Monday, October 25, 2010

Not a REAL doctor

It was accounting 102. I was addressing my instructor because I disagreed with a grade. I referred to her as 'Mrs.' and she said "Call me Dr., I worked hard for that title and I think I earned it."

What happens lady if we are in public- I call you doctor and a guy falls down with a heart attack- and his wife turns to you and says, " You're a doctor- save my husband!"

And what do you say? "I'm a different kind of doctor"
She says, "I don't care what kind of doctor you are just save my husband"
You say what? "I'm a doctor of accounting. I have a PHD"
And she says, "So you're not a real doctor?"
And you say, "No I'm not a physician, but I earned my doctorate, so I am referred to as doctor. It was a lot of time and work so I've earned the title of doctor."

And then the man is dead.

You know, I am not a Barbra Boxer fan. A woman that's been in Washington for as long as she has should be able to tout some serious accomplishments- aside from the ability to get elected. That combined with my 19 year old experience is why I LOVE this ad.

(Once my brother finishes his PhD I will refer to him as doctor in public mostly to watch complete strangers to ask him about their flem filled coughs and night sweats.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why the young are liberals and the old are conservatives

I worked with a kid in his early 20's. Lived in SF, your typical young liberalish 'open minded' 20 something. He worked in sales support for years, went above and beyond the call of duty to get the break into becoming a sales rep. His first year as a sales rep he put in upwards of 60 hours a week to make some real money. A year later his hard work paid off, the hours on airplanes, the years putting up as sales support, and he closed some big deals.

When he received his first big commission check, over 50% of his money went to the government. In his own words, "I instantly became a fiscal conservative"

He perfectly manifested why the young are liberals- because they have yet to bear the financial burden of fiscally irresponsible policies- and the reason the old are conservatives, they're sick of paying taxes.