Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What US government run healthcare looks like

A man attacked by a rottweiler was rolled into the ER and they called the orthopedic surgeon (a good friend and customer of mine) to work on him. The surgeon spent 6 hours on surgery- and saved this man's arm and leg which could have easily been amputated.

The surgeon submitted his claim to medicare, and it came back denied- because the surgery was too complex to bill. If the surgeon had amputated the man's arm and leg he would have gotten paid.

We don't need to look to other nations or come up with theory as to how government run health care would look like, (not that Gibbs nor the president can name a single payer system that they'd want to emulate) just look to medicare and Medicaid- that IS US government run health care.

I know some are going to put some wonderful stories about how medicare and Medicaid are perfect and delightful and the best thing that ever happened to you- well maybe not you but your cousin's best friend's dad...swell. But if we're already in a system where some people get great health care and others don't, why spend trillions of taxpayer dollars recreating another unfair and unsuccessful system with the same problems, except the problems are owned and created by the government, instead of the free market? A system that will restrict a greater majority of the population's choices and reduce the quality of healthcare for all?

The current system leaves some with out healthcare and carrying a debt of huge bills, the new system will incentivize physicians to amputate your arms and legs rather than save them? Why waste our money?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Does the word 'duh' mean anything to you?

In the state of California ALL new fathers (this is not a state employee program-it's availble to every single new dad) get six weeks off work, paid- courtesy the California taxpayers. The state of California gives new fathers up to $917 a week to 'bond' with their new child, or play golf- what ever they see fit.

My brother will be getting paid $5,400 to not work for 6 weeks. He thinks the program is a collosial waste of money, but he's not one to pass up free money from the state of California, especially since his tax return came back as an IOU.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

GM hires Community Organizer as CEO

So did Chrystler, AIG, and a number of financial institutions.

Sounds pretty idiotic but oh, America you did it. Good thing you wrote off Mitt Romney and his pesky business acumen- I mean, he CHANGED his opinion on abortion! Imagine the impact THAT would have had on the economy. Seriously, why would the president need to know how to run a business.....