Friday, October 2, 2009

Robbing Peter to Pay Pelosi

Can someone explain why groups, entities or businesses that "need" government funding, and then are granted dollars out of the pockets of hard working Americans are then permitted to turn around and give money to political figures, lobbyists, or campaigns in hopes of them granting MORE funds to said organization?

It's a terrible cycle. A business, group, union needs money so they SPEND money petitioning congressmen, senators, throw fundraisers, GIVE money to campaigns, or lobby for reform that would give them taxpayer dollars- the government then takes money from the tax payers to give to these groups, who in return a portion back to their peeps in government, who take more from the taxpayers to give to said groups, who give back some to their government peeps, who take more from the taxpayers....

If any entity gets money from the US Government in the form of a subsidy, grant, or otherwise they should there forward be restricted in contributing anything, ANYTHING to any government party, person, function, proposition, reform- regardless of party.

Sure members of that organization can do what they want, but the organization itself must be banned from all political activity while receiving tax payer dollars.