Thursday, November 25, 2010

Instead of potatoes, here's some mush

This time last year the husband had been laid off, I had a miserable job and we were in Utah.

We decided it was time to make the dream a reality and move to Texas, grapes of wrath style. (Instead of fleeing the dust bowl we were fleeing the impact of congresses banking legislation) There were two things we knew: we were suppose to move to Texas, and it was not going to be easy. Most thought we were crazy.

To move, one of us needed job offer. I had an interview in San Diego, my flight took me through Las Vegas, where the flight was delayed indefinitely- I had to get THIS job and I had to interview on THIS day. I rented a car in Las Vegas and drove the rest of the way in the storm for the interview.

Once the job offer was extended, we had 2 weeks to move all of our earthly possessions to a city we had spent no more than 3 days in. My daughter and I flew to Dallas while Brent drove our cars down, twice in 3 days. The first trip hauling a uhaul through apocalypse snow- without the assistance of the right mirror because his wife has deep personal issues with the right side mirror of the car (any car really- ask my mom).

Our first apartment while close to downtown, was far away from any reputable childcare facility with a vacancy. We enrolled our daughter in a wonderful preschool, which added an hour to our commute each morning and night, but it was worth it.

After our 3 month lease was up, we moved apartments- which is when our daughter decided to tell us that regardless of our inability to sell some property in Utah we needed to buy a house. This message was conveyed through her crying in the middle of the night, and refusing to sleep unless being held. When you live in an apartment where you can hear your neighbors poop, letting her cry it out isn't an option. 2 weeks with no sleep for mom and dad motivated us to looking into buying a house, though we were sure we wouldn't be able to borrow much.

Surprisingly we qualified for a loan (it's scary how much debt people can still get into) and we found a great home. Not surprisingly our house closed the same week that our UT property sold, the same week my little sister came home from a mission, and the same week that I had sales training out of state. Brent again had to move with out my help, and in 2 days.

We're now settled in a wonderful home, with the best preschool ever near by, close to good friends. We both have jobs (Brent has changed jobs since the move), which continue to present issues and trials- but we're here, we're in Texas, we have jobs and we're happy. In addition our move has impacted and benefited others in ways we couldn't have predicted, or foreseen.

Here's the mushy part of the post: today I'm grateful for a God that hears and answers prayers. I'm grateful that Brent got laid off and we were permitted to have this adventure. Grateful for a God that guided us in our move to Texas, and loved us enough to give us the knowledge that this is where we're suppose to be, but getting here wouldn't be easy- we'd have to work for it. And of course, I'm grateful for Texas.


Crystal said...

I agree that God answers prayers, and He doesn't just hand us things while we laze about. You guys worked your buts off doing your part (seriously moving all that, alone, in record time? Amazing!), yet you still acknowledge that He is the source of your blessings.

Thank you for sharing your experience, and most importantly your little testimony.

It's been fun perusing your commentary. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Crystal said...

lol. Totally misspelled "butts", of all things...

heidi said...

i could have written this about my past year, instead of texas insert alabama and then south carolina. everything you said is true. our trials are often our blessings. that's the theme of our christmas card this year.

Robin said...

Awesome post. I am glad things are going so well for you because I love you and want you to be happy. I am thankful you aer my cousin.

Linda said...

Would we like Texas? With the mizzerable feeeezing temperatures we've been experiencing I think we'd love it. I can't stand 3 more months of this. Anyplace southerly sounds divine.

Fun to catch up on your family life. It sounds like you had a joyous Thanksgiving.
We miss you , along with the rest of the Welches.

Salt H2O said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the support.

Linda- you and Alan have always been Texans, you just don't know it.