids? Hmm..?

A well spoken black man in a suit says something, it gets ignored- a hot blond says it, and it's front page news- can't drop the story for a full two weeks, she gets vilified and requires a massive press conference.

The economy is in financial ruin, senators and congressmen that put us in this financial ruin- minimal interest- they get highlighted for a day or two but hey, everyone makes mistakes- why call an investigation? No need to hold these ugly men accountable, they just cost your children 60 cents of every dollar they'll earn but Dude, steroids in baseball? Call out the national guard we've got a major crisis on our hands!

So the solution in drawing attention to the real issues at hand, boobs and steroids. All male us senators have to do roids, and all female ones have to get the boobs- and maybe the American people will start paying attention to them.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What's your take?

I have a very strong opinion in the following situation, but I am most definitely biased so I'm throwing this out to the six of you: What do you think?

This guy, we'll refer to him as "The Catch" is a really good, fun, smart guy that is at the point in his life where he'd like to get married. He's been dating a number of girls over the past three months but one stands out that he likes a bit more than the rest- he doesn't want to spend Friday and Saturday night with her, and really doesn't care if she dates other guys- but she's pretty, smart and fun. We'll refer to her as young girl.

Young girl really likes the catch, and she's not so thrilled that he's dating other girls. It hurts her feelings that he's dating her AND other women so young girl tells The Catch that he has to be exclusive in dating her or not date her at all. "Be my boyfriend or you can't date me"

The Catch likes this girl a lot, and wants to continue dating her, and is willing to stop seeing other women in order to keep young girl around, but he recently met another girl (who'll we'll refer to as the total package) that he hit it off with, and a big part of him would like to continue dating her as well, and is nervous that if things don't go anywhere with young girl he may lose his opportunity with the total package. Still he feels he owes it to himself to see if it can go anywhere with young girl, even though he innately doesn't like her enough to want to spend time exclusively with her.

What do you think?

Flash Back Friday- Scrubs

Hey remember when Scrubs was funny? There are few shows that have nailed hilariousness and then taken a total nose dive Scrubs- I accidentally stumbled upon the last 3 minutes of the show's finale last week- the show should have been put out of it's misery 2 years ago.

Favorite Clip:

Favorite Musical Guest:

The last funny episode:

Scubs may you rest in peace, you'll live on forever on comedy central.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Riddle Me This....

You go to work each day, and a portion of your day's wages is given to your competitor. You actually work x amount of days a year so that the competition can stay in business.

Or better yet- your competitor is out of business because he managed it poorly, but you are told that you must work x days a year to pay for your competitor's employees health care,long after your competitor has closed their doors on business. You wake up in the morning, put on your shoes and give 8 hours of hard labor x days a year to pay for your ex-competition's ex-employees benefits.

Fair? Unfair? Just? Unjust?

What do you do?