Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm No Feminist

I work and have always worked in male dominated industries.
My husband does 90% of the cooking and 40% of the cleaning.
I paid for my own education.
I majored in a male dominated field.
I've always made the choices I felt were right for me and my family- regardless of social norms.
I am NO feminist.

I thought I was, but I was mistaken.  I thought feminism was about empowering women to do what they want, to be who they want to be- but the world you and I live in does not define feminism as such.

Feminism means you want your neighbors to pay for your birth control and abortions.
Women's rights means taxing your neighbors to pay for your birth control and abortions.

Can you be a feminist and a housewife? Only if you support abortion. (and even then 1/2 of the other feminists don't want you)

I thought being a feminist meant you didn't need the help of a man, nor the government to achieve what you wanted to achieve in this life- that you could indeed do it on your own. Sadly, that's not what feminism is either.

Not sure what I am, but over the past 4 years I've certainly learned what I'm not- and that's a feminist.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Texas Liberals

I gave up California, the once love of my life- because it was too liberal. I admit it, I like to earn money. I like to keep the money I earn.

I said "San Diego, Laguana Beach, Seal Beach, LA and Santa Barbra- liberals, they're yours"

And I moved to Texas.

What I do not understand is why there are liberals in Texas- when they could be surrounded by 'their own' in much more fabulous places- like San Diego, like New York City- why hotter than hell Texas?

You know why there are liberals in Texas? Because there are jobs in Texas. There is money in Texas. There is a lower cost of living in Texas.  And why oh why are there jobs, and money and a low cost of living? Because of conservative principles.

Liberals in Texas maintain a level of disdain for the very conservative principles and people that are the driving force behind their lively hood.  At least California liberals are forced to pay the taxes and deal with the jobless numbers that accompany their philosophies.

This article puts it perfectly:  Texas vs. California

So Texas is Germany to California's Greece through the redistribution of federal tax dollars. Fine. Just don't move to Texas bringing your failed economy policies with you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Zofran, Psych and Why Mormons Proselytize

True friends will see you make a bad choice and then smack you repeatedly on the side of the head until you make a good choice.  A real friend finds something you'd love and then nags you to the point of annoyance to try this something that they know you will love but you're too stubborn to try.  

During my first pregnancy I went through 7 months of pure hell- 7 months of debilitating nausea.My misery put on 80 lbs, and it took me 4 years to decide to do it again. I would have done anything to get rid of that feeling- ANYTHING (this is part of the reason why I, unlike our president, am pro-medical marijuana use). 10 weeks into the current pregnancy a woman I sat next to at church said "Why are you not on Zofran?" She then went into the beauty of Zofran. She did not stop there, she would not let me get out of my chair until I told her that I was going to contact my OB right after church and request the medication.

That's me- after I broke 200lbs because no one told me about Zofran.

I could write a sonnet to Zofran.  I'm going to compose a thank you note to the manufacturer of Zofran.    Those that knew about Zofran and did not share this knowledge- are dead to me. Unfriended, not speaking, out of my life- I'm giving you the black spot not my friend any more. 

If you are pregnant and nauseous- in the name that is all good and wonderful in this world- get some Zofran. 

Psych. This show is written excursively for me- and I didn't find it until season 5.  Psych kicked out Arrested Development for its slot as BEST SHOW IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (sorry Gob- but they put Kristy Swanson and Count Chocula in their vampire episode) I had friends that watched and enjoyed Psych, and did not say anything to me about what a wonderful show this was.  Those friends are no friends at all- to have a show that could make me laugh so hard go 5 seasons and not mention it to me? Selfish, evil human beings. 

Not too subtly you've probably figured out what this has to do with Mormons.  Mormons as a general rule are happy people. Mormons contribute a good deal of what makes them happy to the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know when I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I know when I follow the words of the living prophet- I am happy. That's why the majority of Mormons believe, and that's why they share the gospel with their friends, neighbors and strangers.  It's not some trick to brainwash the world, or need for additional tithing funds- but something we like so much, we feel compelled to share it with others.  If I'm going to tell every pregnant woman I see to take Zophran, and I'm going to tell every child of the 80's to watch Psych, I should probably also let them know about a religion that has made my day to day living enriched and happy.  So next time you see two white shirts and ties at your door- think of them as two guys telling you about a really great local restaurant they love, and not some guys trying to convert you to their faith. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Constitutional Right to Abort a Baby Because It's Female, But Not To Buy a 20 oz Soda.

Two big stories this week- one carried by the mainstream media- one blatantly and irresponsibly ignored-

First Mayor Bloomberg moves to ban 20 oz sodas.  To go into the stupidity of this law is useless. I don't even drink soda, I think soda is toxic, and I still think this is a new level of stupid.

Second- the big story this week that no one heard, networks decided this wasn't terribly newsworthy, as opposed to the 20 oz soda- the House tried to pass a bill prohibiting gender selective abortions- and it got shot down.  This wasn't some trick to ban abortions- it was to ban killing female babies prior to birth strictly because they are female.  This was on the cusp of some videos being released showing Planned Parenthood advising women on how to abort their babies if they are indeed female. Aside from this being absolutely appalling, my tax dollars are funding this.  Oh, and President Obama supports taxpayer funding of gender specific abortions

This my liberal friends is why conservatives want to de-fund planned parenthood.  Not to deny women mammograms, nor deny rape and incest victims abortions,  but because each morning I wake up and go to work, and a chunk of the money I earn funds late-term abortions and gender specific abortions. 

Granted, gender specific abortions are not currently running rampant- however there is substantial evidence  that they are indeed occurring, how many baby girls need to die before we as a country decide we are not going to engage in eugenics? If just one baby girl is killed because she's a girl- and we paid for it- isn't that enough? 

 In what world does a 20 oz soda get more media coverage than a tax payer funded institution facilitating female gendercide? In what world is it not o.k. to put 20oz of soda in my mouth, but it is o.k. to kill he female baby growing within me strictly because it's female?  This is the United States of America the far left has created for us, and it's our new reality.