Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why the young are liberals and the old are conservatives

I worked with a kid in his early 20's. Lived in SF, your typical young liberalish 'open minded' 20 something. He worked in sales support for years, went above and beyond the call of duty to get the break into becoming a sales rep. His first year as a sales rep he put in upwards of 60 hours a week to make some real money. A year later his hard work paid off, the hours on airplanes, the years putting up as sales support, and he closed some big deals.

When he received his first big commission check, over 50% of his money went to the government. In his own words, "I instantly became a fiscal conservative"

He perfectly manifested why the young are liberals- because they have yet to bear the financial burden of fiscally irresponsible policies- and the reason the old are conservatives, they're sick of paying taxes.


Lisa said...

I had it out with a "lawyer in theory" the other day. The reason I say in theory, is because he wasn't actually earning a paycheck-it was all conceptual to him. He argued against patriotism, capitalism and personal responsibility. I know. I expect the day he receives his first paycheck, and writes out his first student loan payment will be the day he renegs and eats his words for lunch-as he won't be able to afford Top Ramen. Either that or I'll be forced to bitch slap him across cyber space. I'm hoping for the latter.

You are exactly right on this post. Surprise, surprise. :)

Carmen said...


mj said...

My high school American History teacher said this too. It's a little smug for my taste and doesn't really fit me since I grew up in a Republican household but now generally vote Democrat, despite having a mortgage and being in a much higher tax bracket (well, pre-baby anyway), but I do agree that experience should teach us all to be more fiscally responsible. I think balancing the budget is just plain common sense, not belonging in any particular political camp. I just wish being "responsible" could somehow sound sexier. We're either getting scared to death about homeland security (cue government bloating/spending) or health care (more spending) but we have not heard a real persuasive call for a balanced budget since the nineties. Meh, we are in a recession, but I wish I felt like someone were keeping score and it was all going to be made right when we get out.

Jess said...

Very true! I wonder if any of the young liberals are paying attention to the news out of Britain this week? Guess what--the government can't afford to pay for everything after all!

Steve said...

Funny how it was the Conservatives during the Bush years who raised the government spending to all time highs AND Reagan did the largest one time government spending ever at that time. There are plenty of liberals who are fiscially responsible with both their money and that of the government's. It's what I do everyday!

As nice as we'd like this to sound, more OLD people voted for Obama than McCain and I still find myself drifting left (again) as I get older. If our Congress should teach you anything, age does not equate to responsibility!

Salt H2O said...

Steve, Funny also, how you don't really disagree with me on the actual point of this post. You summed up why I used the word 'conservative' and not 'republican'. I loathe the bloated Republican congress that we had for years, just as much as I loathe Barney Frank for pushing Fannie and Freddie to loan to people who couldn't pay their loans back.

As to who voted for Obama and why- I'm fairly certain that a good portion of the voters did not vote for Obama to see their tax dollars go to a bloated healthcare bill, Fanny and Freddie or the most useless 'stimulus' of all time.

My favorite Obama quote "You voted for Obama to prove you're not a racist, now who are you going to vote for to prove you're not an idiot?"

There's a reason the flower generation turned from Peace Love and Woodstock to the Tea Party, and that's because they're sick of paying taxes. (which despite what MSN would like you to believe, is what the tea party is about- Taxes)

Steve said...

Sadly, you can get elected on ONE stance, but you can't govern, which is why all the Tea Party candidates are getting hammered. I'd be surprised to see more than one actually make Congress next week.

And blah, blah, blah, everyone hates taxes. Well, everyone hates the dentist too, but guess what, to have good teeth, you have to go. To have all the things that no one is willing to cut (I'm all for cutting things your wouldn't and vice versa), we'd have to cut. A LOT. It's not going to happen b/c guess what, these same "no taxes" people want to get elected next time.

There is a time and place for mantras, like college campuses and debates, but the real world and real world politics requires reality and understanding the situation, something people like Palin and other so-called "outsiders" fail to understand. There is a difference between public administration and politics. You have to love it or leave it. Voicing you opinion is still encouraged, but you have to work from inside. Being the lone wolf only gets you shot from the helicopter.

Salt H2O said...

You're absolutely right in that congress won't cut because they want to get relected- not by the people but by the unions. Same with governors (see Grey Davis)

We can argue as we may back and forth as to what programs to keep or cut- but the reason old people are conservatives is because they understand that if the government decides to pay for illiegal immigrants to get a college education, or have food stamps to buy soda and candy- they're the ones picking up the bill.

Linda said...

o.k. that explains the young liberals, but what about the rest of the not-so-young leftists? This election will be interesting.

Steve said...

Salty, do you really think unions have any pull anymore? All they have is money, no voting power! Union membership is at an all time low in this country. I'm in one, of course, wouldn't be a commie bastard without it, but most people, especially outside blue collar jobs (a few still exist) don't think unions are effective. And now that the Supreme Court has allowed outside buying, er, influence from organizations, unions have even LESS power since they aren't even the big money anymore.