Monday, January 11, 2010

If 5'4" Brunettes From San Diego were Terrorists

If suddenly a group of 5'4" brunettes that had spent a good portion of their life in San Diego started bombing airplanes, how would I feel if airport security pulled me out of the line to do any extra security check each time I went through?

More over, how would I feel if they didn't pull me aside to do a security check but delayed an African for an extra security check?

Every time they'd pull me over in security I'd thank them. Because hell, I don't want to die in a plane crash either and if it was a known FACT that only brunettes from San Diego were terrorising the skies I'd want every single one of my kind getting the pat down. If I knew I had to plan to be at the airport an extra 45 minute early because of the color of my hair and place of my origin- I'd be just fine with that.

Moreover, if I saw security letting me go through, but taking someone who obviously did NOT fit the profile aside, I'd be ticked. Really ticked.

I'm having a hard time understanding why Arabs and Muslims that love America and do not want their planes to go down in flames take issue with profiling for additional screening.

If the roles were reversed, I'd be happy to take the extra 15 minutes in security to ensure that those 5'4" brunettes were caught and that the skies were safe to fly.


Robin said...

Watch out for those San Diego brunettes. They are trouble.

Emmy said...

Yeah but the chance of it ever being turned around the other way.. a white female... is so unlikely that it is easy to say that you would be okay with it.

I think we won't ever be able to really understand what it feels like to be racially profiled since we are white females in the year 2010.

Kamilli Vanilli said...

I think Israel is the perfect model for us. Given the situation they are in, they do a pretty good job at keeping their people safe for the most part. I heard one of their anti-terror guys say the reason they are fairly successful is because they don't look for weapons, they look for terrorists. Seems pretty clear and logical to me.

People get their panties in a bunch over this, and I don't understand why. Facts are facts. And until we as a nation come to grips with those facts and realities, we are all hosed.

Sarah said...

I had a coworker in the OC, Iranian by birth, who used to make this same point. He said he could never understand why, on his frequent flights out of John Wayne, he was rarely screened. It made him nervous when he was passed over and middle-aged white women were being pulled out of line for pat-downs.

Inconvenience aside, it doesn't give ANYONE warm fuzzies to see security measures applied in a haphazard or nonsensical fashion.

Melissa said...

Amen. Once they tested my 1 year old for bomb residue in his cast. (broken arm...) I appreciate the measures, really I do, and it didn't bother me, I just hope they were that cautious with Everyone.

Salt H2O said...

Emmy- You're right I'll probably never know what being racially profiled feels like. I do know what it feels like to have people pick on you because you're different (had a really bad glasses episode when I was 9), to be left out, for people to look at me funny and treat me differently, and to be in pain. I'd prefer all of that in a bundle to a terrorist getting on an airplane.

It sounds like Sarah's friend feels the way I'm thinking.

Salt H2O said...

BTW- Melissa, that's hilarious.

adamf said...

You and Bill Maher both.

Brock Booher said...

As someone constantly dealing with airport security, I must say it has improved since 9/11, but mostly because passengers will not tolerate any nonsense. I know that if someone gets out of line on one of my airplanes, they will get coldcocked by another passenger. Our vigilance as a group makes us safer. Having said that, the type of profiling that needs to be done is behavior profiling. This method looks for signs and red flags based on behavior, not dress or skin color. That is what the Israelis use effectively. It is certainly time for us to get over the PC nonsense when it comes to security and do things that work. In the meantime, thanks to all you who watch my back while I'm flying.