Monday, June 18, 2012

Zofran, Psych and Why Mormons Proselytize

True friends will see you make a bad choice and then smack you repeatedly on the side of the head until you make a good choice.  A real friend finds something you'd love and then nags you to the point of annoyance to try this something that they know you will love but you're too stubborn to try.  

During my first pregnancy I went through 7 months of pure hell- 7 months of debilitating nausea.My misery put on 80 lbs, and it took me 4 years to decide to do it again. I would have done anything to get rid of that feeling- ANYTHING (this is part of the reason why I, unlike our president, am pro-medical marijuana use). 10 weeks into the current pregnancy a woman I sat next to at church said "Why are you not on Zofran?" She then went into the beauty of Zofran. She did not stop there, she would not let me get out of my chair until I told her that I was going to contact my OB right after church and request the medication.

That's me- after I broke 200lbs because no one told me about Zofran.

I could write a sonnet to Zofran.  I'm going to compose a thank you note to the manufacturer of Zofran.    Those that knew about Zofran and did not share this knowledge- are dead to me. Unfriended, not speaking, out of my life- I'm giving you the black spot not my friend any more. 

If you are pregnant and nauseous- in the name that is all good and wonderful in this world- get some Zofran. 

Psych. This show is written excursively for me- and I didn't find it until season 5.  Psych kicked out Arrested Development for its slot as BEST SHOW IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (sorry Gob- but they put Kristy Swanson and Count Chocula in their vampire episode) I had friends that watched and enjoyed Psych, and did not say anything to me about what a wonderful show this was.  Those friends are no friends at all- to have a show that could make me laugh so hard go 5 seasons and not mention it to me? Selfish, evil human beings. 

Not too subtly you've probably figured out what this has to do with Mormons.  Mormons as a general rule are happy people. Mormons contribute a good deal of what makes them happy to the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I know when I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I know when I follow the words of the living prophet- I am happy. That's why the majority of Mormons believe, and that's why they share the gospel with their friends, neighbors and strangers.  It's not some trick to brainwash the world, or need for additional tithing funds- but something we like so much, we feel compelled to share it with others.  If I'm going to tell every pregnant woman I see to take Zophran, and I'm going to tell every child of the 80's to watch Psych, I should probably also let them know about a religion that has made my day to day living enriched and happy.  So next time you see two white shirts and ties at your door- think of them as two guys telling you about a really great local restaurant they love, and not some guys trying to convert you to their faith. 


Kristen said...

I LOVE PSYCH!!!!! My favorite show ever!!! And, if you had read my facebook posts a long long long time ago, you would have already known about it.

Zofran - glad it is making you happy!!!!

Mormons - they are a peculiar people. Some more than others. And I am so HAPPY to be one!!! :)

I over used the exclamation point in this comment because I'm so happy!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I was pregnant last year at this time. Everything I do I think "Oh man, doing this sucked last summer." Really, everything from going to the library to family reunions to walking through the Sacred Grove to sitting on the couch. I'm pretty sure I'll never be pregnant again, but if I ever am in a constant state of nausea I'm looking up Zofran! It is such a crappy feeling! I'm so happy for you and Happy that you are feeling better.

We also really really LOVE Psych. I get the giggles thinking of Count Chocula...

Alice said...

We discovered Psych earlier this year and have been watching it nearly every night. I think we're in season 3 now. I've been telling friends about it if TV ever comes up.

cropfoto said...

This is a reminder I, as a mormon, need. I often feel weird about telling all my friends they should check out the LDS church. Don't want to impose my beliefs on them, etc, etc. But just like all the great bands, tv shows, make-up products, etc that I can't shut up about I should share the thing that brings me the most joy and peace- my religion.

ps- psych is great. luckily i had a friend tell me about it.

goddessdivine said...

I love how you linked Zofran and Psych to missionaries! It's so true; if we love our religion, wouldn't we want to share it with everyone?

Glad you found respite in Zofran.

Smorg said...

