Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I don't want Rockin' Abs and other goals I don't have

I have a friend who has a 6 pack- her abs are awesome. She eats raw food and works out about 3 hours a day.

I have no desire to ever have a 6 pack or even a 2 pack.

You see, I LIKE chocolate chip cookies on a Sunday evening- and then Monday morning for breakfast.

So it's settled, I will never have rockin' abs because I'd rather have cookies and 2 extra hours in my day.

I will also never have nice nails for more than a week every 3 months. $34 a month for nail care? Let me whip out my handy dandy calculator- that's $408 a year, for 20 years? I could have a car! Every time I see a well manicured hand I think "Shoot, I should really get my nails done, and she may have nice hands but in 20 years I'll be able to afford a Toyota Corala with 120,000 miles on it."

Speaking of nice cars- I really don't want to drive a Mercedes, BMW, Porsche or Audi. So luxury car- that's a total non-goal. If I could have any car in the world it would be my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee which I was forced to give up practically at gunpoint. ANY CAR in the world and I'd like that one back please.

So back to the abs. It's kind of nice saying "you've got great abs, and I admire the work sacrifice and dedication involved and I can say with all the conviction in my heart and soul- no thank you" I'd like to find some more goals I don't want. Sure is easier than executing on the ones I do.


goddessdivine said...

I wouldn't mind rock solid abs, but I'm not disciplined enough to get them. So it looks like that will never happen. (I can't give up baked goods.)

I haven't set any resolutions this year; that way I won't be disappointed when I don't reach them.

Steve said...

Chances are, your friend does the abs and nails more for herself than anyone else. I think it is good for people to want to go that extra mile to make themselves look better than other people. Not saying they ARE better people, but at least they have some goals and prove they can achieve them.

I'm with you on the car. Cars are a big waste of money and part of the American False Dream. That and a big house, etc. I'm thinking of buying an old Renault here that reminds me of my 86 Renault I had in the 90's.

The govt should have closed the car companies and made them into mass transit companies to develop a useable mass transit system in the States. It'd created tons of jobs, finally given us a better than 3rd world transit infrastructure, and people wouldn't need cars if there was reasonable mass transit. Win, win!

Salt H2O said...


My friend with the abs- she's a personal trainer. I saw a picture of her abs and thought- 'wow that's a lot of work! not for me' strangely it was the same day that on facebook my old boss posted that he needed someone to take over his lease on his car- his $1600 lease!

Two things I just released myself from ever wanting-

I also have some amazing cousins that are vegans. I don't think I'll ever want to be a vegan, but they have inspired me to eat better.

Steve said...

Well, if she is a personal trainer, then the abs are a job expense/expectation, not an option. No one wants to be trained by the 'fat' trainer, haha.

Your post is related to my most recent in that I think it is important for people to realize what they do and don't want out of life and be very happy with those decisions. I think so many people are just braindead and don't even think of those basic things, thus they don't know where to start on how to live their life in a way to accomplish or even establish their goals.

Alice said...

I don't care if I have rock hard abs. I would like to have abs of some sort though. The last baby did a number on me- or maybe it's just my age combined with having 4 babies....

My Mister used to dream that his wife would someday drive a BMW. Growing up, I guess that always seemed like a major status symbol to him. Luckily he doesn't care about stuff like that anymore, because I would never want a BMW. I would like my old vw passat back. I loved that car.

... said...

i just stumbled across your blog and i couldn't agree with you more about this post. totally made me laugh!