Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ponzi Schemes Worse Than Rape?

Bernie Madoff got sentenced to 150 years in prison for stealing money.

John Albert Gardner was given 6 years for molesting and beating a 13 year old.

Who would you rather have living next door?

We live in a society where it is a greater crime to steal money than destroy lives.

In what reality does 6 years in prison make up for a young girl being traumatized for the rest of her life? Not only that, a young girl who was only alive because she was able to escape?

Let's ignore for A SECOND that John Gardner just admitted to the murders of two beautiful girls- Chelsea King, and Amber Dubois- and stick with a 13 year old girl's life was destroyed and our society thinks that the punishment for that should be less than that of theft. Steal money from rich people, big time in prison-destroy a little girls life- slap on the hand.

Sure, now that the guy has actually murdered someone, let's put him in prison but gee, it was just sexual assault and the beating of a 13 year old- that's not as bad as a Ponzi scheme. The national media coverage is virtually zero, even now that he has pleaded guilty.

Those that are responsible for releasing these predators back into society need to be held accountable- the DA, the panel who gives these people parole- at the very least jobs need to be lost and at the most- they need to be tried.

Let the Bernie Madoffs of the world being back on the street in order to make room for John Garnders- on their FIRST OFFENSE. Release the drug users (not dealers) and fill our prisons with rapists and murders.

It's a sad but true statement that in our 'civilized society' money is far more important than lives.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Death and April 15th

When deciding how much you have with held from your paycheck each year ask one question:

When you die do you want to owe the government or do you want the government to owe you?

Here's a previous post explaining why it is in your best interest to OWE taxes in April- that's right, if you're getting a return- you failed.