Thursday, February 18, 2010

'Blinkers indicate weakness'

There's a lot we've learned from this two week move to Dallas, namely- take more than 2 weeks to move.

We decided to get a POD to put everything that we'd move into our house, and got a uhaul trailer for everything in our apartment. We learned that when the wife says "That's not going to be enough space" She's right, because she knows exactly how much stuff you own.

On the bright side, we did the calculation of what it would cost to get an additional unit, so we made sure that the cost to replace all items given away would be less than that cost, so we felt like we came out a head- but it was still hard to give away our trashcan. Brent loved that can.

Also learned that if you happen to snap off the passenger mirror of the vehicle that will be towing the a fore mentioned U-Haul, 4 days prior to the move, you should take the vehicle to the dealership service department and not a body shop. Long story short, this will force you to tow a u-haul through a snow and windstorm for 20 hours staying entirely in the right lane due to your temporary mirror not having warmers and being rendered completely useless.

We decided to get an apartment close to work, then figure out where we want to buy.

We thought this was smart, this was stupid.

We SHOULD have looked for an apartment close to CHILD CARE. Kory silly Kory assumed she'd be able to find decent childcare anywhere, not so. Decent Childcare has a waiting list- especially if your child is under 18 months. Luckily we had some friends in town that knew of some EXCELLENT childcare. Draw back of EXCELLENT childcare- Holly Mackerel it's expensive! Bonus of excellent childcare, expensive means that there's an opening. Luckily there was space available in one that is located 7 miles in the opposite direction of our commute, in a nicer part of town, with better apartments.

Texas drivers are insane. INFREAKINSANE. LA drivers have NOTHING on Dallas. When talking to someone about how no one here uses their blinkers they smiled and said, "In Dallas, using your blinker indicates weakness"

I have a feeling we have a lot more learning coming our way.