Monday, July 27, 2009

Congress Bait and Switch

True- I benefited from the cash for clunkers program, a program that allegedly was formulated to assist getting gas guzzling cars off the road and help with climate change. However the program has one massive flaw- you must exchange your gas guzzler for a NEW more efficient car. This program can be used only by people in a certain income range- namely those that can afford a new car in a recessionary period. Which leaves us asking the follwoing questions:

If our democrat congress is so intent on helping the poor, why didn't they give assistance to those that can afford a used car and not a new car?

If the intent is to assist with climate change why the stipulation that you must purchase a new car, why not a more fuel efficient used car?

Isn't it more environmentatlly friendly to utlize the used fuel efficient cars on the market than the new fuel efficient car? Why on earth would our congress that is SO SO SO conserned with the environment be against someone trading in their gas guzzler for a 2007 Prius?

Who benefits from the 'new car' stipulation?

Auto Unions. This 'climate change' initative is just another way to funnel tax payer dollars back to the unions. AUTO UNIONS benefit from the words "NEW CAR" not the environment and not Americans. Those same unions that keep funneling campaign funds into the democrat party. Those unions that now own GM and Chrystler.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Your Tax Dollars Bought My Car

This cash for clunkers program is a completely flawed program. The individuals who drive cars that would qualify as a 'clunker' can't afford to buy a new car. Or if they can afford a new car and their car is classified as a clunker it's worth more than $4500 so they'd just resell it.

I've been driving my 2000 Grand Jeep Cherokee for 7 years an I was determined to drive it until it rolled over and died. My 4 wheel drive is out which makes it not the most terribly safe car in the world and it's blue book value is under $2,000. The transmission is slipping, it has over 135,000 miles on it and I'm concerned about safety with the new baby. I feel like it could die any day or last another year and a half.

The husband works for Ford and we get a pretty sweet discount. We also qualify for 0%financing. We are the perfect storm that this bill was designed for. So am I buying a hybrid? No. I'm buying an Edge. I'm trading in my SUV for a more economical cross-over all wheel drive. You'll probably find truck drivers trading in their old trucks for new trucks with better gas mileage.

Congress set out to create a bill that would encourage people to get rid of their old gas guzzlers and buy cars that would have a less damaging effect on the environment. The cash for clunkers program will have little to no effect on the environment and a good portion of the money will most likely go unused due to the stipulations put on the bill. If congress can't perfect a program as simple as getting environmentally damaging cars off the road- why are we going to trust them with brain surgery?

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Law of Sacrifice

The law of sacrifice is simple- you love what you make sacrifices for.

Mothers spend 9 months in pain and suffering to bring a new child into the world, they love the child.

A 12 year old boy mows laws all summer long to save up to buy a new bike, he takes care of the bike he worked so hard to earn.

The husband who sacrifices personal wants to meet his wife's wants, loves his wife more.

The man who gives up years of his life, who spends time away from the comforts of home family and hot showers for his country, has a deeper love for his country than the average citizen.

The $100 you are given you don't value nearly as much as the $100 you earned.

This law is why our welfare system is flawed, why handouts don't work and why microloans are successful- microloans are given to help people work- they require sacrifice.

This law is why the millenials are a useless workforce, few have been required to sacrifice for any of their education or their belongings, they're entering the workforce with a sense of entitlement.

This law is why socialism and communism doesn't work- when the few sacrifice for the many, the many take it for granted.

This law is why congress is spending our money faster than our children can earn it-they have made no scarifies for the money they spend.

The law of sacrifice, that we love what we spend our time and energy on is a true principle. Fathers that spend the money they earn and the spare time they have on their children rather than themselves, love their children more than themselves and are less likely to leave their families in pursuit of selfish desires.

The law of sacrifice isn't talked about nearly enough in philosophy or in every day conversation. It's not given enough credit for the societal good it brings.

We've become a nation, a country, a people where sacrifice is not expected nor admired. We expect others to sacrifice, other's to provide but rarely if ever expect it from ourselves.