I'm glad that you are happy with your religion, though I'm rather disturbed by your description of what a real friend is expected to do. What if you are wrong and the friend really does not like the thing that you think she would like? Do you keep asserting that you know better than the friend does what is best for her?

What if your friend is, say, a Buddhist, and she thinks that Buddhism is really good for you and that you would really like to study it. Would you really appreciate it if she nags, to the point of arrogance, in the hope that you would convert to Buddhism? Even after you had told her 'no thanks'? Repeatedly? But she keeps doing it anyway because she knows it is the only true religion and that you would really love it, even though you are stubbornly refusing to try it?

Having studied Buddhism and lived in a country that is %97 Buddhist for a few years I should say that I'm pretty sure that this would never happen. The Buddhists aren't into evangelism, and they are quite good about taking no for an answer. I know of a few other religions that this scenario happen a lot, tho. Unfortunately Mormonism is one of them.

As a non-Mormon, I could tell you that it is really quite an annoying trait. After all, the missionaries that tried to convert me kept emphasizing the importance of free agency and liked to repeat their story of how Satan is evil because he would force people to do the right thing rather than allowing them to exercise free agency.... You may not be forcing friends to read the BoM at gun point (you can't, anyway, I'm quite sure that that's against the law), but nagging them to the point of arrogance doesn't seem all that different either, imho.

After telling the friend the first or second time about this religion that you really like and getting negative response, at some point shouldn't one respect the other adult's free agency and refrain from further attempt to impose one's own religious view on her unless she asks for it?

Anyhow, best of wishes with Mormonism and with the pregnancy!

Salt H2O said...
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Salt H2O said...

I could see how you would misunderstand my post. No, this is not about forcing someone into acceptance- it's about having them try something you know about, and you think will make them happy. Let me go to my Psych example because it's less emotionally charged:

A woman I just met was at my house yesterday, watching the USA network- I asked her if she watch Psych, she said no- I said it was my favorite tv show and it makes me laugh. See- she is not a good friend, I do not know her well enough and she might not have the right sense of humor for Psych. Compare that to one of my very best friends who every time I talked to her I told her she had to watch the show, to where she finally picked up season 1 and fell in love- watched all 5 season in 2 months. The degree of friendship is essential when discussing the level of pushiness.

As a side note: my parent's watched Psych because they knew their kids loved it- and did not like it at all. I certainly do not berate them into continuing to watch the show.

Second- if you look at the Zofran example- I was complaining about nausea and the person next to me had a solution- and she knew she had a solution.

Now on to your Buddhism example- I would love it if I had a close Buddhist friend and yes, if they strongly suggested I study it- I would. Now if Buddhists found inner peace and don't tell their friends who are searching for inner peace about it- isn't that a little selfish?

If I was to be as annoying as you would suggest to my friends about my faith- you'd quickly find me friendless. Which is why I put it in the same category as telling someone about a really great restaurant- because that's about the degree of pushiness one should have.

Sally said...

Fantastic post.

Julia - Finding My Way Softly said...

Happy Fourth of July!

I love the video, and zofran is the ONLY thing that got me through my last pregnancy. I was just thinking about a 4th of July several years ago where I spent most of the day through up because I forgot to take the zofran before I got out of bed that morning. That is what you get when you have older kids who are so excited about fireworks they get you up at 7:00 am to start asking when it will be time for fireworks. Sigh.

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If you or any of your readers win, you get to choose what you want on your cards! ;-) I can even work on getting a good picture of a zofran tablet to put on your set of notecards, if you win!!

Ye Olde Wielder O' Projects said...

Am late to the party here ... but I wanted to agree with (almost) everyone here: great post. I'm with you Kory ... if a Buddhist felt the way about his religion the way I feel about mine and kept it to himself, I'd be offended. Just like I'm offended that Kristen kept Psych a secret from me for years. Well, no, maybe even more offended than that.

People who think hearing about someone else's love for their beliefs represents a loss of their own freedoms have no clue what freedom is, nor what keeps it free.

As for Zofran ... od they have it for men when they're wives are pregnant? Narfoz maybe? Not that I needed one ... Melissa was angelic! (note to self: cash in on this point later on).